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The Legendary Man Chapter 915

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Ksana leaped up and landed beside Charleigh after a few jumps.

An impassive expression was on her face as she looked at Charleigh, who was clutching his lower
abdomen and groaning on the ground.

Despite how miserable he appeared now, she did not forget that he had almost killed her earlier.

Grabbing his hair, she violently dragged him back to Jonathan.

“Jonathan, you won’t dare to kill me.” Lying on the ice surface, a large amount of blood continuously
gushed out of the wound on Charleigh’s lower abdomen.

Jonathan’s previous strike with his sword had completely pierced Charleigh’s elixir field and destroyed
all of the latter’s cultivation foundation.

Without a miraculous healing ability like Jonathan’s, Charleigh would never be able to gather any
spiritual energy for the rest of his life.

Despite that, even with his cultivation foundation entirely ruined, Charleigh’s eyes were still filled with

Struggling to prop himself up before leaning against a piece of broken ice, he gazed down at the bloody
wound on his lower abdomen.

“Jonathan, although I was expelled from my family, and my father does not fancy my research, I am still
Rodunst’s eldest prince! Chanaea is currently facing pressure from Remdik, the West Region, and
Jetroina. If you kill me, I guarantee Rodunst will be added to Chanaea’s list of enemies! Chanaea will
meet its downfall—”


Before Charleigh could finish speaking, he was hit directly by a slender fist.

The surface of the ice shattered, and Charleigh’s cheek pressed against the ice, having become
severely deformed.

Ksana slowly straightened her body, sneered, and spat on him. “Who do you think you are now that
you’ve lost your spiritual energy?”

Jonathan was a little stunned as he looked at Ksana. He began regarding the matter of how women
held grudges in their hearts with more importance.

He hastily stepped in to stop her when he noticed she was about to move forward again.

“Hey, hey! You can’t hit him anymore. He’s no different from an ordinary person with a slightly better
physique since he lost his spiritual energy. You’re a God Realm cultivator, so he’ll undoubtedly die if
you continue to beat him up.”

Jonathan crouched beside Charleigh and placed his hand on the latter’s lower abdomen.

It wasn’t as if Jonathan feared offending Rodunst’s royal family.

At that point, he had made countless enemies across both Aploth and Epea continents, so he wasn’t
really concerned about making a few more in Western Epea.

However, he absolutely couldn’t let Charleigh die just like that.

The initial purpose of his trip to Remdik was, after all, to seize Charleigh.

Now that Charleigh was subdued, Jonathan had no reason to kill him.

Although Charleigh was mad as a hatter, the experimental data in his head and his ideas about
modified humans were precisely what Asura’s Office needed the most at that stage.

After healing Charleigh’s injuries, Jonathan got to his feet.

That was the first time Charleigh had experienced the wonders of life force.

At that instant, he reached out to tear open his clothes and stared wide-eyed at his lower abdomen.
“This… has it really healed so rapidly?” Charleigh stroked his lower abdomen continuously while
uttering in excitement, “This feeling… I don’t feel weak or tired. That means the healing process wasn’t
promoted at the expense of my own vitality but purely the effect of external energy!”

Charleigh looked at Jonathan and asked anxiously, “What kind of technique is this, Jonathan? Do you
know? I genuinely wish to dissect you and observe the flow of your spiritual energy. I’m so curious…”

Beside them, Ksana raised her hand to strike Charleigh again upon hearing his nearly perverse words.

Jonathan stretched out his hand to stop her. Then, he sighed and slowly shook his head. “Don’t stoop
to his level. He’s just a lunatic!”

Jonathan’s assessment was heartfelt.

Having been acquainted with Jason for over three years, Jonathan wouldn’t claim to understand people
like Charleigh completely, but he had a general idea.

At that moment, Charleigh, whose cultivation had been crippled, was still determined to dissect

That almost pathological persistence and obsession was a form of fixity of purpose, driven by one’s
willingness to discard even their life in the pursuit of their passion.

Anyone capable of reaching that level was either a genius or a madman, and both Jason and Charleigh
were undoubtedly the former.

Jonathan flashed a wry smile as he gazed at Charleigh, who was still groping his lower abdomen.
Perhaps cultivating is indeed a waste of time for such a person, no matter how exceptionally talented
they are in cultivation.

“Bind!” Jonathan lightly tapped on Charleigh.

A rope made entirely of spiritual energy bound Charleigh tightly.

“What are you doing?” Charleigh tried to break free, but there was no way he could do so now that he
was devoid of spiritual energy.

Jonathan beckoned slightly with his hand, and Charleigh was lifted into the air, supported by spiritual

“I’m bringing you back to Chanaea. Asura’s Office needs your research.”

“I won’t go—”

Charleigh started to protest, but Jonathan quickly summoned another strand of spiritual energy with a
wave of his hand to seal Charleigh’s mouth shut.

“You don’t have a choice,” Jonathan said calmly, his eyes riveted on Charleigh. “Once you’re in
Chanaea, you’ll understand that you’re not the only one dissecting others for the purpose of carrying
out research.”

“Mm?” Charleigh gazed at Jonathan quizzically, despite having his mouth sealed.

Whether in the open-minded Western Epea or the harsh Remdik, his research had always been
regarded as an evil crime against humanity.

Although the tsar of Remdik supported his research, the acknowledgment could only be done secretly
instead of in public.

Even within the military, the information was tightly guarded. The soldiers protecting Charleigh’s
laboratory didn’t even know what they were safeguarding daily.

If that was the case in Remdik, one could easily figure out how people from the traditionally
conservative Chanaea would react to Charleigh’s research.

Yet now, according to Jonathan, there were people in Chanaea who, like Charleigh, enjoyed
conducting such twisted research.

Upon hearing that, Charleigh inexplicably felt as if he had encountered a kindred spirit.

Charleigh found himself vaguely looking forward to meeting the other person who was like him.

The trio hastened southward on the icy surface.

They were currently within Mortling Castle’s territory, an area in the westernmost part of Remdik.

If they walked less than a thousand miles in the northwest direction, they would reach Remdik’s center
of administration—Saspiuburg.

If Jonathan wanted to leave that place with Charleigh, traveling by train or plane would be out of the

According to Jonathan’s speculation, judging by Charleigh’s important status, Remdik’s authorities
might’ve already noticed something was off the moment the latter met with a mishap.

It was very likely Kremalos Palace had sent out experts to rescue Charleigh by now.

Even if Jonathan were to take an international flight back to Chanaea, Remdik’s authorities wouldn’t
hold back or be merciful for the sake of intercepting Charleigh.

They might directly deploy a military aircraft to shoot down the passenger plane to prevent the method
of mass-producing cultivators capable of morphing into werewolves from leaking out to the public at all

In that case, Jonathan was left with only two routes to choose from to traverse the thousands of miles.

He could either head south or go west.

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