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The Legendary Man Chapter 914

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-Charleigh felt a sense of relief when he saw Hell’s Violet Ghost
succeed. As I expected, Jonathan’s technique cannot be used limitlessly.

The capabilities of Hell’s Violet Ghost were actually greater than Charleigh’s.

Charleigh’s family was the largest Summoner wizard clan in Western Epea.

In ancient times, they had used their Pryncyp to establish summoning contracts with numerous demon
beasts and devilish creatures.

Although their bloodline had become increasingly diluted over time, they still had a chance to summon
powerful beasts, and Charleigh was one of the few with that ability.

Precisely because of that, his family had had high hopes for him since childhood.

However, Charleigh wasn’t interested in cultivation. He believed that cultivation was merely a method to
dominate others.

What he sought was true perfection.

He yearned to create a flawless human by relying on scientific means.

That was also why Charleigh’s father was so angry about his biological son’s interest.

Although Charleigh wasn’t obsessed with cultivation, he was still able to summon Hell’s Violet Ghost, a
creature two levels higher than him, thanks to his talent.

However, he didn’t dare summon Violet Ghost unless faced with a life-or-death situation.

After all, if Violet Ghost went berserk, his survival as the creature’s Summoner would be questionable.

Nevertheless, Violet Ghost truly made a significant contribution in suppressing Jonathan right after it
was summoned.

“Violet Ghost, kill that woman over there too!” Charleigh said while pointing at Ksana in the distance.

However, Violet Ghost remained unmoving at that instant. Charleigh looked up and saw Violet Ghost
staring intently at the ice below.

“What are you looking at?”

A sense of foreboding surged within Charleigh’s chest as he took in Violet Ghost’s serious expression.

At that moment, Violet Ghost suddenly grabbed Charleigh and leaped high into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of muffled noises came from beneath Charleigh’s feet.

The next second, razor-sharp ice spikes shot out from under the layer of ice, appearing exceptionally
sinister under the moonlight.

The icy surface around Ksana shattered, and Jonathan slowly emerged from the water, standing on an
ice pillar.

“Master, I knew you’d be fine!” Ksana shouted happily when she saw Jonathan.

Jonathan frowned as he watched Violet Ghost descend from mid-air. He felt as though he had seen the
creature before.


Violet Ghost landed on the ice surface a hundred meters away with a crash, tossed Charleigh aside,
and charged in Jonathan’s direction.

The ice spikes were smashed into smithereens as Violet Ghost dashed forward. And as Violet Ghost
moved, a thought flashed through Jonathan’s mind. What the hell? This isn’t some damn Violet Ghost.
Isn’t this a member of the Devil race I met on the Divine Chessboard? How dare an advanced phase
God Realm Devil stir a commotion here? I’ve even met the ancestors of your Devil race in the Western

Jonathan brandished Divine Chessboard and infused it with his spiritual energy. He enlarged the
chessboard to several dozen meters in size and held it in his hand to strike Violet Ghost’s head.

“You’re courting death!” A contemptuous smile spread across Charleigh’s face when he noticed
Jonathan’s retaliation.

Violet Ghost was one of the strongest creatures Charleigh had seen. He would even go as far as
stating Violet Ghost’s contribution was essential in enabling him to travel from West Epea Alliance to

Charleigh reckoned Jonathan’s attacks would be futile no matter how much brute force he exerted to
swing the chessboard at Violet Ghost, even if Jonathan were to exhaust himself to death.

To Charleigh’s surprise, when he was ready to watch how Jonathan would be sent flying, Violet Ghost
suddenly let out a shrill, agonizing shriek.

Charleigh’s expression stiffened because he witnessed the unusually ferocious Violet Ghost turning
around and fleeing after getting hit once.

“What the hell?” He rubbed his eyes and refocused his attention on Violet Ghost.

At that moment, Jonathan grabbed the nape of Violet Ghost’s neck and brought down the chessboard



As Jonathan repeatedly struck Violet Ghost with the chessboard, the latter covered its head with both
hands, its eyes filled with terror.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jonathan continued swinging the chessboard until Violet Ghost ultimately lay on the ice surface on its
stomach. It covered its head with both hands, not daring to move an inch.

“Get up, Violet Ghost!” Charleigh gaped at the scene before him in utter astonishment.

Violet Ghost was one of his trump cards. When he arrived in Remdik and negotiated terms with the
tsar, the tsar had nearly killed him, but Charleigh didn’t summon Violet Ghost even then.

Unexpectedly, he encountered such a situation after summoning Violet Ghost for the first time when
facing Jonathan.

At that moment, Jonathan was panting heavily while standing on the back of Violet Ghost.

The Divine Chessboard had sealed God and Devil for thousands of years and was equipped with
restrictions specifically designed to suppress God and Devil. Hence, the chessboard had a natural
subjugating effect on Violet Ghost.

In addition, the lingering aura of the three-headed God and Devil wasn’t a power a descendant of the
Devil race like Violet Ghost could resist.

Jonathan figured he could turn dozens or hundreds of creatures like Violet Ghost against their
Summoner in an instant while wielding the Divine Chessboard, not to mention one.

Setting aside the chessboard, Jonathan stretched lazily and looked at Charleigh. “Charleigh, the
creature you summoned isn’t putting up much of a fight. What’s the matter? Do you have any other
trump cards? You won’t have another chance if you don’t make a move now.”

Standing in the distance, Charleigh sneered. Although he didn’t know what happened to Violet Ghost,
as a Summoner, he could clearly sense Violet Ghost’s fear.

Not only did Charleigh expend a large amount of his spiritual energy when summoning Violet Ghost
earlier, but he also sacrificed his blood essence.

Therefore, he wouldn’t succeed even if he wanted to summon another beast.

At that thought, Charleigh thrust his staff forward again.

The mysterious ripple reappeared, and Jonathan curiously looked at the space, wanting to see what
else Charleigh could summon.

However, at that moment, Ksana suddenly shouted from afar, “Master, that guy ran away!”

“Ran away?”

Jonathan gazed at Charleigh, who was still standing behind the ripple.

Then, he scanned that spot with his spiritual sense and noticed nothing there.

He turned around and quickly moved to one side, only to realize that what he observed was just an
illusionary image of Charleigh.

The real Charleigh had already escaped and was running far away.

Jonathan grinned wryly and shook his head in amusement. “I was careless. I can’t believe I didn’t see
through such a simple illusion.”

He summoned Heaven Sword with a flick of his wrist and moved his hand slightly. “Go!”

After Jonathan gave his command, Heaven Sword disappeared instantly.

Hundreds of meters away, Charleigh, who was bolting ahead, let out a hysterical scream and fell
heavily onto the ice surface.

Heaven Sword came to a steady halt before Jonathan. A final drop of blood dripped from the blade.

Jonathan turned to gaze at Ksana, who was standing at one side. “Charleigh’s elixir field has been
damaged. Go and bring him back.”

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