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The Legendary Man Chapter 930

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-After the tsar spoke, the tension in the room became so thick that
one could cut the air with a knife.

Savannah placed the glass of wine near the tsar and stood watchfully next to him.

Although she had not used her physical energy to restrain the divine messenger, she had already
secretly gathered her spiritual energy, ready to make a move when necessary.

As for Ivanov, he quietly cast a quick glance in the direction of the divine messenger, then walked over
to the office table with his device in hand.

“Do have a look for yourself, Your Majesty,” he said as he connected his device to a projector.

After a couple of quick adjustments on the projector, an image appeared on the wall next to the tsar.

The footage seemed to be a bodycam video of someone who was running. Next, the person appeared
to have turned around to hurl a knife toward something or someone behind him or her.

Following that was a series of chaotic visuals. First, an apparition of Jonathan appeared, followed by
some yelling, and then the person was seen being hit by Jokovich’s Pryncyp.

Next, Heaven Sword could be seen going through the person’s body. And just before the video ended
abruptly, the last image captured was that of Jokovich walking past.

After the video ended, Ivanov respectfully retreated to the side and started explaining, “Sky Army is a
highly versatile team and takes on a wide range of missions. As such, when on duty, every member
with the rank of Major and above has to wear a micro recording device to keep track of their activities
for performance evaluation purposes. What we’ve just seen was the combat scene recorded by the
bodycam worn by Oscar during the last few minutes of his life.”

With that, Ivanov wisely said no more and chose not to further elaborate, as it was unnecessary.

Anyone, even a non-cultivator, could tell from the footage that Oscar was not killed by Jonathan.

It was obvious he was fatally hit by Jokovich’s Pryncyp of Strength.

However, Ivanov knew it was a conflict between Sanctuary and the tsar. As such, even though he was
already in Divine Realm, he was in no position to be involved in the matter.

The tsar turned his gaze from the blacked-out screen on the wall to the divine messenger and sullenly
demanded, “Miltchev, I think you owe me an explanation.”

The youthful-looking man frowned and turned toward the tsar upon hearing that.

“Explanation? For what?” he asked.

“For Oscar’s death.” The tsar stood up slowly as he spoke, his Pryncyp radiating from him, forming a
protective cocoon that seemed to shield him from the outside elements.

Miltchev could sense his own physical energy being controlled, so he smirked and challenged, “Have
you forgotten how you managed to get to where you are now, Your Majesty?”


Suddenly, almost all the windows in the meeting room cracked and shattered.

Ivanov and Savannah instantly mobilized their spiritual energy to form a spiritual shield around

Despite that, they could clearly feel their spiritual energy draining rapidly from them.

That was the Pryncyp of the tsar. He had the ability to drain the spiritual energy from all those around
him at will.

Being an elite who had achieved Divine Realm, Ivanov was able to make use of his own Pryncyp to
cocoon himself and block off that seepage of his spiritual energy.

Savannah, who was only a God Realm cultivator, wasn’t as fortunate. Helpless against that terrifying
power, she could feel her body being torn apart, and every inch of her body was in great pain. Alas,
that was merely the repercussion of being near the path of the tsar’s Pryncyp.

Miltchev, on the other hand, was the target of the tsar’s intense fury. At that moment, he could feel the
skin of his face cracking. That was due to the pulling force caused by the rapid outflow of his spiritual

He knew he would be torn apart by the tsar’s formidable Pryncyp of Strength in no time.

Making use of whatever spiritual energy he had left, he fought hard against the disintegration of his
flesh and shouted out a warning. “You’d better think twice, Your Majesty! Killing me would mean a
declaration of war against Sanctuary. Do you really have the capacity to do that?”

The tsar stood still, but the menacing look in his eyes intensified, and the clothes on Miltchev started
glowing red.

That was a sign of the imminent disintegration of the flesh! Miltchev had lost all ability to fight against
the tsar’s attack.

Feeling his spiritual energy gushing out from his elixir field, rapidly leaking through the torn wounds on
his body, he clenched his teeth and blurted out one last desperate warning.

“You must have forgotten the power of God! If he can make you the tsar, he can easily groom another
person to take your place! You’d better not push your luck, Your Majesty!” Miltchev yelled.


Just as he shouted out that desperate threat, Miltchev felt a tremendous blow on his chest, and he was
sent flying into the air.

He crashed through a wall and landed on the bookshelf in the next room.

Ivanov quietly stood still and focused on controlling his own spiritual energy to maintain his protective
spirit shield. His mind, however, was working fast, evaluating what he had just witnessed, and he
realized the tsar’s prowess had improved greatly since their last encounter.

Although Miltchev might not be a top-class elite, he was definitely not a mediocrity either. The fact that
he was given the honor of being baptized by the Holy Blood, which enabled him to restore his youth,
proved that he was a valued talent.

Even if Miltchev had not achieved Divine Realm, Ivanov suspected he should at least have already
awakened his Pryncyp of Strength.

Otherwise, he would not be appointed a divine messenger to negotiate with the tsar.

However, that low level of awakening of his Pryncyp of Strength was of no use when confronting
someone like the tsar.

The tsar did not need to lift a finger. The disturbance of the energy field caused by his anger was
sufficient to ruin Miltchev’s cultivation ability completely.

A serene look returned to the tsar’s face as he looked at the disheveled Miltchev lying in the pile of

“Go back and tell your God that I’m grateful for what had happened in the past. However, one has to
know his own place. If he wishes to work together as equal partners, I’ll welcome him with open arms.
On the other hand, if he wants to order me around, then tell him I really can’t be bothered to entertain
him. I’m prepared to suffer some losses in Remdik!” he calmly declared.

That was clearly a declaration of war against Sanctuary!

Miltchev stared at the tsar in disbelief, amazed by his guts to pit himself against Sanctuary, which had
four Divine Realm elites under its command.

Gathering the little remaining spiritual energy in him, Miltchev stopped his own bleeding and stood up

As he stumbled and made his way out, he said, “I’ll definitely convey your message, Your Majesty. I
hope you will not regret your decision!”

The tsar turned to look at Ivanov and asked, “Ivanov, if Sanctuary is to confront us, who do you think
will have the upper hand?”

After a slight hesitation, Ivanov placed his right hand on his left shoulder, took a step back, and went
down on one knee.

“Your Majesty, my family has never encountered anyone from Sanctuary. As such, I’m in no position to
judge just how powerful they might be. However, there’s one thing I can be sure of. I’ll always be on
your side, and whoever wishes you harm will have to deal with me first. You can count on me to give
my all to serve you and be there to defend you!” Ivanov pledged, his voice unwavering and his head
respectfully bowed.

He placed himself in such a vulnerable position that the tsar could easily reach out and crush his head
if he wished to.

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