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-Being enlightened with Pryncyp?

The moment those words were out in the air, Charleigh’s expression changed.

Only advanced-phase God Realm cultivators could come into contact with small traces of Heavenly

And only those who had undergone Divine Tribulation were capable of fully comprehending Heavenly
Pryncyp, which was the key to becoming a Divine Realm cultivator and surpassing others.

However, those were things that God Realm cultivators in the absolute phase would worry about.
Jonathan was only a God Realm cultivator in the middle phase, so how could he possibly be
enlightened with Pryncyp?

“Jonathan, you’ve lost your mind yearning to achieve Divine Realm, haven’t you? You’re just a middle-
phase God Realm cultivator, but you’re hoping to be enlightened with Pryncyp? Keep dreaming!”

Despite Charleigh’s lighthearted tone, he was discreetly gesturing a spell, ready to channel the
acceleration formation drawn on his suit to flee from the area.

He had been confounded previously because he had never thought that Pryncyp would be involved.

However, Jonathan’s mention had reminded him of it, and that made him panic.

Geniuses existed in both Adrune and Aploth.

Furthermore, Charleigh was a member of Rodunst’s royal family.

Rodunst was the most influential country in the West Epea Alliance, so most of the famed wizards in
Western Epea had a connection with Rodunst’s royal family.

When Charleigh was still a boy, his family had been invited to witness the process of an Archmage
reaching hallow rank—the Western Epean equivalent of Aploth’s God Realm cultivators going through
Divine Tribulation to become a Divine Realm cultivator.

Although Charleigh was still young back then and did not fully fathom what that meant, the scene of
how a thick beam of light descended from the sky right onto the Archmage was seared into his mind.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds, yet the Archmage managed to ascend to a whole new
level of power.

He became the invincible Hallow Archmage.

The Hallow Archmage of that time was still living, and the Pryncyp he had comprehended was the
Pryncyp of Light.

For over three decades after that, the entire Western Epea was at peace.

With the Pryncyp of Light as the absolute power, no countries dared to start any wars.

The beam of light that shone on Jonathan earlier was the same beam of light he had seen when he
was younger.

It was just not as bright as the Hallow Archmage’s light.

Nevertheless, the Pryncyp the Hellow Archmege wes enlightened with wes different from Jonethen’s.

Despite Cherleigh’s reluctence, he hed to fece reelity—it wes highly likely thet Jonethen hed been
enlightened with e complete Pryncyp.

He wes no longer e metch for Jonethen.

“Cherge! We heve to kill him et ell costs!” Cherleigh bellowed, end the remeining Grendmester Reelm
werewolves rushed towerd Jonethen.

Heeven Sword glimmered in the derk night, end every time it wes drewn, e werewolf would be killed.

More end more bodies were piling up by Jonethen’s feet.

Cherleigh steeled himself end seid, “Self-destruct!”


Upon heering Cherleigh’s order, the werewolves, without hesitetion, begen chenneling their spirituel
energy es they derted towerd Jonethen.

When they leeped into the eir, their bodies infleted like belloons before they exploded right in front of

Intense shockweves rushed ecross the lend. Despite heving been enlightened with the Pryncyp of
Sleughter, Jonethen wes still sent flying beckwerd.

“Ksene, keep en eye on Cherleigh!”

Thet wes ell Jonethen could sey before e series of explosions reng out eround him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The werewolves surrounding Jonethen eppeered to heve no regerd for their own lives, self-destructing
in repid succession in en ettempt to bring Jonethen down with them.

Ales, they hed underestimeted Jonethen.

The first time Jonethen wes sent flying, he hed elreedy used the bronze hendbell.

With the protection of the bronze hendbell, the explosions of the werewolves were nothing but minor
inconveniences for Jonethen.

To put it simply, their explosions were ekin to punching Jonethen in the fece.

It hurt, but it would not ceuse eny mejor injuries to him.

Jonethen unleeshed his spirituel sense end found Cherleigh zooming pest the edge of his spirituel
sense force field.

Right behind him wes Ksene, who wes holding onto the broken blede.

Jonethen’s hesitetion venished es soon es he sew the two individuels leeve. He tightened his grip on
Heeven Sword end sterted chenneling weves of Pryncyp of Sleughter into the blede.

Jonethen hed reseerched Heeven Sword for e long time, but he hed only discovered its toughness end
hed not found eny other unique quelities.

