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Jokovich’s eyes turned red with hatred as he looked at Jonathan below. Although his expression was
still cold, his desire to kill Jonathan was impossible to hide!

Putting aside the fact that Jonathan had almost trapped him in the underground river just now, the
trouble the former had caused in Remdik was enough to put Jokovich’s life in danger.

The image of Paurius being burned alive by magma was still vivid in his mind.

As the person in charge of the pursuit, if Jokovich could kill both Jonathan and Ksana, that would be

However, if he failed, then he only had one option left—to escape.

Speaking of escape, although a God Realm expert could theoretically go anywhere in the world, since
the establishment of Sanctuary, there had not been a single person who had truly been able to escape
its shadow.

There had been cases of desertion before. Decades ago, a senior who guided Jokovich in his
cultivation left Sanctuary.

That senior was at the absolute phase of God Realm and had almost finished learning all the Pryncyps
successfully. He was only one step away from breaking through to Divine Realm.

However, he was killed by God himself, and not even a trace of flesh or blood was left!

Even if Jokovich wanted to escape, he could only survive for a few more days at most.

As such, killing Jonathan was Jokovich’s only chance to survive.

Opposite Jonathan, Oscar stared up warily at Jokovich.

“Hey, which army are you from?”

“Army?” Jokovich looked coldly at Oscar. “I don’t belong to the Western Army. I’m from Sanctuary.
Haven’t you heard of it?”

Oscar scoffed and replied, “So what if I’ve heard of it? What’s the big deal about those from Sanctuary?
You’re all just like me, only at the advanced phase of God Realm!”

Jokovich did not bother arguing with him, instead saying, “You need Charleigh, and I need to kill
Jonathan and the traitor from Sanctuary. Our goals don’t clash.”


Oscar grinned at Jokovich, then turned and sprinted toward Jonathan with his long staff in hand.

Meanwhile, on the mountain ridge, Jokovich was even more violent. With a stomp of his foot, the
ground beneath him shattered.

Following the arrival of a gust of wind, Jokovich’s fist appeared in front of Jonathan.


A thunderous explosion occurred, accompanied by a violent surge of spiritual energy spreading

In just one blow, the flesh on Jonathan’s right fist was completely stripped off, revealing the bone

As Jonathan was sent flying back, he keenly felt the intense pain spreading from his arm.

Jokovich must have learned the Pryncyp of Strength!

With the amount of spiritual energy Jonathan had currently, even with the complete transformation of
armor and the combustion of vitality, he was no match for Jokovich.

I have to run!

That was the only option for Jonathan at the moment.

Firm in his decision, he landed, the impact causing the rocks to shatter beneath his feet.

Before Oscar and Jokovich could react, Jonathan was already hurrying down the mountain as fast as
he could, leaving the two of them in pursuit.

“Stop running!”

Oscar’s dagger flew out of his hand and flashed through the air as it aimed at Jonathan’s head from

However, Jonathan didn’t even bother to turn around to take a second look at the attack. With a flicker
of the spirit shield from his bronze handbell, the dagger was deflected aside.

Meanwhile, Jonathan disappeared even faster into the woods.

Behind him, Oscar and Jokovich didn’t exchange any words, but both turned into afterimages as they
chased after him.

Jonathan rummaged through his storage ring, desperately searching for a way to delay the two behind

Nevertheless, even after turning his storage ring upside down, he found nothing useful.

The two were both God Realm cultivators and were just as powerful as he was. For this kind of fight,
conventional weapons were ineffective against them.

As for large weapons such as the anti-aircraft gun in Jonathan’s ring, although they could cause
damage to the two, they required assembly time.

Now that the two were less than one hundred meters behind him, Jonathan couldn’t afford to take even
a moment to stop running, let alone assemble weapons.

Jonathan had disassembled those large weapons and put them in the ring for remote attacks, but now
they turned out to be useless. He couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered bringing these cannonballs.

It would have been better to bring a few more boxes of high-explosive grenades.

As he was thinking this, he suddenly paused.

His mind turned to the corner of his storage ring, where two thick stacks of yellow talismans lay.

These were the lowest-level spiritual fire talismans.

They were Jonathan’s defective items made during his time in the West Region. All of them had one
missing line and were left unfinished.

Looking at the hundreds of incomplete spiritual fire talismans and the piles of anti-aircraft guns and
cannonballs in the storage ring, Jonathan slowly smiled in a twisted manner.

Who said that only cannons can set off cannonballs?

Those spiritual fire talismans are the best detonators!

With that thought in mind, Jonathan took out a talisman and stuck it on a small-caliber cannonball with
a flick of his hand.

He then cut his finger and lightly drew a line on the missing part of the talisman.

With a violent contraction of spiritual energy, Jonathan threw the cannonball behind him.

Although Oscar and Jokovich didn’t know what Jonathan was up to, they wisely chose to dodge.

Three shadows flashed by on the mountain, followed by a loud explosion behind the two men.

In mid-air, Jonathan turned around and looked back at Oscar and Jokovich, revealing a creepy smile.

“There are two seconds of delay, which translates to about two hundred meters. You can keep coming
after me!”

Jonathan chuckled, and as he turned around, he threw two more cannonballs.

But this time, he didn’t throw them behind him. Instead, he threw them forward!

As the two cannonballs hit the ground, Jonathan leaped over them.

Feeling the abnormal spiritual energy fluctuations ahead, the two men quickly jumped to both sides.

Boom! Boom!

The two cannonballs exploded at almost the same time in front of the two, sending out shrapnel but no
sky-high flames.

As white dots flickered in the air, a solid spiritual energy barrier materialized in front of Oscar,
preventing any airborne debris from passing through.

On the contrary, Jokovich’s approach was much more straightforward. He used his Pryncyp of Strength
to swing his fist and strike the area where the cannonballs had exploded, resulting in a massive pit
several meters deep.

Without a break in momentum, Jokovich leaped forward and rushed ahead once more, leaving Oscar
behind to gaze at the fist imprint with slightly furrowed brows.

Sanctuary was the most mysterious organization in all of Remdik.

Previously, the tsar had ordered the Eastern and Western Armies to cooperate with Sanctuary in
searching for young people with cultivation talent.

As a result, many God Realm experts had reservations about the organization.

That was also the reason why Oscar’s tone was disdainful when he heard that Jokovich was from

But now, Oscar’s expression turned serious as he looked at the fist imprint left by Jokovich.

If even an average member of Sanctuary possesses such power, our plan might be in danger of

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