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-Jonathan stood amid the werewolves, a dumbfounded look on his
face as they continued to drop like flies. Such is the power of Limitless Flying Blade!

As the one providing spiritual energy and Pryncyp to the flying sword, Jonathan was connected with it
and could accurately control its trajectory.

What shocked him, however, was that he could no longer see where the sword was.

It was flying around too fast!

Anyone who had read Chanaean legends before would undoubtedly be familiar with flying swords.

All it took was a single thought from the cultivator, and he’d be able to fly the sword into armies to take
down the heads of enemies.

It was a power many people wished they possessed, but alas, only cultivators would know the truth
behind it.

In reality, flying swords weren’t as powerful as everyone had made them out to be.

Cultivators in Grandmaster Realm and above could release their spiritual sense and build a force field
that expanded over tens of meters around themselves.

Once that was done, cultivators would then be able to manipulate the surrounding spiritual energy into
any shape or form they desired.

Of course, that also meant they could control a flying sword within the force field instead of fighting with
their bare fists.

Such a move might increase the attack range of the flying sword, but at the end of the day, control of it
still depended on how skilled a cultivator was.

More importantly, expanding one’s force field to tens of meters was a massive drain on spiritual energy.

It was undeniable that controlling a weapon remotely with spiritual energy increased its effective attack
range. However, the cultivator would also have to take time to alter the energy formation around him.

Even though the entire process wasn’t long, there would still be a delay, and a split-second hesitation
during fights between elites could cost them their lives.

In short, using spiritual energy to control weapons was an utterly foolish move.

High-level cultivators would only deploy flying weapons when facing off against weaker counterparts or
if they wanted to show off in front of mortals. Otherwise, there was just no practical advantage to it.

Jonathan’s Heaven Sword, however, was a whole other case.

Although he could sense the trajectory of the sword, he realized he couldn’t predict where it’d appear

In other words, Jonathan was merely providing Heaven Sword with spiritual energy; he wasn’t the one
making decisions.

Heaven Sword was on its own killing spree!

Seconds later, the sword returned to Jonathan and hovered around him silently.

A werewolf dashed and leaped toward Jonathan’s head, but just as it brandished its claws, it was
suddenly sliced in half by some peculiar force.

Having felt the murderous aura around him, Jonathan slowly took a few steps forward.

The werewolves pounced on him one after another, but alas, they all dropped dead before they could
even get close to him.

Upon realizing that his Pryncyp of Slaughter was draining fast, Jonathan morphed into an afterimage
and zipped through the crowd of werewolves. “Keep up with me, Heaven Sword!”

Without further ado, the sword turned invisible and circled Jonathan, leaving a pile of dead, bloodied
werewolves in his wake.

As it turned out, the werewolves weren’t ordinary cultivators; they were all elites who had reached
Foundation Stage.

Despite that, no one was a match for Heaven Sword, and they fell to the ground like crumbled pieces of

With Heaven Sword single-handedly taking down hundreds of werewolves, Jonathan dodged them
without breaking a sweat.

At that point, the number of werewolves remaining in Charleigh’s army couldn’t have exceeded five

If word got out that such a battle had occurred, Chanaea, Remdik, and even the rest of the world would
undoubtedly be livid.

After using his spiritual sense to gaze at the pack of wolves behind him, Jonathan couldn’t help but
grumble inwardly.

Oh, what a pity… I could easily wipe out this wolf pack if I had more time. Even just thirty minutes
would suffice! Alas, time is not on my side. Ksana has gone after Charleigh, and I know she can fight
him off for a while. However, I’m also sure he will eventually kill her if the situation drags on. Besides,

these werewolves are, in a way, nothing more than lab-grown products or mass-produced items in
factories. Charleigh, on the other hand, is the head of this production line! It’d be a shame if he
escaped because I was too intent on killing these werewolves!

Jonathan continued sprinting through the forest, leaving the trees shaking violently behind him.

Meanwhile, at a large river in the distance, Ksana leaped into the air and swung her broken blade at
the frozen water surface ahead of Charleigh.


The layer of ice shattered almost immediately, and the blast rippled out hundreds of meters from the

Upon seeing that, Charleigh hurriedly made a hand seal and summoned two gold arcane arrays under
his feet.

Not only were the arcane arrays attached to his feet, but they’d also grow in size with every step he
took, allowing him to stand firmly on the water.

With that, Charleigh jumped forward and dashed across the water without batting an eyelid.

Despite being a second slower, Ksana kept up with him by jumping across the larger pieces of ice.

At the same time, Charleigh gestured a spell with his magic staff before aiming it behind him. “Ice

The tip of the magic staff touched the water’s surface ever so slightly, yet that was all it took to
generate a towering wave that crashed down toward Ksana.

Thankfully, the latter reacted fast enough by pushing herself off the ice and into the air. The next
second, she gripped her sword tight and swung it at the wave. “Slash!”

As spiritual energy began pouring out, a pale streak of sword energy shot into the sky and smashed the
ice wall that had yet to form.

“Stop right there, Charleigh!” Ksana yelled as she landed on the frozen river surface.

Just then, a beam of light suddenly flashed in front of her.

Ksana instinctively shut her eyes, but that was also when the light dissipated, and Charleigh burst forth
with his staff aimed at her heart.

Previously, Charleigh had also used the bright light as a distraction to knock Jonathan flying.

As such, Ksana had already prepared herself by activating her spiritual sense to monitor the
surroundings when the light first blinded her.

Upon seeing Charleigh rush toward her with his staff, she immediately counterattacked with her broken

Unfortunately, she was still one second too slow.

Charleigh’s staff knocked the sword aside and pierced right through the top of her left chest, causing
her to spit out a mouthful of blood.

As the two of them fell and slid on the ice, Ksana gripped the base of the staff with her left hand while
using the broken blade in her right hand to slash at Charleigh’s neck.

To her surprise, Charleigh had donned a pair of golden gloves that allowed him to catch the blade

Then, with his right hand firmly pressed on the magic staff, he began infusing spiritual energy into it.

As long as he had the magic staff as a medium, he could direct all the energy into Ksana’s heart and
implode it.

Haha! It won’t be long before Ksana’s blown to smithereens. No matter how powerful Jonathan is, he
won’t be able to revive her this time!

At the same time, however, a cold aura suddenly swooped down on both Charleigh and Ksana.

Of course, it was none other than Jonathan.

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