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The Legendary Man Chapter 921

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-This time, Jonathan used brute force too, but with the spear tip.

Jonathan had obtained this black spear from the decapitated person while escaping the Divine

Despite having an ordinary spear shaft, the spear had a slender and elongated tip.

The length alone was more than two feet long, and it looked like two sharp butcher’s knives leaning
back to back.

With such a slender and sharp spear blade, Jonathan’s spear was no different from a short knife.

However, Jokovich did not try to dodge the spear at all.

Facing the rapid speed of the spear, Jokovich stretched out his left hand and grabbed onto the shaft of
the spear.


With a crack, the entire spear shaft began shaking.

At the same time, an incomparably majestic force rushed toward Jonathan’s hands along the length of
the spear.

Jonathan’s hands exploded into a bloody mist, but he persisted for a moment before he was sent flying

Sensing the danger behind him, Jonathan summoned the bronze handbell to cover the top of his head.
Immediately after, he directly hit a giant axe.


Following a brilliant flash of golden light, Jonathan changed from retreating rapidly to flying forward.

As Jonathan spat out a mouthful of blood, a black arrow suddenly appeared without warning and shot
straight toward the center of his forehead.

Jonathan felt a chill shiver down his spine when he saw the arrow approaching him.

The two consecutive blows from Jokovich and the other two with gigantic axes had already destroyed
Jonathan’s balance and physical energy.

The blow of the giant ax from behind him earlier had caused the most damage to him. The spiritual
energy Jonathan had gathered was in turmoil, even though the damage done was minimized by the
bronze handbell.

Now in mid-air, even if Jonathan wanted to utilize his spiritual energy to change his position, he couldn’t
do it.

As for the arrow, it could pierce through the protective shield of the bronze handbell.

This time, Jonathan knew he was done for.

In desperation, Jonathan subconsciously raised his hand to block the arrow, hoping to trade his arm for
his life, no matter how slim the chance.

Even if he couldn’t catch it, he hoped he could at least change the direction of the arrow slightly while
blocking it with his arm, earning his chance to survive.

However, deep down, Jonathan knew it would be next to impossible to stop the arrow due to its speed,
especially since it was no ordinary weapon. How could his hasty block possibly stop someone else’s
deliberate attack?

The arrow pierced through the golden spirit shield, and Jonathan could already feel the sharp sting of it
even before it touched his skin. Even so, his hand was only raised to his chest at that moment.

Unfortunately, he was one step too late.

Even with Pryncyp, when facing the besiege of several God Realm cultivators of the same level, it was
still difficult for Jonathan to defeat them.

Just as Jonathan gave up on fighting for his life, a long sword with a murderous aura rushed out from
between the rocks under his feet.


A crisp sound rang out. The next moment, the black arrow was sent flying backward.

Heaven Sword stopped firmly in mid-air before Jonathan, barely brushing his nose tip.

Feeling the icy touch of Heaven Sword, Jonathan gulped with relief.

Jonathan knew his life would be over if Heaven Sword had arrived a second later or if it had missed the
arrow by an inch.

The reappearance of Heaven Sword caused Jokovich and the rest to become extremely vigilant. For a
moment, they didn’t dare to step forward. After all, this weapon had silently slaughtered two God Realm
cultivators in a fight without anyone realizing it.

Although the two that got killed had the lowest cultivation level among the six cultivators, Jokovich and
his group knew that even they couldn’t take out two people with one blow.

Before finding out how Jonathan controlled the sword, nobody wanted a head-on encounter with it.

Landing on the cliff, Jonathan could feel his hands trembling uncontrollably.

Just a moment ago, he had been about to kill Jokovich with the black spear, but the latter snatched the
weapon away.

Despite only traveling down the spear for a brief instant, the violent force had been enough to tear
apart the flesh on Jonathan’s arms.

Life force continued to pour into his hands, and his mutilated flesh began to recover at a rapid speed.

Gripping Heaven Sword, Jonathan looked coldly at the four people opposite him.

He could kill the two cultivators in a split second earlier because no one expected him to make a feint.
Besides that, they had underestimated Heaven Sword’s speed.

To put it bluntly, although Jonathan caused the death of the two God Realm cultivators, he had just
been lucky.

The cooperation of the rest of the cultivators and Jokovich just now displayed the true strength of a
God Realm cultivator.

Even with life force and Pryncyp of Slaughter, Jonathan’s possibility of winning the battle was still not

On the opposite side of the battlefield, Jokovich sized up the spear in his hand.

Shortly after, he slipped it into his storage ring.

Then, he waved his hand lightly. Following that, the other three cultivators surrounded Jonathan.

“Excuse me? This is blatant daylight robbery!”

Jonathan snorted as he shot a disdainful glare at Jokovich.

Amidst his contemptuous laughter, the soil around Jonathan burst open abruptly.

The spiritual energy-filled gravel and debris scattered everywhere.

Their terrifying strength and speed made them no different from bullets.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Jokovich raised his fists and punched forward.

As a wave of air blasted past, Jokovich and his group looked toward the middle of the battlefield again,
only to see that Jonathan had disappeared.

“After him!”

Spinning around, Jokovich jumped into the pool of water below, where Jonathan had leaped down
earlier while taking advantage of the chaos. The mission today had been an order from the higher-ups,
yet Jokovich had led two members of his team to their deaths instead.

How am I supposed to explain myself if I don’t kill Jonathan?

Four figures instantly fell into the ravine.

Jokovich had barely steadied himself when Heaven Sword lunged out of the water, and without a
sound, it sped straight toward his neck.

“How insolent!”

Jokovich hit Heaven Sword with one hand.

However, in the nearby water, a hand suddenly emerged and grabbed Jokovich’s ankle, pulling him
toward the bottom of the ravine.


Jokovich was dragged under the water, causing a large splash.

Beneath the icy surface, Jonathan made a seal with his hands to mobilize the water flow into forming a
vortex, after which he used it to quickly pull Jokovich down.

Under the deep pool was an underground river.

Once someone was sucked into the current, it would be tough to escape.

If Jonathan used the wading method in Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, even if he couldn’t suffocate
Jokovich, he could still trap the latter underwater for some time.

Without Jokovich, the three remaining God Realm cultivators alone posed no threat to Jonathan.

Water was the most merciful thing in the world. It brought benefits to all things and did not compete.

After falling into the water, Jokovich’s almost beastlike strength was weakened.

Seeing that he was about to get sucked into the underground river, Jokovich gathered his spiritual
energy and expelled it through his feet. The action brought him rapidly toward the water’s surface.

However, above his head, he saw Jonathan smirking at him.

In the blink of an eye, Jonathan held a rocket launcher before his chest and pulled the trigger.

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