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-Following Hayes’ words, all Kings of War grimaced at the map.

“Eastern Army is a high-tech combat unit, so I doubt a human wave attack will be effective.” Dorian
frowned at Hayes.

While Karl was tempted to speak, he ultimately stifled that urge when he recalled Jonathan’s order.

Meanwhile, Hayes shook his head after hearing what Dorian said. “I thought the same when I first took
over Eastern Army. It was my belief that, as long as we have superior weaponry, our victory is
guaranteed, regardless of who our enemies are. However, after interacting with Karl, I realize that any
war will eventually end with a skirmish between living soldiers, especially when it comes to Remdik’s
latest invasion. There’s no doubt Remdik will send their troops across the river after their initial
suppressive fire. What then? We can’t just lob explosives at our own territory, can we? That’s not even
mentioning the assassinations and ambushes on key military outposts that’ll take place before the war.
So, to put it bluntly, Eastern Army will continue to need your support.”

“What about the special missiles?” inquired Kane.

In response, everyone, including Hades, turned to Kane.

At that moment, seventy percent of all special missiles in Chanaea were in Eastern Army’s possession.

However, they were akin to Pandora’s Box. According to the peace treaty, once someone launched a
special missile against another country, any country with those missiles would be allowed to mobilize
its own.

Additionally, if a country were under attack by those special missiles, if they had any, they would launch
their own toward the entire world.

The purpose of that mutually assured destruction was to prevent a third party from benefiting from the
war between two countries.

Thus, once the special missiles were used, it would herald the world’s demise.

Hayes shook his head. “I’m sorry. If we’re using the special missiles, I’ll be aiming them at Kremalos
Palace in Saspiuburg instead of the four armies east of Remdik. However, this is a suicidal act. None of
us, not even the world, can afford such destruction.”

Kane sighed, though his eyes were still filled with battle intent.

As Hades stared at Kane, he couldn’t help but admire the plan Jonathan had devised in the past.

Before Asura’s Office was built, to prevent the Kings of War from asserting themselves as the new ruler
of the land they occupied, Jonathan transferred almost all of them from their original stations to their
latest ones.

Among the eight, Kane craved battles the most, and Doveston had the most amount of conflict
compared to other parts of Chanaea as they had to fend off Remdik and Jetroina.

When Kane applied to swap places with Karl, Jonathan thought about it for a long while before
stationing Kane at Huxville, which bordered Merania.

The only person who wasn’t transferred was Karl.

Back then, everyone was shocked because they thought someone as battle-hungry as Kane would be
best suited to protect Doveston, where conflicts occurred all year.

Meanwhile, the border of Merania was likely the safest place in the world. Assigning Kane to that
location was akin to imprisoning him.

However, when the group saw the look in his eyes, they were relieved he wasn’t in charge of Doveston.

Karl’s and Hayes’ battle prowess and commanding ability weren’t as crucial as their righteousness,
which some would see as indecisiveness.

While it could be considered a weakness if they were a country’s ruler, it was a vital trait they
possessed as the ones with the right to fire those special missiles.

If Eastern Army were under Kane’s command, his comrades wouldn’t dare to provoke him, much less
the tsar.

Gazing at the map, Hades took in a deep breath and spoke slowly. “The current situation in Doveston is
tense. Since Yaleview Army refuses to budge, we’ll have to proceed with another way. Since we can’t
send large amounts of troops, we’ll just have to swap them with a smaller number of elites instead.
Everyone, except for Tiger, needs to transfer at least a third of their Grandmaster Realm and Superior
Realm cultivators from their troops to Eastern Army temporarily.”

“Roger that!” the others exclaimed in unison.

Hades nodded before turning to Terrence and Zachary. “Heed my words, Terrence, leader of Southern
Army. Once the meeting concludes, you shall transport the soldiers to Terrandya by water with your
army. During the process, you have permission to strike down any entity that dares to interfere with
your operation.”

“Understood!” replied Terrence sternly.

As the person in charge of the military region on the southern coast of Chanaea, he understood that
the order was directed at Jetroinians.

While Remdik and Jetroina weren’t friendly with each other, they certainly weren’t opposed to
collaboration, especially considering the latest circumstances.

Jetroina would no doubt attempt to block Chanaea’s attempt to increase the size of Doveston’s army. If
Terrence avoided Jetroina as much as possible, as he did in the past, it might cost Doveston the war
against Remdik.

In other words, what Hades was saying with that order was, “Fine. Since you’re working with Remdik to
take us out, don’t blame me when I drag everyone down with us. After all, a fight’s a fight. We don’t
care how many battles occur in the same place!”

Moments later, he turned to Zachary. “Heed my words, Zachary, leader of Guardian Army. From today
onward, you’ll relocate half of your army to Southern Army and cooperate with them to aid Doveston. I
expect no mistakes!”

“Understood!” Zachary replied.

Guardian Army followed Jonathan wherever he went when he was restoring peace.

However, after achieving peace, Jonathan stationed them in the most secure location in Harfush.

According to Jonathan, as Guardian Army was very experienced in combat, installing them in Harfush
would allow them to aid anyone at any time. However, in reality, even Kane joked that Jonathan was
preparing Zachary for retirement.

After waiting for so long, my Guardian Army is finally mobilized! Zachary thought.

Concurrently, another member of Dark Special Forces behind Karl approached the group.

Including Hades, everyone was quietly waiting for the exchange between that person and Karl. It was
evident to them that the matter was extremely important since that person was interrupting a crucial
war meeting.

They were also aware that intel from Dark Special Forces mustn’t be ignored.

A few seconds later, Karl displayed the intel on everyone’s screen. “According to the latest update from
Mr. Goldstein, Charleigh has been successfully captured. However, they encountered obstacles on
their way back. This is the path Mr. Goldstein has taken and the direction he’s heading toward.
Currently, he and Charleigh are lost. Hence, they require immediate assistance.”

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