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The Legendary Man Chapter 922

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-Bullets traveled fast. If fired into the water from close to the surface,
the bullet would only travel a few meters at most.

A bazooka’s missile wasn’t as quick as a bullet, and its larger size suffered from greater resistance.

Thus, with a cloud of smoke and a huge splash, the missile couldn’t even reach the five-meter mark
before losing all traction.

Jokovich, who was struggling to surface, and Jonathan, who was keeping close to the surface, were
stunned by the missile losing traction and could only watch as it slowly sank.


Cussing internally, Jonathan manipulated a stream of water to push him to the surface before fleeing as
fast as he could.

Meanwhile, Jokovich, who was in much deeper water, gave up on struggling toward the surface. He
turned around and swam deeper toward the underground river instead.

Despite being underwater in pitch-black darkness, Jonathan could discern where he was heading from
the golden glow of the bronze handbell. It was acting like a beacon, guiding him through the darkness.

Right before he broke through the surface of the water, he noticed the cold glint of something metallic
swinging toward his head.

It was the huge axe that had struck his back earlier.

“You m*therf—”

Before he could spit out all the syllables, the huge axe slammed into him, sending him deep beneath
the water again.


A massive explosion erupted within the river.

Half of the river’s water shot toward the sky in a column.

Tink, tink, tink!

A string of clinking echoed. Numerous tiny missile fragments collided with Jonathan’s shield.

Following the violent blast, Jonathan was tossed into midair along with the water column.

“What’s going on?” someone shouted in Remdikian. The meaning behind the words eluded Jonathan
since he didn’t speak the language.

Amid the gushing water, Jonathan made a few gestures with his fingers before yelling, “Sacred Dragon,

As he stretched out both his arms, the water pillar hardened quickly.

The surrounding water began to fall to the ground like rain.

Meanwhile, the water pillar in the center started to freeze at a fast rate.


Loud cracking sounds echoed along the towering column as the water swiftly condensed and

The three God Realm cultivators watching the scene hurriedly retreated.

Jonathan landed back on the ground and watched the entire pool freeze into solid ice. Even though he
was relieved, he also knew it was only a temporary measure to trap Jokovich.

If he wanted to seal Jokovich for good, he would have to seal the entire underground river.

However, he wouldn’t be wasting time with Jokovich if he had that capability. He would’ve crippled
Jokovich at first sight.

Landing on the ice, Jonathan glanced coldly at the cultivator with the huge axe.

“You there! You’ve swung your axe at me twice!” Jonathan shouted at the cultivator as he unsheathed
Heaven Sword. “I’ll make sure you pay with your life today!”

Jonathan’s silhouette flickered as he charged toward the cultivator with the axe.

Despite the extreme toughness, the light Heaven Sword still lacked some weight when going up
against the swing of the heavy axe.

After exchanging one blow, the forceful impact from the axe sent tremors down Jonathan’s hand,
causing Heaven Sword to slip from his grip and fly behind him.

The cultivator with the axe grinned with delight before he raised his axe and aimed it at Jonathan’s

Instead of retreating, Jonathan lunged forward, aiming to ram into the burly man as he faced the
incoming attack from the two-ton axe.

For the massive axe to be lethal, it needed some distance from its target.

Noticing Jonathan’s intention to close their distance, the burly man wouldn’t allow that to happen.

He swiftly took a few steps back and lifted his knee. By doing so, he could protect his lower half and
also use it to strike Jonathan’s chest.

Jonathan curled up his body and aimed a small knife in his left hand at the burly man’s midriff.

“Kill him!” Jonathan hissed as he slammed into the burly man’s midsection.

A distance away, Heaven Sword suddenly disappeared when it flew past the young man with the black


Even though the young man had raised his guard the moment Heaven Sword disappeared, he was still
too late.

The sword plunged through the young man’s spirit shield and abdomen before shifting to stab into his
chin and coming out the top of his head.

Everything happened within seconds. The young man’s skull cracked, then exploded like a

Blood and brain matter spurted into the air before splattering across the ice.

The others watching from the sidelines were rooted in place, stunned at the demise of one of their own.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was caught in a fierce battle with the burly man.

Despite the numerous restrictions from waving his axe in close combat, his attacks weren’t entirely

At the very least, it served as an exceptionally tough shield.

“What are you looking at?” the burly man barked at his remaining comrades as Jonathan forced him to
fall back.

When it came to cultivation level, techniques, and strength, he wasn’t afraid of Jonathan.

However, something was strange with Jonathan’s every move.

Every time they clashed, the small knife in Jonathan’s hand possessed an intensely aggressive energy.

It dispersed the spiritual energy he assembled, rendering him helpless to fight back.

The burly man was basically using his own strength to withstand Jonathan’s barrage of attacks.

It showed he was truly powerful even without the aid of spiritual energy.

Jonathan would’ve assumed his opponent was a physical cultivator if he hadn’t felt the man’s
overwhelming strength when boosted with spiritual energy earlier.

As spiritual energy surged, the cultivator with a sword standing behind Jonathan finally made his move.

Before he could approach, Heaven Sword quickly glided through the air and hovered in front of him.

The cultivator halted and tightened his grip on the hilt of his sword when he remembered how this
strange weapon in front of him had slaughtered three of his comrades.

Noticing the movement behind him, Jonathan stabbed his small knife into the burly man’s thigh and
warned, “I can spare your life if you do not join the battle.”

He completely disregarded whether the man could understand Chanaean.

Unable to draw out his spiritual energy, the burly man couldn’t relieve his muscle injury and fatigue. A
roar came out of his mouth at the stab in his thigh. Reflexively, he slammed the axe toward Jonathan’s

Jonathan immediately backed away. Once the axe swung past, he swept up the black arrow on the
ground with his spiritual energy and shot it at his opponent.

“Kill him!” Jonathan roared furiously.

With a beckoning of Jonathan’s right hand, Heaven Sword ditched its target and turned to speed at the
burly man.

Seeing the incoming Heaven Sword, urgency crossed the burly man’s face. He hurriedly swung his axe
to fend off the attack.

However, the second the weapons collided, a confused expression flitted across the burly man’s face.

He couldn’t sense any murderous aura from Heaven Sword. Instead, all he felt was calmness.

The sword has lost its added effect. It’s merely acting as bait to draw my attention when it charged
toward me! Sh*t! It’s a trap!

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