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The Legendary Man Chapter 929

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-The Disappearance Of Ksana

Pryncyp of Strength was the highest energy in this world.

Even the bronze handbell couldn’t completely block it, but fortunately, there was still the residual life
force of Coffin in Jonathan’s body.

Although he received this punch hard, his injured internal organs quickly regenerated under the
treatment and influence of the life force.

Amidst the intense pain, Jonathan flipped in mid-air, searching for a place to land.

While he was doing so, his gaze caught Oscar, who was flying backward.

This guy was hit by Jokovich’s Pryncyp in an attempt to kill Jonathan.

Now, his weapon had fallen, and his spiritual energy had dissipated. He had no way to put up any


Jonathan’s spiritual energy was still shaken by the force just now, and he couldn’t gather enough of it to
kill Oscar, so he had no choice but to throw his long sword in order to stab Oscar’s head.

Heaven Sword pierced through Oscar’s chest as Oscar screamed in pain.

Then, the two of them landed one after the other. Jonathan slammed into a boulder and then got up
and left.

The stones behind him shattered, and Jokovich chased after him again.

Jonathan leaped onto Oscar’s chest, picked up Heaven Sword, and forcefully leaped into the air.

Due to the force, Oscar’s chest completely collapsed.

As the blood gushed out from Oscar, Jonathan’s figure disappeared in a flash.

Behind him, Jokovich flew past Oscar’s body, which then exploded with a loud sound.

Jokovich didn’t need anyone else to know about this battle.

More importantly, there should not be any evidence as to the cause of Oscar’s death.

In an instant, they covered a distance of ten kilometers. Jonathan entered a mountain valley and
headed directly to a hollow while following the tracking signal.

At once, he noticed the smell of blood!

Jonathan’s face changed slightly, as he was afraid that Ksana had been captured by Sanctuary or the
Remdikian Western Army.

However, when he reached the center of the hollow, he was slightly stunned.

Behind a large rock in the hollow, a huge brown bear was sitting there.

At this moment, the brown bear was leaning against the rock, tearing a human arm with his teeth.

The snow on the ground had turned dark red, and if it were a human who was injured, this amount of
bleeding alone would make it difficult for them to survive.

Moreover, the clothing hanging off the severed arm belonged to no one else but Charleigh. It was part
of Charleigh’s suit.

Is Charleigh dead?

With Heaven Sword in hand, Jonathan landed beside the bear and cut off its head before it could even

He activated his spiritual sense and enveloped his surroundings within the range of a hundred meters
in his mind, taking in every detail.

There were bear tracks in the snow but no signs of human activity or fighting.

Other than the partially-eaten arm in his hand, there was also a severed thigh on the ground.

The thigh was cut off in a clean and precise manner, which was probably the work of a sharp blade. It
indicated that Charleigh had not resisted.

What happened here?

Jonathan lifted the bear with his spiritual energy and sliced open its belly with his sword.

A pile of undigested meat spilled out, but Jonathan didn’t care about the mess and sifted through it with
Heaven Sword.

Soon, he found a black pill-shaped device, which was none other than the tracker.

Jonathan had attached it to Charleigh’s sleeve when he had handed Charleigh over to Ksana.

Now that the bear had eaten it, Charleigh and Ksana were probably dead.

But what confused Jonathan was that if both of them were killed, why did the amount of meat on the
ground not match up? Besides, there were no skulls to be found.

Most large predators wouldn’t eat their prey’s head whole, so if Charleigh had been killed, where was
his corpse?

As Jonathan pondered this, he turned his head to look behind him.

He had felt a surge of spiritual energy approaching from behind from where he came from just now. It
was Jokovich, relentless as ever. Feeling the weight of the kill around him, Jonathan furrowed his brow.
He stomped his foot, causing a ripple in the ground that swallowed up the bear’s body and the blood on
the ground before disappearing into the forest.

As for Jonathan, he took the tracker and disappeared into the forest.

Oscar’s reaction earlier had shown that those from Remdik had detected the tracker’s signal.

Jonathan wasn’t sure if Ksana and Charleigh were still alive, but confusing the Remdikians with the
signal was a good start.

If Charleigh was alive and had only gotten involved in something with Ksana, then the more Jonathan
confused the Remdikians, the safer Ksana and Charleigh would be.

At Kremalos Palace in Saspiuburg, Remdik, the tsar sat at the dining table, devouring a piece of steak.

Savannah stood beside him and slowly refilled his wine glass with red wine.

Meanwhile, Ivanov sat on the couch several meters away from the table.

“Your Majesty, Oscar’s vital signs have disappeared,” Ivanov said solemnly to the tsar.

Hearing that, the tsar didn’t react but continued to cut the steak on his plate.

“Death is normal in battles,” he responded casually.

“Land Army and Sky Army are collaborating to capture Jonathan and retrieve Charleigh within three
hours. It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

The tsar sounded calm and indifferent. In fact, he looked like he was dealing with this matter casually,
but Ivanov knew that it was the tsar’s ultimatum.

Charleigh’s presence had rocked the entire Western Army to its core. If they failed to capture Jonathan
within three hours, the tsar would not be so forgiving.

Ivanov understood that the tsar had been unhappy with him for a while due to his influence in the
military, but because of his talent, the tsar couldn’t touch him as long as he didn’t do anything out of

However, if Jonathan really managed to take Charleigh to Chanaea, the tsar might use it as an excuse
to get rid of him.

Both of them knew what was going on without either of them having to explain anything. They had an
unspoken understanding between them.

This was the game of the upper echelon. It was a game that had no hidden schemes, and the rules
were laid bare for all to see, but one had no way to escape from it.

Seeing that Ivanov remained silent for a while, the tsar lifted his head slightly.

“What’s wrong? Can’t the Western Army of nearly a million soldiers catch one Jonathan Goldstein?”

“We certainly can!” Ivanov replied with a smile. “But, there’s just one thing…”

“What’s that?” the tsar asked flatly.

Ivanov turned to look at the young man dressed in casual clothing sitting in the corner of the living

He was a divine messenger from Sanctuary.

The tsar put down his cutlery and raised his wine glass to take a sip.

“Ivanov, feel free to speak your mind. Don’t worry about anything. This is Kremalos Palace and I am the
host,” he said.

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