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The Legendary Man Chapter 935

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-Sirius’ expression stiffened in response to hearing that. “Are you
threatening me, Zachary?”

Out of nowhere, a gust of wind passed by No. 8 Villa before a large amount of spiritual energy

In the distance, Lauryn and Zidane dashed toward the villa.

Suddenly, two scalpels flew toward their throats from the direction of No. 9 Villa.

Multiple cultivators in black also rushed toward No. 8 Villa from No. 1 Villa.

Those men from Dark Special Forces were assigned by Jonathan to protect Josephine’s family, and
they had shown up because they detected something was wrong at No. 8 Villa.

Outside of the villa, Jason and three Grandmaster Realm cultivators from Asura’s Office had
surrounded Lauryn as well as Zidane.

Without warning, Zachary’s exclamation was heard from within No. 8 Villa. “Do not attack anyone!”

The two scalpels in front of Jason reflected cold light as he spoke. “Why are you inside there, Zach? Do
you need help?”

“No!” Zachary’s voice traveled out of the building again. “Mr. Sirius and I are discussing a matter.
Regardless of the results, none of you are allowed to attack! This is a military order!”

Jason glanced at Zidane and Lauryn before resummoning the scalpels back in his hand. “You
should’ve said so earlier. I was in the middle of my experiment.”

As he left, the three cultivators in black retreated carefully.

Sirius grinned when he sensed the spiritual energy from outside disappearing. “The members of
Asura’s Office sure are obedient, seeing that they left when you asked them to. Did none of them
detect my murderous intent?”

At that moment, Zachary was trembling before Sirius.

Even though it had only been around a minute since Sirius unleashed his force field, Zachary felt as
though several centuries had passed.

Beads of sweat dripped from the tip of his nose as he gritted his teeth and lifted his neck. “You’re
jesting, Mr. Sirius. Neither Jason nor the other cultivators belong to Guardian Army. They left on my
order because they trusted me. Even if you kill me now, they won’t do anything. However, I can
guarantee you that once you leave, Asura’s Office will avenge me.”

Sirius watched Zachary endure his spiritual pressure for a few more moments before waving his hand,
dispelling the pressure.

Meanwhile, Zachary stumbled backward a few steps before stabilizing himself due to overexertion.

“Asura’s Office sure is interesting.” Sirius grinned. “Tell me, what obstacle did Jonathan encounter?
He’s essential to our plan. If I can help him out, I will.”

Panting, Zachary requested, “Currently, Mr. Goldstein is in western Remdik, chased by every soldier in
the military region there. I need the Blackwood family to send someone to rescue him!” I mustn’t be
careless, as the Blackwood family is currently Jonathan’s last hope.

The mention of Remdik spurred Sirius to furrow his eyebrows.

As a member of a respectable family, he learned many things since he was a little boy, including the
situation of all the important countries in Aploth and Epea.

While he hadn’t directly interacted with the military region in western Remdik before, he understood
what Zachary meant.

“So, Remdik is mobilizing its total military strength to hunt down Jonathan.” Sirius’ eyes glinted. “I’m
curious. What exactly did Jonathan do to incur Remdik’s wrath, so much so that the entire country is
trying to stop him?”

Zachary stared at Sirius for dozens of seconds before saying, “He obtained a method to turn ordinary
folks into cultivators and most Superior Realm cultivators into Grandmaster Realm cultivators!”

Promptly, Sirius stood as overwhelming spiritual pressure manifested around him, destroying the
nearby furniture. “Do you speak the truth?”

“I am,” replied Zachary without hesitation.

Immediately, Sirius shouted, “Lauryn! Contact the family, now!”

Zachary knew he had succeeded upon seeing Sirius’ reaction. As much as I’m elated by my success,
I’ve also revealed Asura’s Office’s greatest secret. I had no choice but to use it as bait if I wanted the
Blackwood family to help us fight against Remdik. Thankfully, I didn’t have to reveal everything. If the
Blackwood family learns Charleigh is the source of the method, they may abandon their search for
Jonathan and opt to locate Charleigh instead. Right now, regardless of if the Blackwood family
genuinely wants to save Jonathan or if they’re only doing it for the method, they’ll have to rescue
Jonathan first.

Hastily, Sirius reported the matter to Graeme.

Graeme was similarly bewildered when he heard the news.

After all, a method to turn ordinary people into cultivators and most Superior Realm cultivators into
Grandmaster Realm cultivators sounded like something straight out of a fairy tale.

However, it perfectly explained why Remdik mobilized all troops in its western region to surround

In just a few minutes, Graeme concluded that Jonathan had to be rescued.

Without much delay, Sirius left Edenic Heights with Zidane.

Just as their cars left the gates of Edenic Heights, Zidane’s phone rang.

He glanced at the screen and informed, “It’s from Grandpa, Uncle Sirius.”

In response, Sirius picked up the phone. “Sirius speaking.”

On the other end, Graeme asked in a grim voice. “Are you certain the information is valid, Sirius?”

“Almost. Zachary still appeared unflappable after I unleashed my spiritual pressure in response to his
attempt at threatening me with the cooperation between Asura’s Office and the Blackwood family.
Based on that reaction, I’m inclined to believe he’s telling the truth.”

“Hmm…” Graeme hesitated slightly. “Is it possible to work directly with Asura’s Office without involving

Staring out the window, Sirius sighed. “It’s impossible. They’re all loyal to a fault. If we attack Jonathan,
they’ll no doubt launch an assault on the respectable families. The organization has one million and six
hundred thousand members. Even if they stand still and let us cut them down, we can’t kill them all. So,
if they start a fight…”

Resignedly, Graeme sighed. “The eight respectable families only took their eyes off Jonathan briefly.
Who could’ve thought he was capable of developing Asura’s Office to its current state during that short
period? It must be fate. In any case, I’ll send two more people to act as your deputies. Your mission is
to rescue Jonathan! The method in his possession is important to our family! If necessary, you can
even use that weapon. No matter what happens, I want Jonathan to be brought back alive!”

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