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The Legendary Man Chapter 926

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-Little did Jonathan know that the cultivator standing before him now
in the freezing cold winds of Remdik—an advanced phase God Realm cultivator—was only fighting him
because he planned on not doing anything for the rest of his life.

“Are you also from Sanctuary?” Jonathan asked curiously, looking at Oscar.

Currently, he couldn’t rely on the Pryncyp of Slaughter, yet if he relied on spiritual energy to fight, he
would only be wasting time and increasing the chances of his defeat.

After all, he was within Remdik’s territory, and if the enemy’s aerial support arrived just a little bit faster,
he might be crushed alive just by the sheer number of enemies.

Therefore, he needed to time things just right. He needed to find a moment where he could restore his
Pryncyp of Strength yet not be trapped by the Remdikians.

To restore the Pryncyp of Strength, there were only two ways.

The first was to wait for time to pass and let the surrounding Pryncyp of Strength gradually fill this

The second was to be far enough away from the area.

Although a large range of Pryncyp of Slaughter would definitely be drawn away when the Pryncyp was
bestowed earlier, it would only be up to about one hundred kilometers in radius.

If he was given ten minutes, he could definitely gather the Pryncyp again.

Even now, because they were far enough away from where the Pryncyp was bestowed earlier,
Jonathan could feel the surrounding Pryncyp of Slaughter.

He had tried to gather it before, but there was just too little, so he couldn’t successfully form an attack
with it.

Therefore, what he was doing now was stalling for time!

When Oscar heard Jonathan’s question, he didn’t think much of it, just yawned and looked at Jonathan.

“Sanctuary? I didn’t expect you to know so much. That’s Remdik’s top-level confidential information,”
Oscar replied with a smile and in fluent Chanaean.

“I didn’t expect your Chanaean to be so fluent,” Jonathan remarked curiously while holding Heaven

Oscar waved his hand. “It’s just average. My father is Chanaean, and he taught me the language since
I was young.”

While speaking, Oscar reached out and took the floating dagger in front of him.

“This is the dagger I use to slice sausages. Now that I’ve pierced your foot with it, I won’t be able to use
it anymore. It’s a bit of a pity.”

Pausing briefly, he continued, “Let’s not beat around the bush. My mission is to kill you and take back
Charleigh. Where did you hide him?”

“I won’t give him to you.” Upon hearing Oscar’s words, Jonathan shook his head with a smile. “How
about we make a deal? I can see that you don’t seem like a cultivator trained by the Remdik military but
rather someone they hired, right? Asura’s Office will double whatever Remdik offers you. Come over to
my side. How about that?”

“You can’t give me what I want.” Oscar laughed lightly. “The entire situation in Aploth and Epea is like a
tightly stretched rope, and no one knows when the last strand will suddenly break. Chanaea is in the

center of the storm, and joining you at this time is equivalent to seeking death. As for the conditions
Remdik has offered me, it’s simple. I just want to live the rest of my life peacefully. Even if I live a
hedonistic and unrestrained lifestyle, as long as I don’t break any laws, no one will come looking for

A peaceful life, huh?

Jonathan observed the young man in front of him.

Oscar was not even thirty years old, just like him. With a cultivation level at the advanced phase of God
Realm, he was at the peak of his life with a life force that was as hot and explosive as the sun. Yet, all
he wished for was to retire and completely fade away into obscurity.

Such a desire should not appear in a God Realm cultivator, as someone with an irresolute Cor couldn’t
possibly reach God Realm.

Besides, after becoming a God Realm cultivator, he’s already at a higher level in the entire societal
food chain.

At this point, such a cultivator should hope to climb even higher to seek true transcendence, so how
could he choose to retire completely?

Could there be some hidden reason behind this?

Jonathan frowned and looked at Oscar. “Although I don’t know what kind of agreement you’ve reached
with the Remdik military, I can tell you honestly that as long as you continue to work for Remdik, you
will never truly be at peace.”

After careful consideration, Jonathan took a deep breath.

He added, “No, it’s not that Remdik doesn’t want you to be at peace, but the environment does not
allow for it. In this world, if you’re a Grandmaster Realm cultivator and you only rule over a small area,
perhaps no one will care about you. But you’re a God Realm cultivator. You can’t escape this vortex.”

Upon hearing this, Oscar slightly furrowed his brows and hesitated for a moment as he looked at the
dagger in his hand.

“Even if I can’t escape, Remdik is much safer than Chanaea, isn’t it?”


With a soft sound, the dagger appeared in front of Jonathan without any warning.

Heaven Sword rose up and easily blocked the short dagger.

Stepping back, Oscar thrust his long staff forward, the tip just barely brushing against Jonathan’s chest.

With a slight flick of his hand, the long staff elongated before slamming directly into Jonathan’s chest.

Golden light radiated out as Jonathan was thrown backward, the bronze handbell protecting him once

“Dang it! I knew it! I should never trust the length of any stick!”

Jonathan shot an exasperated glance at the long staff in Oscar’s hand that had grown a dozen or so
meters longer.

Oscar activated the spell on the staff to return it to its usual size.

“Jonathan, I only want Charleigh. Let’s make a deal. You hand over Charleigh, and I’ll let you go.”

“No way!”

In a flash, Jonathan threw out a flexible rope that swung in the air and flew toward Oscar.

Since Oscar’s staff could change in length, Jonathan decided to use another method to deal with his

Following behind the rope, Jonathan wielded his Heaven Sword and engaged in a fierce battle with

As the two advanced phase God Realm cultivators fought to the death, the intense spiritual energy
fluctuations caused everything in the surrounding area to be completely torn apart.

Several kilometers away, Jokovich felt the spiritual energy fluctuations and quickly changed direction to
rush toward the two of them.

Although Sanctuary was a Remdikian organization, it was extremely mysterious and had a direct
connection to the tsar.

Even so, Jokovich had just received a message from Sanctuary and knew that the Remdikian Western
Army had dispatched a large number of cultivators to search for Charleigh.

Therefore, when he felt the spiritual energy fluctuating, Jokovich understood that Jonathan had
encountered cultivators from Remdik.

For God Realm cultivators, several kilometers of distance was only a two or three-minute walk.

After crossing a mountain ridge, Jokovich finally saw the two men fighting.

On the slope under the mountain ridge, Jonathan and Oscar fought fiercely, and in just a short time,
they had already leveled the entire hill.

Feeling a familiar spiritual energy, Jonathan lifted his hand to block the long staff before leaping dozens
of meters away.


When Jonathan spotted the figure on the mountaintop, his expression turned grave.

It was an overwhelming advantage to use Pryncyp to fight spiritual energy.

As such, after considering how Jokovich could still use Pryncyp of Strength and the difficult opponent
that was Oscar, Jonathan realized that he might not win.

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