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The Legendary Man Chapter 933

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-Karl then shared the information in his possession with the others.

The group swiftly read through the document, which included almost everything Jonathan encountered
in Remdik, such as Ksana, Charleigh, and the movements in the western combat zone as well as

“I believe everyone has gotten the gist of the situation.” Karl spoke with his disguised voice once again.
“I don’t need to reiterate Charleigh’s importance. Currently, Mr. Goldstein is using himself as bait in the
western combat zone to draw enemy attention to protect Charleigh and Ksana, whom he had lost
contact with. From this moment onward, Dark Special Forces will mobilize all its members to infiltrate
west Remdik to rescue Mr. Goldstein and Charleigh. I need everyone’s cooperation, Hades!”

He then stopped speaking, allowing Hades, who immediately understood what to say, to continue. “You
spent three years at Merania’s border, Kane. Did you send a large number of intelligence officers to

In response, Kane knitted his eyebrows slightly. “While Merania is hailed as one of the safest countries
in the world, it would’ve become the buffer zone between Remdik and Chanaea if not for its unique
geographical location. Over the years, Remdik and we had been inserting many intelligence officers
into Merania. Currently, Shusonna Army has assigned nearly three thousand intelligence officers to
Merania. “

“Mysonna Army has less than one thousand in the country,” added Dorian upon understanding Hades’

The Mysonna military region also bordered Merania. While its bordering area wasn’t as large as West
Region, Mysonna Army still assigned intelligence officers to Merania as a precaution to monitor the
country and Remdik.

Hades nodded. “Dorian, Kane, I’ll be transferring your intelligence officers in Merania to under Number
1’s command. Before Mr. Goldstein returns to the country safely, no intelligence officer is allowed to
retreat, even if every last one of them is sacrificed! “

“Understood!” Kane and Dorian swiftly nodded.

Moments later, Hades turned to Hayes. “Tiger, once the meeting is over, I want you to contact Freddie,
the person in charge of Doveston’s intelligence network, and transfer him to Dark Special Forces so he
can help sort out Shusonna Army’s intelligence officers. Mr. Goldstein told me about him before.
Freddie was supposed to be tested for a while, but based on the current situation, I don’t think it’s
possible to continue his test. Relieve him of his duty in Doveston and assign him to Harfush!”

“Understood!” Without delay, Hayes ordered his subordinate to carry out the request.

Meanwhile, Hades turned to Karl. “Number 1, while these thousands of men are inconsequential
compared to the entirety of western Remdik, you mustn’t underestimate them. These professionally
trained intelligence officers are only the first batch of people I’m sending into that region. I’ll be
organizing a second batch in the near future. Are there any issues on your end?”

In response, Karl shook his head. “The intelligence officers numbered nearly five thousand can carry
out the most basic intelligence task. However, high-rank cultivators will be required to save Mr.
Goldstein and Charleigh. I wonder if Asura’s Office can contact the respectable families for support.
Back then, seven of the families successfully sent their people to Remdik. Perhaps they can do it

There wasn’t any hope in Karl’s heart when he said that. The respectable families did that back then
because, after I ordered Northern Crimson Prison to be destroyed, they saw an opportunity to make
Eastern Army their ally and exploited it. However, right now, Eastern Army is under Jonathan’s total
control. There’s no incentive for the respectable families to aid us. As for the Osborne family, who have

the closest relationship with Jonathan, they’re only asking for the restriction of the Salladay family. On
top of that, they’re using Josephine to maintain their relationship with Jonathan. As long as they have
her, they don’t need to do anything else to order Jonathan around. Hence, I doubt they’ll care about
what happens beyond the border.

Just as Karl ended his sentence, Zachary spoke hesitantly. “I think the Blackwood family may

Hades turned to Zachary. “Don’t joke about this matter, Zachary. Mr. Goldstein disappearing is a big
deal. It’ll be great if the Blackwood family ally with us and help us find him. However, if they betray us
and join our enemies, there’ll be trouble.”

“I doubt it’ll happen. Even if you don’t call for a meeting today with us, I’ll still want to meet up with you.
Half an hour ago, Sirius and Zidane arrived at Edenic Heights with one point five million kilograms of
spirit stone fragments to help raise the cultivation level of Asura’s Office’s cultivators,” Zachary

“Are you sure?” Hades couldn’t sit still after hearing that. The other Kings of War also stood.

They were aware Jonathan had established a secret agreement with the Blackwood family.

Otherwise, the Blackwood family wouldn’t have donated so many high-quality spirit stones to Asura’s
Office last time.

However, none of them expected the Blackwood family to ferry that many spirit stone fragments to
Asura’s Office again.

While they weren’t sure how those fragments would affect Asura’s Office yet, they could tell those were
exceptionally valuable from Zachary’s words.

“Contact Sirius, Zachary. I want to know what the Blackwood family is planning,” ordered Hades.

“Understood!” Immediately, Zachary left.

Then Hades turned to the other Kings of War. “Chanaea is in a state of emergency right now, so I want
all personnel in combat zones battle-ready at all times with raised defenses. Treat any provocation as a
declaration of war.”


The screens then turned black as Hades waved for his deputy. “Call Leslie here.”

“Understood!” The deputy then left to summon Leslie.

Meanwhile, Hades lit a cigarette with a cold expression. Even an experienced general like me has
never experienced a war involving the entire Chanaea before. Right now, I hope that West Region and
Jetroina will behave themselves. This shall be Asura Office’s greatest challenge since its conception!

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