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The Legendary Man Chapter 931

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-In a manor somewhere in the Harfush province of Chanaea, a tired-
looking Hades was poring over a map of Merania.

Since he received news on Remdik a few days ago from Number 1, the secretive chief of Dark Special
Forces, he had not gotten any proper rest.

Because of Josephine, Jonathan made the decision to retire from his position as chief of Asura’s

Since then, the responsibility of managing Asura’s Office fell on Hades.

It was only after taking over the running of Asura’s Office that Hades truly got to understand how much
pressure Jonathan had been under in the past.

The situation in Doveston was enough to give one countless sleepless nights, not to mention the
additional troubles created by the eight respectable families and Yaleview.

Jonathan and Number 1 had infiltrated Remdik, and thanks to the intelligence they gathered, Asura’s
Office was able to get an advanced warning on Remdik’s military plans and speedily came up with
effective countermeasures.

However, Wilbur refused to grant them permission for passage through Yaleview, creating a strategic
bottleneck for Asura’s office.

Even if Zachary’s Guardian Army and Terrence’s Southern Army wished to provide reinforcement, they
were stymied and unable to head to Doveston.

Although they could travel by air and sea to bypass the obstruction caused by Yaleview Army, their
resources to move via these two options were extremely limited.

The battle in Doveston was expected to require the deployment of at least hundreds of thousands of

Other than the movement of the combat forces, they would also need quick and safe routes to ensure
timely and sufficient supplies for those on the war front.

As such, road and rail would be the most effective modes of transport for them.

However, that would require cooperation from Yaleview Army.

Hades had been trying to reach out to Wilbur in the past few days, only to be met with firm rejection.

Wilbur couldn’t care less who the head of Asura’s Office was. He said he would only liaise with
Jonathan and would entertain no one else.

Hades had shared with Wilbur the dire state of affairs in Doveston, hoping he would change his mind
upon assessing the gravity of the situation.

Unfortunately, Wilbur stuck to his stand and refused to consider granting passage unless he got to
meet Jonathan in person.

He even warned that if Asura’s Office were to try to force its way through, Hades would have to be
prepared to take on the Yaleview Army first.

Despite the fact that Wilbur managed to bring down Joshua with the help of the Salladay family, Hades
had always thought he was all brawn and had no brains.

In Hades’ opinion, the mastermind who made that possible was Eva, and Wilbur was merely being
lucky and allowed to rise to the top position due to his cultivation level.

After his recent exchanges with Wilbur, Hades finally realized that although Wilbur gave people the
impression that he was a hot-headed boor with no morals or loyalty, in actual fact, he was a shrewd

Everyone knew Wilbur craved for power, but they also knew his biggest dream was to see a united

If the Remdik army made any attempt to cross River Onxy, the six hundred thousand soldiers of
Yaleview Army would not sit still and tolerate the invasion.

Hades suspected the reason for Wilbur’s insistence on meeting up with Jonathan was that he wanted
to shamelessly take advantage of the dire situation to force Jonathan into making a major concession.
It would be a demand that not even Hades, the head of Asura’s office, could fulfill.

Hades could not help but be curious about the plans Wilbur had up his sleeve.

“Commander, we’ve established contact with the seven Kings of War!”

Suddenly, Hades’ deputy’s voice rang out, snapping him out of his deep thoughts.

Hades rubbed his tired eyes, gestured to his deputy, and said, “Put the call through.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Hades’ deputy went over to the computer, speedily made a few clicks, and the screen in front of them lit

Dorian, Hayes, and the other five Kings of War came online and appeared on the big screen.

Other than the seven Kings of War, a man in a black combat outfit was also in the video call.

That mysterious man was fully covered, with not even an inch of his skin showing.

The thing that caught everybody’s attention was a number prominently engraved on the lower right
corner of his mask.


The last time the eight Kings of War of Asura’s Office gathered together was when Karl launched a
sneak attack on Northern Crimson Prison.

There was a solemn mood in the air when the video call meeting started, as everyone knew Chanaea
was about to face a turbulent time.

Hades stood up and greeted his eight compatriots with a respectful salute.

All eight hurriedly stood up as well to return the gesture.

“Hi, everyone! We’ve been through so many life and death situations together, so with you guys, I shall
dispense with the pleasantries and go straight to the point,” Hades said as he settled into his chair.

“Let me make a brief introduction. Our guest on screen eight is Number 1, the chief of Dark Special
Forces. Mr. Goldstein had linked us up with him so that in the future, should any of us needs help in
areas such as intelligence gathering, assassinations, and infiltrations, we can seek his assistance,”
Hades went on as Number 1 greeted them with a military salute.

A look of excitement briefly flashed in the eyes of the other seven Kings of War when they heard that.

Leaning back on his chair, Hades continued, “I’m sure all of you have received the intelligence Dark
Special Forces shared with us on Doveston. Number 1, can I trouble you to briefly go through that with
us again?”

“Sure!” Number 1 replied.

His hoarse voice had clearly been modified by a special device so as to protect his identity.

“Seven days ago, I received an order to go on a mission with Mr. Goldstein. We infiltrated Remdik, and
by sheer luck, Mr. Goldstein and I managed to hijack a military helicopter with eleven of Team Alpha’s
special force members on board. Mr. Goldstein killed Antoine, the commander-in-chief of Team Alpha,
and discovered a storage belt. There are twenty storage compartments on this storage belt, and each
compartment can hold up to one hundred storage rings. In total, those two thousand storage rings have
the capacity to store sufficient supplies to support an army of two hundred thousand men in war.
Members of Dark Special Forces have looked into this and concluded that those supplies are meant for
the Arctic Army in preparation for war in Doveston.”

Number 1, who was Karl, briefly shared what he and Jonathan had found out in Remdik. Although the
information didn’t come as a surprise to the eight Kings of War, they still could not help but look glum.

Hades nodded as Karl ended his report, then turned toward Hayes and said, “Tiger, as the new Prince
of Diyouli, please update us on the latest situation in Doveston.”

“No problem. Number 1 has just shared about Remdik’s war strategy, so let me update you on the
military positions on both shores of River Onxy,” Hayes readily agreed.

He turned to whisper an instruction to someone next to him, and in a flash, a new window popped up
on the screen, showing the map of Horbah and the adjoining area of Southeast Remdik.

The map was marked with dozens of military symbols.

“Take a look at this map. Our Eastern Army has one hundred and seventy-five thousand men in total.
Other than a few support staff, most of them have been deployed to the base about a hundred miles
south of River Onxy,” Hayes explained.

“According to the intelligence we gathered, Medved Army is currently based at Kayton, about one
hundred and fifty miles north of River Onxy. One hundred and fifty thousand men from Arctic Army
have joined forces with Medved Army, so in total, our opponent has more than three hundred thousand
men gathered in Kayton. In addition, Glacier Army and Snow Wolf Army have also set up bases at
Redlington, which is only about six hundred miles away. I foresee that as soon as the war starts, they
can easily travel down via Lerner River and reach the frontline within a day,” he continued to elaborate.

Hayes concluded gloomily, “I’m afraid we’ll have a tough time trying to defend our positions…”

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