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The Legendary Man Chapter 917

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-“Will restoring your spiritual energy work?” Jonathan pressed his
Heaven Sword against Charleigh’s neck.

Staring at the cold blade, Charleigh hesitated before shaking his head slightly. As much as I want him
to give me a chance to restore my energy field, I doubt it’ll be helpful. In fact, even if I’m at my peak
condition, there’s no way I can escape him when he possesses that bizarre sword technique. Also, my
instinct is telling me Jonathan isn’t a kind man despite his righteous facade, considering he can enter
and leave Remdik whenever he pleases. The consequences of lying to someone like him will no doubt
be agonizing.

Upon receiving Charleigh’s reply, Jonathan took a deep breath and tossed him to Ksana. “Watch him

Then, he dashed toward the ice.

Both of them were God Realm cultivators. Therefore, if they fled at full speed, it would be impossible for
the modified warriors, who were only in the middle phase of Grandmaster Realm, to catch up to them.

However, Jonathan wasn’t planning to escape without a fight because those modified soldiers would be
sent to Chanaea by Remdik as killing machines in the future.

If he didn’t have to chase after Charleigh, he absolutely would’ve eliminated all the modified soldiers.

As the Pryncyp of Strength enveloped his body, he popped a few Spirit Rejuvenating Pills into his
mouth. The sword’s immensely powerful, but the cost of unleashing it is equally great as it rapidly
drains my spiritual energy and Pryncyp of Strength. Based on its consumption rate previously, I’m
confident the Pryncyp of Slaughter will be exhausted in minutes. Besides that, I don’t have much life
force left inside my body.

After he captured Charleigh, he had wanted to summon the coffin to ask it for more life force, as well as
seek its help to establish a master and servant contract with Charleigh, much like the one he had with
Ksana. That way, he could restore Charleigh’s cultivation level, and their journey back to Chanaea
would be much smoother.

However, for some reason, the coffin didn’t respond to him this time, so he had to give up on the idea
for now. With all that considered, he couldn’t afford to receive any more deadly injuries.

In no time at all, the Wolver Army and Jonathan met each other on the ice.

“Kill!” In a blink of an eye, Heaven Sword vanished from Jonathan’s side.

Suddenly, hundreds of meters away from him, a werewolf attempting to leap toward Jonathan from the
side had its head chopped off.

The headless body continued to sprint forward dozens of meters due to the powerful inertia before
falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Jonathan swung his black spear toward his enemies.

Bang! Bang!

Two werewolves spewed blood as they were sent flying away by his attack, which also crushed their
internal organs.

Clearly, they didn’t have much longer to live.

Out of nowhere, a werewolf grabbed Jonathan’s head from behind.

A glint flashed through the air before the werewolf’s sharp claws were sliced apart and turned into a
cloud of bloody mist blown away by the wind.

As Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter continued to decrease, he darted forward, turning into an
afterimage as he passed through the Wolver Army.

He wielded the black spear as a staff because he had no clue how to properly use the weapon.

However, his lack of skill didn’t matter because his strength was so overwhelming that no werewolf
could survive a hit from him.

Unfortunately for him, despite the incredible speed at which he was slaughtering his opponents, he only
took out dozens of werewolves.

There were even more werewolves charging toward the opposite bank from two directions.

After kicking a werewolf away, Jonathan pressed the detonator in his hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of explosions were heard dozens of meters from the opposite bank.

Multiple pillars of water shot into the sky as cracks formed on the ice.

Jonathan stomped, injecting spiritual energy into the frigid river water.

“Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, Five Elements of the Dragon Deity, Water!” As he shouted, he
gestured the technique with his hands.

A giant wave erupted beneath the ice and rushed toward the Wolver Army.

“Ice Seal!” After the wave crashed into the werewolves, Jonathan leaped into the air, formed a seal with
his hands, and slapped it on the surging water.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of cracking sounds were heard as the river water was rapidly frozen by Jonathan.

Many werewolves failed to escape the river in time and were thus trapped in the ice.

The original sheet of ice formed on the river couldn’t hold itself together after the water underneath it
was sucked out and frozen above it.

Hence, no longer capable of bearing the weight, the ice sheet shattered.

The restricted Charleigh gulped as he stared at the frozen werewolves. “What kind of Pryncyp did
Jonathan grasp? It seems a little too ridiculous he’s able to freeze at least two hundred Grandmaster
Realm werewolves in an instant by touching the water.”

Ksana was similarly bewildered by Jonathan’s feat, albeit only slightly, as she gazed at him. Jonathan
shouldn’t be able to do that with his Pryncyp of Strength, considering it isn’t an elemental Pryncyp. At
least, I don’t think so. What’s going on?

A few seconds of silence later, she shook her head. “I don’t know either. However, I’m certain that
Master is really strong.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan stood before the edge of the broken ice sheet as he peered at the terrified
werewolves. For now, it seems like the range of my Five Elements of the Dragon Deity only extends to
hundreds of meters. According to Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, the person who founded this
technique was chasing after a water-type demon beast when he froze the entire ocean in a fit of rage. I
don’t have much Pryncyp of Strength left, so I must conserve some, just in case I find myself
encountering an unexpected battle. Unquestionably, those two hundred-plus werewolves are only
temporarily sealed, seeing as they’re all Grandmaster Realm cultivators. Even if they’re stupid, they’ll
inevitably succeed at breaking out of the ice, which means…

“Let’s go!” he exclaimed as he dashed past Ksana and grabbed Charleigh.

As the trio sprinted south at full speed, the werewolves could only chase after them by following their

Unbeknownst to them, a faint light speedily approached the river from the northwest sky after they left.

In less than three minutes, loud whirring sounds were heard as more than a dozen parachutes swiftly
descended from the sky.

Their landing generated dull thuds on the ground.

A group of six stepped toward the ice sheet under the lead of an old man. “A battle had just taken place
here, as seen from the abundance of spiritual energy residuals here. Based on the tracks left on the
ground, I doubt it has been long since they left. Let’s chase after them!”

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