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The Legendary Man Chapter 925

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-On the ground, Jonathan sprinted and finally approached the new
coordinate point.

Standing at the top of a hill, he tried to sense the spiritual energy around him.

At that moment, he regretted having taught Ksana how to run without being detected.

Bolstering one’s running with spiritual energy would not leave any footprints or marks on the snow.

While Ksana could prevent the Remdikians from finding her, she had also made it impossible for
Jonathan to locate her by following her tracks.

He did not even know what special technique Ksana had used, such that even the waves of spiritual
energy in the air had disappeared.

She did not leave any marks or signals for Jonathan.

Left with no choice, he could only proceed forward.

Although the direction would be slightly off, he would be closer to Ksana the next time the signal

Jonathan stared at the map and traced the direction in which Ksana was heading after leaving the
mountain stream. With that, he tossed a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth.

It was a special circumstance. Although the spiritual energy in Jonathan’s body had already been
replenished, he had to ensure that it was constantly full.

After all, Sanctuary was still after him. Besides that, he had also kidnapped Charleigh, so Remdik
would definitely not let him off the hook.

Although he managed to kill four God Realm cultivators earlier, he could predict that things would only
get harder from here.

With that thought, Jonathan whipped out his communicator and sent a message to Karl.

He relayed his situation, location, and the potential direction that he would be heading in so that Karl
could prepare to receive him.

Just as he sent the message, he could feel a hint of spiritual energy pulsing above his head.

Quickly, he withdrew his spiritual energy and glanced upward into the forest.

Although the night was dark, Jonathan could still see a faint glow in the sky.

It was the glow of a spell!

There was a God Realm cultivator above his head.

Peering through the gaps between the leaves of the canopy, Jonathan gazed at the cultivator in the sky

Just when the cultivator was around a hundred meters away from the ground, he reached behind his
back. A huge parachute immediately snapped open in the air.

“He’s an outsider, anyway!”

With a chuckle, Jonathan took out the rocket launcher again and rested it on his shoulder.

He loaded it, aimed it, and fired. Everything was done in a single, swift motion.

The missile whistled in the air as it shot toward Oscar, with white smoke trailing behind it.


Initially, Oscar was enjoying the freedom of falling slowly with the parachute.

However, he soon saw a bright glow shooting in his direction from the forest below.

Although he did not know what it was, he knew that it was definitely something dangerous, judging from
the trail of white smoking tailing it.

The acute sense of danger caused Oscar to immediately sever the ropes of the parachute. As a result,
he was sent plummeting downward.


The missile hit the parachute, causing it to explode into smithereens in the sky.

Staring at the fireball above his head, Oscar cursed out loud, “If I find out which b*stard shot that
missile at me, I’m going to kill him!”

When Oscar glanced in the direction from which the missile came, he could not see a single person in
the forest.

He quickly whipped out a mattress and tossed it onto the ground so that there was a buffer to reduce
the impact of his landing.

However, a mattress was evidently not enough to withstand the impact of free falling from a hundred
meters above the ground.

With an explosion of snow, Oscar crashed into the forest beneath him directly.

The moment he landed on the ground, a figure rushed over with a sword.

I’m going to kill you while you’re down.

He’s a God Realm cultivator, but he seems more like a lunatic instead.

Why is he parachuting in the middle of the night? There must be something wrong with him.

With a cold gleam of the sword and a tiny spark, Jonathan and Oscar exchanged blows.

Oscar was holding a long rod. While blocking Jonathan’s attack, he raised his left leg and aimed a kick
at Jonathan’s legs.

When Jonathan blocked the kick, he felt a sharp pain coming from the bottom of his foot.

Using his spiritual sense, Jonathan could see that his foot had been pierced by a short dagger that had
popped out of Oscar’s calf.

“What a dirty trick!” snarled Jonathan quietly before whipping out a long sword from the storage ring
and slashing at Oscar’s neck.


The spinning rod blocked the long sword. Oscar quickly retreated and quietly scrutinized Jonathan from
ten meters away.

“Are you Jonathan Goldstein?” asked Oscar while holding the rod. The short dagger was flying up and
down agilely like a snake in front of him.

Gripping Heaven Sword, Jonathan frowned. The injury on his foot had already healed, which indicated
that Oscar had not applied any poison to the blade.

This told Jonathan that although the man’s technique was underhanded, he still had a bottom line.

Looking at the oily smudges beside Oscar’s mouth and the pajamas that he was wearing, Jonathan
could not associate him with a God Realm cultivator.

Even though Jonathan had not encountered a lot of God Realm experts recently, he had met quite a
few in a lot of regions.

He was already shocked by how much Winston from the Leesons in Doveston looked like a farmer and
thought that Winston was the most disheveled an expert of that level could look like.

However, the man in front of him now completely renewed Jonathan’s understanding of what an expert

Jonathan had to admit that he was being too close-minded when it came to this matter.

All the cultivation resources in Chanaea had been monopolized by the eight respectable families, which
consisted of true nobles at the top of the social ladder.

The family members were all taught proper manners and rules since young.

No matter what their cultivation level was in the future, even a mortal with no spiritual energy would still
stand out among the common people.

Furthermore, since Chanaea followed ancient moral teachings, the higher one’s cultivation level, the
more important it was for one to also be spiritually transcendental.

In such a situation, people like Winston were already a minority. There was nowhere else to find such a
disheveled yet highly-skilled cultivator.

However, in other countries, the cultivation world developed differently from Chanaea.

In a nation like Remdik, where most citizens were combatants, being a cultivator was more like having
a profession.

People from all backgrounds could cultivate as long as they had the talent for it. Once they achieved
Grandmaster Realm, the Remdik military would naturally reach out to them.

Some of them enjoyed money, while others preferred women or power.

They were insignificant figures who had managed to climb the social ladder. After reaching their
aspirations, they would naturally choose to indulge themselves with their desires.

For Oscar, the purpose of his cultivation was just to be idle.

His three most favourite activities were eating, drinking, and sleeping.

However, he understood that if he wanted to do all those things that he loved, he had to first complete
the military’s missions.

Earlier, he had received a message from Ivanov.

If he could kill Jonathan and snatch Charleigh back, all his wishes would be granted.

Even if he did not want to do anything, Remdik would be willing to foot the bill for his idle lifestyle for the
rest of his life.

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