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The Legendary Man Chapter 920

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-“Kill me?”

Astounded, Jonathan looked at the old man in disbelief.

“You old geezer, just say whatever you want to! There’s no need to go to such extremes, is there?
What did I do to offend you? Why are you coming after my life the first time we meet? Be reasonable!”

After Jonathan finished his sentence, he smacked Charleigh’s shoulder.

“Translate it, Charleigh.”

“No, I can’t,” Charleigh said as he glanced at Jonathan helplessly.

With no choice, he looked at the old man and started speaking in fluent Remdikian after a moment of

“I’m a scientist specially appointed by the tsar and hold a crucial position in the conflict between
Remdik and Chanaea. You can’t hurt me!”

With his brows knitted tightly, Jonathan listened intently to Charleigh.

“Are you done?”

“Yes,” Charleigh replied as he bobbed his head.

“Word for word?”

“I promise I’ve translated exactly what you said!”

Looking at Charleigh’s confident expression, Jonathan was uncertain.

Is the generalization ability of Remdikian so strong? I said so much earlier. How did all that become so
few words when translated to Remdikian?

“I will not return with you people, no matter what. This is my new master, Jonathan Goldstein!”

At the side, Ksana suddenly bellowed at the crowd from Sanctuary, her broken blade in her hand.

Hearing that, Jonathan turned to look at Ksana.

Ksana had spoken in Chanaean. Clearly, she wanted Jonathan to hear her words.

Jonathan knew this was Ksana’s way of telling him her choice.

Putting one of his hands on Ksana’s shoulder, Jonathan looked at the old man as he held Heaven
Sword in his other hand with a smile.

“What’s the name of that old geezer opposite us, Ksana? Also, ask him how many people from
Sanctuary came this time.”

Albeit not knowing Jonathan’s intention, Ksana did as she was told.

“Master, six people from Sanctuary came this time, and they are all here. As for the elderly man in front
of us, he used to be my instructor. His name is Jokovich.”


Jonathan stretched out his arm and patted Ksana’s shoulder twice, then pulled Charleigh and placed
him next to Ksana.

“Ksana, I’m sure you know how important this guy is to me. I have a mission for you now. Bring him
with you and head south. Do not turn back.”

As Jonathan spoke, he took off a ring from his finger.

“This storage ring has everything you will ever need on your way, including a GPS tracker, supplies,
and phone. Don’t worry. I’ll catch up with you two soon,” Jonathan said cheerily as he put the ring on
Ksana’s finger.

Immediately after, he passed some life force into Ksana’s body.

“Remember this warmth. This is the warmth of the beach and ocean near the equator, something you
have never felt before. Head south and stay alive.”

With that, a gentle wave of spiritual energy gushed out of Jonathan’s hands. It picked up Ksana and
Charleigh before throwing them down the mountain.

“Master, I’ll be waiting for you up ahead!”

Realizing she would only be a burden to Jonathan if she stayed behind, Ksana did not resist and
instead pulled Charleigh close to her and disappeared into the pitch-dark river below.


A sharp piercing sound resonated in the air. Jonathan moved his right hand slightly, and Heaven
Sword, which he was holding, instantly appeared twenty meters away.


Following a crisp ringing sound, the black arrow was sent flying into the forest after being deflected.

Meanwhile, Heaven Sword flew back the way it came and returned to Jonathan’s hand again.

As Jonathan stared at Jokovich, he slowly gathered his Pryncyp of Slaughter.

“Jokovich, don’t even think about going after them on my watch.”

“Kill him!”

With Jokovich’s order, the God Realm cultivators immediately turned into afterimages as they lunged in
Jonathan’s direction.

As for Jokovich, he leaped forward and went in the direction of Ksana.

A chilling whistle pierced the silence of the night as a black spear traversed the air and flew straight at
Jokovich’s chest.

Jokovich’s fist and the spear collided, the impact sending him flying backward. He plowed through a
few ancient trees before finally stopping.

Jonathan also flew backward due to the force and almost landed on the edge of the cliff before
stabilizing himself.

“I don’t care who you people are or what organization you are from, nor do I have any interest in who
you want to capture, be it me, Ksana, or Charleigh. I only have one thing to say. You all can never go
past here with me here today!”

Jokovich stood up, his expression becoming grim when he noticed his five companions standing on a

After slamming his two fists together, a pair of vicious-looking gloves immediately appeared on his

Without further ado, he stepped forward and appeared at the edge of the Divine Chessboard.

Then, he threw a punch without a single second of hesitation.

Crack, crack, crack!

On the spirit shield at the border of the Divine Chessboard, fine cracks formed one after another, and
after persisting for a moment, they shattered into pieces.

The five people struggling in the Divine Chessboard immediately felt the pressure on their bodies ease
up. Then, they jumped out of the Divine Chessboard.

Jonathan’s eyes glinted as he stared at Jokovich.

He could sense Jokovich’s powerful energy the moment the latter made his move.

It was Pryncyp of Strength.

It seems Jokovich has also attained a Pryncyp, though I wonder what Pryncyp he has achieved.

As Jokovich looked at Jonathan, he gathered his fists before him.

“Split up and go after Ksana. I’ll deal with this guy here!”

“Understood!” the other five chorused in reply.

With that, the cultivators separated in an instant. They went around Jonathan and headed straight in
the direction Ksana had fled.

“You asked for it!”

Following a deep roar, Jonathan stepped forward and threw his spear at one of the cultivators.

Just when Jokovich rushed forward to rescue the cultivator, a pained grunt came from the opposite
direction of Jonathan.

Alarmed, Jokovich turned around, only to see the life force of two people vanish entirely.

It was the two God Realm cultivators who had gone after Ksana. Now, one had become a headless
corpse, while the other had been severed from the waist down and was falling straight into the river

The vitality of a God Realm elite was like that of a blazing sun.

With two of them abruptly slaughtered, even the cultivators who had already passed the river turned
back to look at the two bodies in shock, not to mention Jokovich, who had witnessed the scene.


Under the cover of the shadows in the ravine, Heaven Sword stabbed at Jokovich without warning.


Jokovich threw a punch and caused the surrounding air to be compressed to the extreme, producing a
booming sound.

Jonathan’s Heaven Sword was smashed aside by Jokovich’s punch, causing it to stab into the

At the same time, Jonathan’s spear had already hit Jokovich’s chest.

“Take this, Jokovich!”

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