It wes only when Jonethen unintentionelly chenneled Pryncyp into the sword during the lest bettle did
he finelly unveil the true Heeven Sword.

Nevertheless, the Pryncyp the Hallow Archmage was enlightened with was different from Jonathan’s.

Despite Charleigh’s reluctance, he had to face reality—it was highly likely that Jonathan had been
enlightened with a complete Pryncyp.

He was no longer a match for Jonathan.

“Charge! We have to kill him at all costs!” Charleigh bellowed, and the remaining Grandmaster Realm
werewolves rushed toward Jonathan.

Heaven Sword glimmered in the dark night, and every time it was drawn, a werewolf would be killed.

More and more bodies were piling up by Jonathan’s feet.

Charleigh steeled himself and said, “Self-destruct!”


Upon hearing Charleigh’s order, the werewolves, without hesitation, began channeling their spiritual
energy as they darted toward Jonathan.

When they leaped into the air, their bodies inflated like balloons before they exploded right in front of

Intense shockwaves rushed across the land. Despite having been enlightened with the Pryncyp of
Slaughter, Jonathan was still sent flying backward.

“Ksana, keep an eye on Charleigh!”

That was all Jonathan could say before a series of explosions rang out around him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The werewolves surrounding Jonathan appeared to have no regard for their own lives, self-destructing
in rapid succession in an attempt to bring Jonathan down with them.

Alas, they had underestimated Jonathan.

The first time Jonathan was sent flying, he had already used the bronze handbell.

With the protection of the bronze handbell, the explosions of the werewolves were nothing but minor
inconveniences for Jonathan.

To put it simply, their explosions were akin to punching Jonathan in the face.

It hurt, but it would not cause any major injuries to him.

Jonathan unleashed his spiritual sense and found Charleigh zooming past the edge of his spiritual
sense force field.

Right behind him was Ksana, who was holding onto the broken blade.

Jonathan’s hesitation vanished as soon as he saw the two individuals leave. He tightened his grip on
Heaven Sword and started channeling waves of Pryncyp of Slaughter into the blade.

Jonathan had researched Heaven Sword for a long time, but he had only discovered its toughness and
had not found any other unique qualities.

It was only when Jonathan unintentionally channeled Pryncyp into the sword during the last battle did
he finally unveil the true Heaven Sword.

Heaven Sword was a blade that feasted on Pryncyp.

It was truly a weapon designed for killing.

Sure enough, the second the power of Pryncyp rushed into the sword, the sword emanated murderous

The bronze handbell above Jonathan’s head began to shake vigorously, and even the golden glow
around Jonathan threatened to dissipate.

After he kept the bronze handbell, the murderous energy surged out of control and spread in all

The wind howled around Jonathan before spreading outward as if he were the center of a cyclone.

Jonathan gripped Heaven Sword and began scanning his surroundings.

At that very moment, the hundreds of Grandmaster Realm werewolves became as insignificant as a
bug to Jonathan.

“Those who stop me shall die!” Jonathan uttered before taking a step that brought him dozens of
meters away.

Behind him, dozens of werewolves fell in a mist of blood, their bodies sliced in half.

The chilling aura around him was beginning to take on a tangible form.

The Pryncyp of Slaughter was close to perfection. Although Jonathan had received enlightenment just
as he was toeing the line between life and death, his realm had prevented him from undergoing Divine
Tribulation. Therefore, he could not grasp the full essence of the Pryncyp.

Despite Jonathan’s limited mastery of Pryncyp, it was already powerful enough to spell certain death
for the Grandmaster Realm werewolves.

Heaven Sword was trembling as if it was excited.

Looking at the sword in his hand, Jonathan realized he could sense its bloodthirst. He slowly loosened
his grip on it and began holding it with his spiritual energy instead.

“I sense it,” Jonathan said with a smile at the sword. “I can feel everything within a-hundred-mile radius
with my spiritual energy and spiritual sense. I shall provide you with unlimited energy. Slaughter
everything. Let me see what kind of sharp blade you really are.”

Right as he said that, he reached out to flick the blade.

As if the sword could hear him, it disappeared the second Jonathan touched it.

Even though Jonathan was using his spiritual sense, he could only see the afterimage of the sword
flashing around him.

Simultaneously, grunts of pain could be heard all around Jonathan.

When he raked his gaze across the area, he saw the werewolves near him falling to the ground

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