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The Legendary Man Chapter 924

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-When Jonathan handed Charleigh over to Ksana, he had already
placed a tracking device on Charleigh’s body in advance.

The device would update its location and send a signal to Jonathan every ten minutes. The interval
was designed to disrupt Remdik’s satellite interception signal and prevent them from performing real-
time tracking on Charleigh.

While that approach was relatively safe, it also brought about some inconvenience at the same time.

If Jonathan wanted to find Charleigh and Ksana now, he could only head to the location where the
signal was sent ten minutes ago and proceed with his search from there by following the traces.

Fortunately, the master and servant contract was still in place. Hence, once Jonathan and Ksana were
a certain distance apart, the contract would enable him to determine Ksana’s general location.

As his servant, Ksana had to carry out the mission assigned to her by Jonathan unconditionally.

Therefore, he did not have to think hard about where she could have gone. He was confident she must
have continued south.

Nevertheless, with the speed of a God Realm cultivator, ten minutes was sufficient time for her to travel
several dozen kilometers, so if the paths taken by the two of them deviated from one another by the
slightest degree, the distance between them would still become immense.

Looking at the electronic map, Jonathan furrowed his brows.

After a scan, a red flashing point appeared on the map at a point about twenty kilometers away from
him. The location information has been updated! They’re moving southeastward!

Jonathan adjusted his direction, leaped out from the forest, and quickly rushed toward Ksana’s

At the same time, high above the clouds, a military transport aircraft was flying northwest.

Printed on the fuselage of the transport plane was a single Remdikian word, which meant “sky” in their

That logo indicated that the aircraft belonged to the Sky Army, one of Remdik’s eight main military

Remdik’s military was divided primarily into two major war zones.

One was the infantry-dominated eastern battlefield, which covered two-thirds of the eastern part of

The eastern war zone was divided into four major units, namely the Glacier Army and the Arctic Army
in the north, and the Snow Wolf Army and the Medved Army in the south.

At present, soldiers from the four units in the eastern war zone, save for a very small part that
maintained the usual defense of their garrisons, had all been deployed to the north of River Onxy to
prepare for the battle that might commence at any time.

The western war zone, on the other hand, was more like an enormous independent legion composed
of a mix of forces.

Due to its unique climate and location, the western part of Remdik was quite different from the vast,
sparsely populated, and underdeveloped eastern region. Remdik’s western region was extremely
prosperous, with all the important cities established there.

After all, a country’s development depended highly on a developed transportation system.

Remdik’s western territories had numerous ports and were close to various Epean countries. As a
result, the center of both administration and economy for the nation was located within a one-third area
of the western region.

Such a strategic layout could effectively accelerate the development process of Remdik’s western
territories, but it also gave rise to significant security risks.

In the event of a large-scale war, Remdik could be entirely crippled by a single precise strike on the
densely populated cities in the western region.

Under such circumstances, if the Western Army were to follow the same division of defense as its
Eastern counterpart, it might leave security loopholes for enemies to exploit and break through the
nation’s defense network.

Therefore, the defense mechanism adopted by Remdik’s western war zone was for the four military
units there to communicate and collaborate closely in safeguarding the entire territory’s security.

The four major legions at the Remdikian Western Army were Land Army, Sky Army, Deep Sea Army,
and Divine Wind Army.

These four army corps were responsible for infantry defense, air strikes, naval battle groups, and the
crackdown on internationally-regulated special forces in the entire western region of Remdik.

The aircraft that appeared in the sky at that moment was Sky Army’s most advanced airborne
command platform.

While the plane’s exterior resembled a fighter jet, its interior was filled with various expensive military
equipment and a group of the world’s top technical personnel.

Inside the cabin, a very thin technician sat in a chair with a safety belt crossed over his chest, firmly
securing him to the seat.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one fastened to his seat. All the surrounding people and equipment were
also secured in place.

That was to prevent objects from scattering randomly during turbulence or when the aircraft performed
tactical evasion maneuvers.

A series of complex codes scrolled continuously across the screen. An ordinary person might
experience dizziness and blurred vision if they read from the screen. Still, all the technicians there were
focused intently on their computers, not daring to relax for even a moment.

Standing in front of the numerous technicians, a man dressed in pajamas and holding a piece of
smoked meat in his hand said, “According to the coordinates provided by Mr. Ivanov, Jonathan should
be nearby. Pay attention to all satellite signals. Once you discover…”

Although he was issuing orders, he still appeared half-asleep and even yawned in the middle of his
sentence. His demeanor appeared quite out of place compared to how busy everyone else in the cabin

Just then, seemingly having discovered something, the thin technician placed his hands on the
keyboard and quickly entered some commands.

The codes on the computer screen quickly rewound before stopping abruptly.

“Sir, I detected a special micro-signal feedback in sector B12V.”

The man in pajamas was momentarily stunned after hearing that. Then, he glanced to one side in
resignation. “D*mn it. I thought this was just a formality. I can’t believe I really stumbled upon him.”

A map of Remdik’s western territory was displayed on the large screen atop everyone’s head. At that
moment, an area on the spot was being zoomed in repeatedly.

Subsequently, a coordinate with an error margin of no more than three meters was highlighted.

The man in pajamas tossed aside the smoked meat in his hand, retrieved a parachute, and slung it on
his back.

“Send the location to my watch and synchronize it with the tracking system. Based on current intel, I
might not be able to defeat Jonathan, so notify the person in charge of the nearby Land Army and have
them provide reinforcements as soon as possible.”

The man in pajamas strode toward the back of the cabin as he spoke.

The cabin floor beneath his feet began to sink slowly, creating a gap.

“Continue tracking this signal frequency. If you discover it again, be sure to sync it to my device

After giving that final instruction, the young man took a deep breath and stepped back several paces
before running forward to jump out of the aircraft.

Inside the cabin, an older man in military uniform took over the young man’s role as the commander.

“Activate the ground-to-air joint defense system to fully assist Colonel Oscar Knight in pursuing the

“Yes, sir!”

In mid-air, Oscar placed his hands in front of him, condensing his spiritual energy into a barrier to form
a streamlined spirit shield beneath him. He pierced through the layers of cloud and plummeted toward

the ground below.

“A God Realm cultivator can travel at least thirty meters per second. Taking into consideration the three
minutes that have passed since I received the signal and how long it would take for me to land, I should
adjust my landing position slightly. In addition, they must be fleeing southward…”

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