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The Legendary Man Chapter 934

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-Concurrently, at Edenic Heights, Zidane and Sirius were drinking tea
with Lauryn in No. 8 Villa.

“There’s no way the other families will stay silent after our family donated one point five million
kilograms of broken spirit stones to aid Asura’s Office,” stated Lauryn with worry after serving the two

“They’ve already made their move,” said Zidane while holding a fan. “On our way here, both of us were
ambushed. Based on their attack style, they’re either from the Salladay or Osborne family.”

“Are you two all right?” Lauryn asked.

“What can possibly happen with Uncle Sirius around?” Zidane chuckled. “The broken spirit stones
weren’t their goal. Their objective was to prevent the development of Asura’s Office, which was why
they didn’t intend to fight us to the death. As long as they don’t give it their all, they won’t defeat us.”

Upon hearing that, Lauryn smiled resignedly.

The Blackwood family owned twenty percent of all the spirit stone mines in Chanaea.

Hence, unless their adversaries were hellbent on destroying them, they could keep fighting by using
the spirit stones they own to restore their spiritual energy.

Lauryn turned to Sirius curiously. “Why have you been staying at home, Uncle Sirius? Who’s been
taking care of the external matters?”

After putting his cup down, Sirius stared at her with a tinge of heartache.

Women born to the respectable families had rather tragic fates.

Lauryn was sent to Spirit Sword Sect when she was just a girl to cultivate and successfully became a
Grandmaster Realm cultivator through her hard work and talent.

However, it was all pointless because only a cultivator on the level of God Realm and above would be
helpful in a battle between the respectable families.

Hence, being a Grandmaster Realm cultivator was only akin to having a lovely resume for her.

When she returned from Spirit Sword Sect, she was supposed to marry a descendant of the Osborne

While she did escape the arranged marriage, she was kept in Edenic Heights by Jonathan as a

It was why Sirius felt sorry for her. “Due to Jonathan, the family is making some adjustments. Jonathan
and I have a history, so I’m temporarily barred from leaving and am solely tasked to interface with
Asura’s Office. There’s no need for you to worry, Lauryn. Now that the broken spirit stones have been
delivered, your value as a hostage will depreciate. When the time comes, I’ll bring you home—”

Before he could finish his sentence, a hoarse voice interrupted, “Mr. Sirius!”

They turned around and saw Zachary.

Promptly, Zidane and Lauryn stood before bowing at Zachary. “Greetings, King of War!”

“Are you satisfied with Edenic Heights’ hospitality, Mr. Zidane, Ms. Lauryn?” asked Zachary.

“We’re all on the same side, so there’s nothing to be picky about.” Zidane smiled. “This is my second
visit to Edenic Heights, but I’ve yet to admire the view. If it’s convenient, I’d like to take a stroll outside.”

“Certainly. I’ll ask someone to accompany you right away—”

“That’s not necessary.” Zidane glanced at Lauryn. “It’s been a while since my sister arrived at Edenic
Heights, so I want her to be my guide. We have many things to speak about.”

“That sounds good, too.” In response, Zachary took half a step away from the entrance and nodded at
the siblings.

After the duo left, he greeted Sirius. “Your family members are impressive, Mr. Sirius.”

Zidane could tell Zachary was there to discuss something with Sirius, so he asked to take a walk with
his sister.

His handling of the situation was so splendid that it impressed both Zachary and Sirius.

Zidane and Colton were the best among their generation in the Blackwood family.

While Zidane was a direct descendant, it was hard to tell who would become the family head based on
what Graeme said.

“You’re jesting, King of War. He’s just a child who has learned how to read the room. He’s not as
amazing as you’re making him out to be,” replied Sirius humbly. “In any case, I can tell you’re in a
hurry. Is there something you’d like to discuss with me? If it’s about the energy-gathering formation, I
can explain it to you anytime.” I’ve just handed the broken spirit stones to Lauryn, so she should be
managing how to distribute them right now. Hence, I can’t help but assume Zachary’s here because he
has issues with the energy-gathering formation.

Upon hearing that, Zachary shook his head, took a deep breath, and inquired, “What is the Blackwood
family planning to do with Mr. Goldstein, Mr. Sirius?”

That stunned Sirius. Something big must’ve happened. I can’t think of any other reason he’s asking
that question like a thug. “Did something happen to Jonathan, King of War?”

“Answer my question first.” While Zachary was a King of War with two hundred thousand soldiers under
his command, he was still incomparable to Sirius.

After all, Sirius was a God Realm cultivator, the same as Jonathan.

However, at that moment, Jonathan’s life was at stake. Thus, Zachary had no intention of backing

Seeing how resolute Zachary appeared, Sirius took a deep breath, thought about what he should say in
detail, and disclosed, “You should understand the value of the broken spirit stones we brought to
Asura’s Office today. Jonathan is vital to our family’s plan. To be more precise, Asura’s Office is, but
Jonathan decides the organization’s attitude toward us. For the sake of our family’s benefits, we’re
willing to provide aid up to a certain extent if Jonathan’s in danger. However, if the matter involves other
respectable families, countries, or large-scale factions, please forgive us for being unable to help.”

Then he gazed at Zachary wordlessly. I believe I’ve made our family’s stance clear.

In response, Zachary stood and bowed at Sirius. “I must apologize, Mr. Sirius, but if your family refuses
to help Mr. Goldstein, please bring the broken spirit stones back with you. On behalf of Mr. Goldstein, I
reject the Blackwood family’s attempt at a collaboration.”

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