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The Legendary Man Chapter 918

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-Although Jonathan and Ksana were unaware of the pursuers hot on
their trail, they continued running at full speed.

Jonathan had expended his Pryncyp of Strength too quickly, so even though he wished to wipe out the
werewolves, he did not have the energy to do so.

As he dragged Charleigh across the mountain range at lightning speed, he looked at the latter and
asked, “When we fought each other previously, why did it seem as though you didn’t care whether the
werewolves survived or perished?”

“They’re not me, so why should I care whether they live or die?” came Charleigh’s matter-of-fact

Shocked to hear that, Jonathan turned to Ksana. To his surprise, he saw her grinning back at him. She
was actually accepting Charleigh’s reply without batting an eyelid!

Jonathan could not help feeling a sense of absurdity at the pair’s response. “You two are… Those are
human lives we’re talking about! How can you let them die just like that? Don’t you think there’s
anything wrong with that?”

Glancing toward Ksana, Charleigh asked, “Do you think there’s something wrong with that?”

As for Ksana, she looked at Jonathan quietly after hearing what he said and pondered the matter for a
while. “Hmm… If Master thinks it isn’t right, then that’s what I think too.”

Despite her answer, Jonathan could tell from the puzzled look in her eyes that she did not understand
what he meant at all.

At that moment, Charleigh, tightly bound like a trussed chicken, floated next to Jonathan. “What’s the
big deal if they die? Weren’t those werewolves created for the express purpose of killing others?

They’re like machines. Once placed on any battlefield, they’ll cut down their opponents like a machine
harvesting wheat until their enemies kill them. Their ultimate destiny is to die, and it’s only a matter of
sooner or later. What’s there to feel sorry about now that you’ve killed them?”

Humans… are like machines? While there were no faults in Charleigh’s argument, Jonathan could not
help thinking otherwise. Although the werewolves are humans who’ve undergone modification and
don’t have feelings or emotions, they’re still humans!

Turning his head and gazing at Ksana, he asked hesitantly, “Are those your sentiments as well? No
need to care about what I think. You can speak your mind.”

While sprinting at top speed, she furrowed her brows and fell into deep thought. “I don’t quite
understand what you two mean about war machines. All I know is that humans seem to be like this—
they keep taking on missions, carrying them out, and fighting until they die.”

Her reply was earnest, without any trace of being perfunctory, and Jonathan realized he had made a
mistake indeed.

Of the two people next to me, one can transform soldiers into an army of werewolves devoid of
cognitive thinking and is a madman through and through. Meanwhile, the other is an elite fighter
groomed by Sanctuary. To be more precise, she’s a killing machine. I may not have been to Sanctuary,
but it’s clear from her mannerisms that she lived in a simple world. Even something ordinary like the
difference between men and women, a concept that a child of three or four years old can grasp, seems
to fly over her head. Perhaps no one taught her about such things ever since she was little. After all,
who would care to explain morals and etiquette to a machine?

For some reason, he felt his chest tighten slightly as he gazed at her.


“Yes, Master?” she replied promptly, ready to carry out his instructions.

To her surprise, Jonathan was silent and merely smiled at her. After a pause, he said, “Ksana, I’ll show
you there are still many other things to do on this earth. Just wait and see. Three months won’t be long
enough to live because you’ll grow attached to this wonderful world. I’ll make you want to continue
living and show you how beautiful this world is.”

Both Ksana and Charleigh were stunned to see Jonathan’s eyes light up. Neither of them had ever
seen someone’s gaze so full of hope and enthusiasm.

The beauty of the world, eh? Is there truly such a thing? Charleigh fixed his gaze on Jonathan with
furrowed brows as though examining a field of research he had never encountered beforehand.

Just then, Jonathan suddenly halted on a massive rock before turning and gazing toward the horizon
behind him.

That nearly caused Ksana to fall into the pool below. She quickly turned and fell back beside Jonathan.
“What do you see, Master?”

He frowned as he stared intently into the distance, and his ears twitched. A second later, he pressed
his hand against Heaven Sword’s hilt. “Someone’s coming!”

Charleigh’s expression shifted when he heard that. Struggling to break free, he called out to Jonathan,
“Hurry up and untie me!”

Although he had not seen what Jonathan saw nor sensed any surge of aura, he was clever. He knew
the latter would not joke about something like that. What’s more, I know Kremalos Palace must’ve
received news that I set all of the Grandmaster Realm werewolves free. The only people who’d dare to
show up and capture me now must be those with God Realm cultivation level. In fact, it could even be

Ivanov. Since I’ve mastered the art of modifying warriors, they won’t allow Jonathan to leave with me.
However, no matter who emerges victorious in this battle, they’ll still target me. If the pursuers from
Remdik win and Jonathan can’t take me away with him, there’s no way he’ll let me go and create
werewolf warriors for Remdik. With Jonathan’s ruthless methods, he won’t hesitate to kill me and solve
the root of the issue.

Conversely, if Jonathan won and the Remdikians were sure they could not get their hands on
Charleigh, they would choose to get rid of Charleigh to eliminate any possibility of him using his
knowledge to serve Chanaea.

Hence, once both sides engaged in battle, the outcome did not matter. Either way, it still meant death
for him!

Previously, Charleigh spent a long time developing a Beta Warrior equipped with self-awareness. He
had been confident his success would help him gain a foothold wherever he went. However, I now
understand that mindset was a terrible mistake. The results of my research brought me unparalleled
fame, but it is also a double-edged sword. Only Chanaea and Remdik are trying to get their hands on
me for now. Unfortunately, should word get out that I’m capable of creating Grandmaster Realm
cultivators, I’m afraid organizations across the globe will want me on their side while also wishing to kill
me at the same time. I created something powerful, yet it somehow turns out I’ve opened Pandora’s

While Charleigh debated whether to continue pleading with Jonathan for mercy, the sound of rumbling
engines from the horizon gradually grew louder.

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