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The Legendary Man Chapter 919

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-“A fighter jet?”

Charleigh looked up in surprise at the pitch-black night sky upon hearing the distant sounds.

“Are they planning on just blowing us up? D*mn it! At the very least, they could try to save me. Am I not
worth the effort? Jonathan! Let go of me! If you restore my elixir field, I can fight alongside you guys
and take them on!”

Charleigh was about to continue when a gust of spiritual energy sealed his lips.

Jonathan’s brows furrowed as he listened to the sounds in the sky.

“I would rather kill you than restore your spiritual energy. Don’t even think about it.”

“Master, why don’t we kill him after we find out how he transforms these soldiers?” Ksana asked
Jonathan seriously.

“Mmph! Mm-hmm!”

Upon hearing Ksana’s words, Charleigh started twisting his body violently with a reddened face. No
one knew what he was trying to say.

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

“I’ve considered it before, but crippling him and taking the experiment results for ourselves would be
the worst-case scenario, given the number of variables that can influence these experiments. Everyone
is aware of these drugs and molecular formulas, but only a few are capable of creating them correctly.”

“Mmph! Mmph!”

Charleigh nodded vigorously upon hearing Jonathan’s words.

He was no longer the prideful scientist in the face of danger as he knew that Jonathan had many
considerations, but Ksana didn’t. Even though he lost his cultivation, he could still feel Ksana’s
murderous intent toward him.

If Charleigh could apologize now, he would definitely offer Ksana the most sincere apology he could

Women, no matter their identities or how powerful they were, were particularly adept at holding

Although Ksana disliked Charleigh, she obeyed Jonathan’s orders.

Since Jonathan said he wasn’t going to kill Charleigh, Ksana didn’t ask any more questions.

Instead, she looked up at the night sky with concern and queried, “Master, should we try and hide?”

“It’s useless,” Jonathan replied as he shook his head. “Fighter jets have limited ranges. We are
currently three hundred miles south of Mortling Castle, so we’re still in Remdik. However, this fighter jet
was flying from the south. If it was a routine mission, it should have been dispatched directly from the
base south of Merania. There was no need to fly this jet from such a far direction. Therefore, the only
reason this fighter jet is here is that our locations have been exposed!”

As Jonathan spoke, the fighter jet flew past their heads a hundred meters above them before
ascending rapidly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several white signal flares were fired into the sky by the fighter jet, painting the entire sky white.

On the ground, the three people’s shadows became longer due to these signal flares.

“Master, let’s go!”

For some reason, Ksana felt uneasy when she saw those signal flares.

Jonathan turned to look at Ksana, and a glint of confusion flashed across his eyes.

This girl dared to face me head-on even after finding out about my identity. She even sat face-to-face
with Paurius for a whole day without showing any signs of panic.

Hence, Jonathan found it hard to imagine what could scare her.

However, it wasn’t the right time to ask questions, even though he was curious.

The signal flares launched by the fighter jet were obviously meant to mark their location.

If he guessed correctly, there should be God Realm cultivators or even cultivators with higher
cultivation levels coming after them right now.

However, it was difficult to determine which direction they would be coming from.

Running blindly would only make it easier for them to get caught.

It was even more meaningless to bet on a random direction and run in that direction.

Although a God Realm cultivator could cover dozens of meters with a single step, they wouldn’t be able
to win against the fighter jet in the air.

The fighter jet could travel faster than the speed of sound. Was it even possible for someone to run
more than three hundred and forty meters per second?

Upon engaging a highly-sensitive thermal imaging system, the fighter jet could circle their heads until it
ran out of fuel.

Where could they run?

“But…” Ksana spoke up again.

Jonathan lowered his head and noticed Ksana’s anxiousness.

She had even tightened her grip on her broken blade.

Upon seeing this, Jonathan placed his hands on Ksana’s shoulders, comforting her, “Ksana, I’m here
for you no matter what happens.”

With that, a nearly undetectable stream of life force entered Ksana’s body.

Instantly, Ksana felt warmth surging through her body. It was as if she was soaking in warm water,
relieving her of all her tension.

At that moment, several figures leaped over the mountain ridge and landed twenty meters away from

It was a group of six God Realm cultivators. There was a bearded old man, four middle-aged men in
their thirties, and a young man with a black arrow.

The old man was in the advanced phase of God Realm, while the other five were in the beginner phase
of God Realm.

Upon spotting Jonathan, all of them immediately focused their attention on Ksana, who was beside

“They’re from Sanctuary?”

Noticing the young man with the black arrow, Jonathan immediately understood Ksana’s nervousness.

“Isn’t that Paurius’ arrow? Why isn’t he here?” Jonathan asked the young man with a smile.

Despite hearing Ksana mention that these people looked like teenagers because they had been
baptized in Holy Blood, Jonathan couldn’t help but treat the young man like a child due to the latter’s
youthful face.

The young man had fought against Jonathan before and had witnessed how the latter had crippled
Paurius and his other companion. He knew how powerful Jonathan was, so he instinctively took a step
back upon hearing Jonathan’s question. In the next instant, he invoked his spiritual energy and raised
the black arrow.

Jonathan looked into the young man’s eyes and saw decisiveness and experience. He immediately
knew that the young man was a ruthless person.

However, this young man was standing at the very edge of the group. This meant that he wasn’t the
strongest among them.

The leader of the group was the bearded, slender old man.

Eyeing Jonathan, the old man chuckled.

“You must be Jonathan Goldstein. It’s hard to imagine that Asura’s Office, a big organization in
Chanaea, only has a God Realm cultivator as its leader,” Ksana translated the old man’s words

Jonathan chuckled upon hearing that.

“I also didn’t expect Sanctuary to have an old coot like you. Why, are you in a hurry to go to the
afterlife? Do you need me to help you?”

Jonathan looked at Ksana, clearly expecting her to translate his words to the old man.

However, the old man spoke again. This time, he was speaking to Ksana in a commanding tone.

Ksana trembled slightly. She gripped her broken blade tightly before shaking her head slightly.

Jonathan glanced at Charleigh and questioned, “Do you know what he’s saying?”

Charleigh rolled his eyes and pursed his lips. Jonathan immediately removed the spiritual energy on
Charleigh’s lips.

Charleigh spat a few times before replying calmly, “He’s commanding Ksana to kill you!”

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