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The Legendary Man Chapter 928

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-Oscar swiftly leaped forward, chasing after Jonathan once again.

However, he had only taken a few steps when he heard a beeping sound from his wrist.

As he checked his watch, he noticed that the previous tracking signal had been updated once more.

Jonathan was just in front of him, so Oscar initially wanted to ignore it, but the obvious deviation of the
signal on his watch made him pause for a moment.

Currently, the trio was headed southeast, but the signal was showing in a westerly direction.

Although both directions were toward the south, they were practically two different directions. Pursuing
Jonathan in this manner would only exhaust him without any possibility of finding Charleigh.

It dawned on Oscar that Jonathan wasn’t meeting up with anyone but instead leading them further

Realizing this, Oscar immediately changed his direction.

His objective was Charleigh, and Ivanov had given absolute orders not to let Charleigh leave under any

If Charleigh were to bring the technology of modified warriors to Chanaea, the entire war situation in
Doveston would be thrown into unpredictable chaos.

Although Chanaea didn’t have the same high amount of God Realm cultivators as Remdik, the major
sects and respectable families in Chanaea wouldn’t ignore a war breaking out.

When that time came, the level of combat power would be important, and the number of Grandmaster
Realm cultivators would be the deciding factor in the outcome of the war.

As such, Charleigh alone was instrumental in determining the victory of the impending war in Doveston.

At this moment, not only did Oscar change his original route, but Jonathan also discovered the updated
tracking location and began to move toward Ksana’s direction.

Although the two were less than three hundred meters apart, with hills obstructing the view, Jonathan
couldn’t see Oscar. However, with his perception of spiritual energy fluctuations, Jonathan judged that
Oscar’s target was not him. With just a little thought, Jonathan’s gaze suddenly became extremely

Oh no!

The tracker attached to Charleigh for the convenience of meeting up with him had been detected by the
Remdik opponents.

The tracking report that was provided every ten minutes was enough to inform all the higher-ups in
Remdik about Charleigh’s real-time location.

Although only Jokovich and Oscar were pursuing Charleigh at the moment, on this dark night,
countless people might have already started heading toward this area.

If Ksana couldn’t remove the tracker in time, this whole situation could be really dangerous.

While Jonathan was thinking about this, he felt extreme danger coming from the side.

He quickly withdrew and leaped up, and in the direction where he had just come from, several ancient
trees shattered into splinters under violent pressure.

Upon seeing Jonathan retreat, Jokovich leaped forward to block his way. “Jonathan, where do you
think you’re running to?” Jokovich coldly shouted at him.

Jonathan didn’t pause at all. Since he couldn’t understand Remdikian, he had no desire to
communicate with Jokovich.

Golden scales appeared on Jonathan’s hands as he grasped Heaven Sword and thrust it toward
Jokovich’s chest.

“You’re asking for death!”

Jokovich’s right hand extended out, and under the influence of Pryncyp, he gripped Heaven Sword.

Previously, when Jonathan used the black spear, the attack had been even more brutal than this one,
but Jokovich had easily blocked it and even took the spear away.

This time, Jonathan didn’t even gather any strength, so how could Jokovich take him seriously?

Jokovich reached out to grab the Heaven Sword’s blade. With his other fist, he punched Jonathan’s
face without hesitation.

Jonathan had no way to avoid this punch and would need to repeat history where his black spear was
taken away if he wanted to dodge it.

As expected, in order to avoid the punch coming toward him, Jonathan decisively gave up Heaven

He dodged to the side, causing Jokovich’s heart to skip slightly.

Although Jonathan didn’t look at him, Jonathan’s curled lips made him feel a sense of danger.

Without any hesitation, the Pryncyp of Strength completely erupted.

At that moment, when the Pryncyp of Strength burst out, a cold killing intent flashed on Heaven Sword
in Jokovich’s hand.

Without a sound, four fingers on Jokovich’s left hand were broken at once.

Although both of them had mastered Pryncyp, Jonathan’s mastery of Pryncyp was closer to
completion, making it more difficult to find his flaws and easier to defeat Jokovich’s Pryncyp.

After cutting off Jokovich’s fingers with Heaven Sword, Jonathan thrust it toward Jokovich’s neck, but
he had very little Pryncyp of Strength that he could gather.

Although this sudden attack was successful, Jokovich wasn’t an ordinary opponent and wouldn’t allow
Jonathan to keep succeeding.

Heaven Sword was knocked away by Jokovich’s Pryncyp and hovered before landing back in
Jonathan’s hand again.

The Pryncyp of Slaughter around this area hadn’t recovered yet, and Jonathan knew he couldn’t use
Pryncyp of Slaughter again in a short period of time after failing to kill Jokovich just now.

Smashing the mountain rocks beneath his feet, Jonathan turned into an afterimage while rushing
toward Oscar’s direction.

Although Ksana was a God Realm cultivator, her cultivation was artificially produced through medicine,
and since she grew up in the Sanctuary, she wasn’t very familiar with fighting that involved life and

In Jonathan’s eyes, her true strength was at best only within pseudo-God Realm.

If she encountered top-tier God Realm elites like Oscar, it was possible that she couldn’t even last a
few minutes.

He changed his stride and began to imitate the footwork Hossom had taught him.

Although it felt awkward and like his legs were tied with a rope, this strange way of running increased
his speed by more than twenty percent.

Feeling Jonathan closing in on him, Oscar set off the spiritual energy from his body.

As the force field of the spiritual energy spread outward, he used the spiritual energy to control the
short knife in his hand and stabbed it toward Jonathan’s face.

“I’ll kill Jonathan first!” Oscar shouted.

Stomping a tree trunk large enough to fit several people hugging together to smithereens, he pivoted
and charged toward Jonathan’s direction.

Even though his task was to intercept Charleigh, Jonathan would continue to obstruct them if he was
still alive.

It would be more advantageous to temporarily ally with those from Sanctuary to eliminate Jonathan.

Meanwhile, behind Jonathan, Jokovich also revealed his murderous intent. Although he had lost his
four limbs, he used the full force of his Pryncyp of Strength to create a phantom image in mid-air and
threw a punch toward Jonathan.


A light hum sounded, and a ripple-like vibration spread in the air, completely locking Jonathan’s

This was a ranged attack, and there was nowhere for Jonathan to avoid.

However, at the same time, it also enveloped Oscar, who was in front of Jonathan.

There had already been many casualties this time. Jokovich didn’t care about Oscar’s life as long as he
could kill Jonathan. In the sky, a golden light flashed, and both Jonathan and Oscar were thrown back,
groaning in pain.

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