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The Legendary Man Chapter 913

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-As soon as the cold aura appeared, Charleigh felt as if a venomous
snake had locked its eyes on him.

He quickly hit his magic staff to speed up the flow of spiritual energy before bounding backward to

Ha. In a split second, a wave of spiritual energy will surge into Ksana and explode. There’s barely any
time to stop it! No one can save her now!

However, the moment he retreated, a chilling aura suddenly flashed before him.


A massive wave of spiritual energy exploded instantly, sending Ksana straight into the air.

Having summoned a shield to protect himself from the blast, Charleigh stared at Ksana in utter disbelief
and shock.

There’s no denying I unleashed the spiritual energy, but it didn’t explode in Ksana’s body as I had
planned… In fact, it exploded when I struck my magic staff! The icy aura I felt had cut it in half, causing
the spiritual energy to explode before it could even flow into Ksana. That’s why there was such a
powerful knockback! Oh, gosh… Whoever’s responsible for that has such terrifying speed!

Stunned, Charleigh hastily stepped back to look up at Ksana.

Even though he had guessed it was the work of Jonathan, he still found it hard to believe.

Jonathan’s cultivation level may have increased by leaps and bounds, but how has it risen by this
much? Besides, given how swiftly he had pulled off that rescue, he’d have been able to kill me in the

same instance too! There’s no way I can escape when he’s so insanely fast! Fine… Since I can’t run,
I’ll stand my ground and see how this plays out.

Ksana began falling from the sky, but before she could hit the frozen surface, Jonathan mysteriously
appeared behind her and slowed her down with a gentle ball of spiritual energy.

Upon seeing the state that she was in, he became even grimmer.

Whether it’s because of the master and servant contract or not, Ksana has proved time and time again
that she has undying loyalty. Even when she almost died, she never backed away from the hundreds of
Grandmaster Realm werewolves. She fought bravely till the end, and now, her body is all battered, and
she’s close to breathing her last… I can’t let a loyal friend like her die!

“Master…” an ashen-faced Ksana mumbled as she gently landed on the ice and gazed at Jonathan.

“Stop talking,” the latter replied. “I need you to lock your circulatory system.”

With that, he raised a palm and swatted away the broken staff still embedded in Ksana.


The staff shot toward Charleigh at lightning speed before colliding with his shield and exploding into

Jonathan placed his right hand on Ksana’s wound and transferred a stream of life force. In just a few
seconds, her injuries were completely healed.

“Get some rest for now. I’ll avenge you,” Jonathan said flatly.

Then, he summoned Heaven Sword back into his hand and marched toward Charleigh.

Upon seeing the man approach him, Charleigh wasted no time conjuring a new magic staff.

“If you can unleash that earlier technique again, I’ll admit defeat to you, Jonathan. However, if that was
a forbidden technique that can only be used once, I’ll have you know I’m not to be underestimated!” he
said with a smirk.

As much as I hate to admit it, Jonathan’s technique sent chills down my spine. That said, I refuse to
surrender without a fight… Besides, he must have drained plenty of his energy after fighting a way out
of Wolver Army and rescuing Ksana. After all, the techniques he used have far exceeded the limits of
God Realm!

Alas, there was a lot that Charleigh didn’t know. Jonathan had been enlightened with Pryncyp, and
even though his Pryncyp of Strength wasn’t very strong, he had made sure to use every ounce of it to
its fullest.

He wanted so badly to conserve power and capture Charleigh that he even gave up the opportunity to
wipe out the entire Wolver Army.

Previously, Jonathan had wanted nothing more than to kill Charleigh. After all, the latter was
uncooperative, and Jonathan couldn’t catch him, either. Therefore, the only way to protect Chanaea
was to eliminate him.

Things, however, had since taken a one hundred and eighty degrees turn. Jonathan was no longer
interested in killing Charleigh.

Thanks to Heaven Sword, I can kill Charleigh whenever I want. Whether he lives or dies isn’t a problem
anymore. The only thing I want to do is to subdue him with my own strength!

“Charleigh, you’ve hurt my subordinates more than once… If I remember correctly, you were also
responsible for chasing Killian with your pack of beasts a few months ago. To make matters worse, you
almost killed Ksana and me today! I must teach you a lesson and show you the power of Asura’s

Charleigh had been scrutinizing Jonathan the whole time, worried that the latter might suddenly
unleash a deadly strike.

To his surprise, Jonathan wanted to go head-to-head with him!

Oh, how perfect! This is the chance I’ve been waiting for! Jonathan wants to bring me back to
Chanaea, and likewise, I’d love to strap him down on an operating table in Remdik. After all, he’s a
genius who has gone from a mortal to a God Realm cultivator in just three years! More importantly, he
can heal wounds and regrow limbs in the blink of an eye. Learning his secret would be like unlocking a
treasure trove of knowledge!

“You asked for it, Jonathan!”

With that, Charleigh swung his staff and tapped it lightly before him, sending ripples through the air.

A massive palm suddenly shot out amid the ripples, its thumb as tall as an average human.


As a low booming noise rang out, a purple demon beast that stood tens of meters in height stepped out
from the ripples.

“Jonathan, meet my summoning beast—Hell’s Violet Ghost!” Charleigh announced as he grinned at the

The next second, he bit his tongue and spat out a mist of blood, only to have the Violet Ghost inhaling it
all through its nose and mouth.

Without further ado, Charleigh stuck his staff out and aimed it at Jonathan. “Kill him!”

Interestingly enough, Violet Ghost’s expression was tinged with aloofness. Even though Charleigh had
summoned it, it still looked at him with undisguised contempt.

After a moment’s hesitation, it turned to look at Jonathan and let out a guttural roar.

Then, with just one giant step, Violet Ghost closed in on the man.

The surface of the ice shattered, but the water under Violet Ghost’s feet refroze almost immediately.

A gigantic palm swung toward Jonathan, its speed and power so incredible that it even produced a
sonic boom!


Jonathan jumped up in the nick of time to dodge the strike, but to his shock and dismay, another hand
came crashing down from above.

Having been caught entirely off guard, he was smacked down from the sky like a rubber ball and
slammed through the ice into the frigid cold river.

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