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The Legendary Man Chapter 923

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-Realization dawned upon the burly man, but it was too late.

Jonathan had already plunged the black arrow into his thigh.

“Ah!” the burly man let out an enraged bellow before striking Jonathan with his axe.

Jonathan pulled out the arrow from the man’s flesh, scattering droplets of blood into the air, then
sidestepped to the side swiftly, leaving an afterimage behind.


At Jonathan’s command, an odd chessboard appeared beneath the burly man’s feet and split open in
the middle.

Jonathan had already laid the chessboard beneath him during his last exchange with the burly man.

The moment the chessboard opened up, Jonathan triggered all the trap formations.

The burly man raised his axe and swung it down on Jonathan’s head.

This time, Jonathan didn’t dodge. Instead, he flashed a smile at the burly man.


With a loud thud, the axe slammed into the ground after cutting through Jonathan.

At least, that was what the burly man thought at first. However, he realized he hadn’t felt even a tiny bit
of resistance before the axe was embedded into the ground.

Behind him, Jonathan stood, holding an arrow.

The burly man staggered a few steps forward. Right as he was about to turn around, he felt a sudden
pain in his chest.

When he looked down at his chest, he saw a portion of the arrow sticking out from it.

The pain only lasted for a moment before it quickly faded.

The burly man knew the rotting effect of the arrow had kicked in.

Every Sanctuary member was familiar with the arrow.

No bow could shoot it. Plus, there was no special way to manipulate it.

There were a few cases where some even accidentally hurt themselves and lost their lives from
mishandling it.

A nick from the arrow would cause the wound to rot instantly. Then, the effect would spread quickly.

One might live if the wound was on their limb by swiftly amputating it. However, if the arrow struck the
circulatory system, head, or energy field, the person was as good as dead.

Jonathan yanked the arrow from the man’s chest and commanded Heaven Sword to slice off the burly
man’s right arm.

After tucking away the chessboard, he raced toward the top of the ravine.

His every move was quick and sure. As for the remaining God Realm cultivator on the side, Jonathan
didn’t even spare the man a glance.

The cultivator had never attacked Jonathan throughout the entire fight.

A few seconds after Jonathan left, the thick ice layer above the pool exploded abruptly.

Jokovich flew out from the water and landed on the ground. His breath was short and urgent as he tried
to get oxygen into his lungs.

The explosion of the missile earlier had flung Jokovich into the underground river.

The current in the underground river was exceedingly fast. Jokovich didn’t have Jonathan’s technique
of treading through water and couldn’t smash mountains or crack rocks.

He could only depend on his spiritual energy to push him forward as he swam.

He might’ve gotten lost in the underground river and died from suffocation if it wasn’t for the powerful
mental energy of a God Realm cultivator. With that, he was able to accurately pinpoint where the
underground river and the pool converged.

After panting for a few seconds, Jokovich’s breathing finally calmed.

He slowly got to his feet and surveyed his surroundings. His expression turned grim when he caught
sight of the two bodies on the ground.

There were two frozen headless bodies beneath the ice too.

With another two dead, their group of six dwindled to a group of two. Yet, both Ksana and Jonathan
were still alive.

He couldn’t return since he hadn’t accomplished his mission.

Turning his attention to the last man standing, Jokovich contemplated briefly.

“Send news about what happened here. Tell them Jonathan has the cultivation level of Divine Realm,
and we’re not his match. Request for backup.”

“Yes, sir!”

The man took out a communication device from his storage ring. However, before he could activate it,
the sharp tip of a spear plunged through his chest.


The man looked up at Jokovich in horror. He watched as Jokovich pulled out the spear and swung it
over his head, slicing half of his head off.

Jokovich let out a breath of relief when the man exhaled his last breath.

God’s will cannot be defied. He will never go back on his words. I brought five men with me on this
mission, and God’s will was for us to eliminate Jonathan and Ksana. Yet, it’s not an easy feat to kill
Jonathan with my abilities. I knew I wasn’t Jonathan’s match when I was sealed in the underground
river. Even though I haven’t given up on killing Jonathan, I have to keep a card up my sleeve.
Otherwise, God will surely kill me as he did with Paurius once I return to Sanctuary with a failed
mission. Fleeing is the only way I can live!

The difference between Jokovich and Ksana was his difference from the rest of Sanctuary’s cultivators.

Jokovich attained his cultivation level through the hard work he put in. It had nothing to do with Holy

Thus, he didn’t have any dependence on Holy Blood. He could live out the rest of his life safely as long
as he hid securely.

That was his reason for killing his own man.

Despite being undecided on whether he should flee, he didn’t see any disadvantage in tying up all the
loose ends first.

“Jonathan Goldstein, show me what you’re made of!”

Jonathan was clueless about the trouble he had caused Jokovich and Sanctuary.

He sprinted through the forest toward the south.

Sparing that cultivator’s life hadn’t been on a whim. After subsequent battles, his spiritual energy and
Pryncyp of Strength had been completely depleted.

Heaven Sword’s exhaustion of his Pryncyp of Strength was nothing to laugh at. It was equivalent to
feeding a black hole.

Carefully sensing his surroundings, Jonathan still didn’t catch even a smidge of Pryncyp of Slaughter.

Even though he already replenished his spiritual energy with a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill, his Pryncyp of
Strength was still depleted.

There was an ancient saying, “There are three thousand Heavenly Ways. Choose one, and you’ll
become a sage.”

The three thousand Heavenly Ways were what made up the world’s law. They were everywhere and
embedded in everything.

In truth, the three thousand Heavenly Ways were the same as spiritual energy. They had their own

An example would be when the Wolver Army had Jonathan hemmed in, and he comprehended the
Pryncyp of Slaughter when on the verge of death.

When the heavens granted him the Pryncyp, he had sucked all the Pryncyp of Slaughter from
hundreds of kilometers around him to empower himself.

It was similar to when a cultivator achieved a breakthrough and absorbed the surrounding’s spiritual

It would take some time before the surrounding spiritual energy could replenish the lost energy.

The same concept applied to the Pryncyp of Strength. A human couldn’t create it. All they could do was
borrow it.

Hence, rather than saying one obtained the Pryncyp, it was more accurate to say that the Pryncyp
recognized and approved of the strength of the user, thereby allowing the caster to use it.

True Divine Realm cultivators would possess a broad sensory range due to the merging of spirit and
vita, making it difficult to completely exhaust the Pryncyp of Strength.

Even if the Pryncyp of Strength was excessively depleted, draining all the Pryncyp of that land, with a
powerful cultivation level, one could merely traverse to a different spot and recondense the Pryncyp.

However, an exception like Jonathan, a cultivator in God Realm who could borrow the Pryncyp before
achieving Divine Realm, had no choice but to bear with the depletion after draining a field of Pryncyp.

Glancing at the GPS device in his hand, Jonathan adjusted his direction slightly.

“I hope they don’t catch up. I can only test my luck on fate.”

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