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The Legendary Man Chapter 916

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-Jonathan pulled up a map and assessed the situation of the entire
western area of Remdik.

The tsar was located around a thousand kilometers to the northwest.

However, they could cross the western border of Remdik if they bypassed Saspiuburg’s radiation area
and walked another seven hundred kilometers. That would bring them to the chaotic Central Epea.

With the support of Anglandur and West Epea Alliance, Central Epea was constantly at war.

Asura’s Office will be able to pick us up once we enter the war zone in Central Epea.

Even if they could not make it in time, Jonathan could easily leave from there. After all, even Remdik,
which claimed to have the world’s best military, would not be able to keep an eye on every location in
the war zone.

Jonathan and the others would truly become invisible and would no longer have to worry about being
tracked once in Central Epea.

However, there were certain risks involved with this approach, such as the possibility of facing
increased pursuit.

Kremalos Palace’s tsar, as well as cultivators from Rodunst and Sanctuary, might pursue Jonathan if
they took the road to Western Epea.

Jonathan gave Ksana a thoughtful look.

I didn’t expect to meet someone like her during my trip to Remdik.

Jonathan had come in search of Charleigh, who acted as a bug in the war. He was prepared to raise
the cultivation levels of Asura’s Office’s members to Grandmaster Realm no matter the costs.

Unexpectedly, he discovered a way to forcibly improve one’s cultivation level to God Realm with Ksana.

Jonathan then made an agreement with the coffin that he would head to Sanctuary and help to steal
the heart of the Remdik Emperor.

Undoubtedly, Jonathan would head to Sanctuary, but it was not the right time now.

Charleigh, who was a crucial figure, needed to be sent back to Edenic Heights as soon as possible as
the situation grew increasingly tense. That way, Jonathan would have the upper hand in the war that
was going to happen several months later.

There was no time to waste.

Jonathan needed Ksana to guide the way to Sanctuary.

However, her supply of Holy Blood could only last up to three months, at most.

This meant that Jonathan had to reach Sanctuary within three months.

Back then, to secure Antoine’s release, Ivanov had made a promise to Jonathan that Remdik would not
attack Doveston for six months.

There were less than three months remaining before that time limit was up.

These two timeframes practically coincided.

According to Ksana, this war was not at all about obtaining resources, but rather, Sanctuary was trying
to find the tomb of some general.

This meant that cultivators from Sanctuary would inevitably participate in the war once it began.

Jonathan had been debating whether or not to infiltrate Sanctuary and steal the Remdik Emperor’s
heart before the war even started. He would then detonate a special missile inside Mount Enly to send
those people straight to the afterlife.

In any case, he would have to pay Sanctuary a visit within two months even if they did not come
looking for him.

Their second route would be to proceed south from where they were now.

After a journey of five thousand and six hundred kilometers, they would enter Merania.

Merania was the biggest landlocked country sandwiched between Remdik and Chanaea. The country
was unable to engage in marine trade due to its lack of ports.

Hence, Merania had a weak national strength, as it was relatively underdeveloped and primitive.

They could only grit their teeth and swallow the indignity from Remdik’s and Chanaea’s concurrent
infiltration as they were powerless against the two big countries.

Nevertheless, Merania had issued a statement to the outside world that they would immediately join the
opposing side if one side attacked them.

This was a simple but highly effective strategy that effectively kept Remdik and Chanaea in check.

As Merania was so vast, the transportation problems that had previously hampered development when
it first claimed independence would no longer exist if it was integrated into either Remdik or Chanaea.

Thus, Merania became the only neutral region in the entire Aploth and Epea.

Remdik and Chanaea had been providing varying degrees of help to Merania to stabilize them.

However, they were also using their own means to impede Merania’s development at the same time.
The current situation was extremely complicated.

Remdik would undoubtedly try to intercept them once Jonathan brought Charleigh into Merania.

At the same time, Asura’s Office would also focus on gathering its manpower in Merania.

Jonathan and Karl were the only God Realm cultivators in Asura’s Office. There would be three people
if Ksana was taken into account.

Jonathan, though, was certain that Wilbur would not sit on his hands at Yaleview as long as they
explained the importance of Charleigh.

Jonathan was also fully confident that the Blackwood family and the Osborne family would send God
Realm cultivators to support them.

After all, Charleigh’s life or death was tied to the survival of the entire Chanaea. It was not the time for
personal grudges or power struggles.

Whether it was Wilbur or the eight respectable families, all of them wanted a stable and governable
world, not a ruined country.

Regardless, if they choose this path, it was likely that Merania would experience a small-scale yet
fierce battle before the war in Doveston even began.

At that time, it was uncertain whether Jonathan could get out of Merania alive, let alone the cultivators
from the respectable families and Wilbur.

While Jonathan was trying to contemplate which escape route to take, several figures were swiftly
running toward him from the slope across the glacier.

Spotting the werewolves, Ksana muttered, “Master, it’s the werewolves!”

Jonathan turned to look at Charleigh, who was beside him. However, the latter’s face was full of fear.

“What are you afraid of? Didn’t you create them to be completely obedient to you?”

Meanwhile, a puzzled Jonathan released the spiritual energy which restrained Charleigh’s mouth.

However, Charleigh shook with fear as he shrieked frantically, “Run! Jonathan, hurry up and run! They
obey me because I used contract magic to control them. However, since you destroyed my cultivation,
all that is null and void. All of these werewolves were created forcibly. The first thing they’ll want to do
now that the contract is not in effect will be to kill me!”

A chill ran down Jonathan’s spine when he heard Charleigh’s words.

I previously thought those werewolves were warriors willing to undergo the transformation of their own
accord. I didn’t expect them to have been forcibly transformed against their will.

Thousands of lives had been involved in the project. Except for a few Beta Warriors who still
maintained a smidgen of their rationale, the rest were practically mindless beasts with only killing
instincts left.

This was not taking into account the people who had lost their lives due to failed transformations.

Scientist, my ass! Charleigh is nothing but a demon that emerged from hell!

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