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The Legendary Man Chapter 910

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-As the peculiar wave descended, a flurry of werewolves scattered
from Jonathan’s side in every direction.

In an instant, only Jonathan and Ksana remained at the center of the encirclement.

Ksana, now a tattered sight, had been savagely bitten and torn.

Her arms and legs were severed and lost, her wounds evidence of her limbs being brutally ripped

The left side of her abdomen had been entirely exposed, and her intestines, which had spilled to the
ground, had been trampled into segments by the werewolves.

Ksana’s neck was broken, her blood vessels and trachea shredded, and even her face was left with
less than a third of its skin.

The strange wave had scattered the spiritual energy around Ksana, interrupting her half-finished self-

Ksana’s pupils gradually dilated and became distant as she lay on the ground.

Her fragmented trachea bubbled and gurgled due to the influx of blood.

There was no hope left for her.

Ksana, raised as a weapon since childhood, knew she wouldn’t live long.

It was that recognition that drove her to escape Sanctuary, which was akin to a hellish realm.

Unexpectedly, she evaded the pursuit of Sanctuary only to meet her demise there.

What a pity. I’ve never seen the ocean, the beaches, or the prairies…

As her vision blurred, Ksana felt neither sadness nor joy. She even felt a hint of relief as she
descended into darkness.

However, just as the last glimmer of light above her was about to be swallowed by the shadows, Ksana
felt someone grasp her shoulder.

“I am your master! Without my permission, no one is allowed to kill you!”

Ksana intuitively sensed warmth coursing through her body as she listened to the delicate voice.

She felt contented and exhilarated at that instant as if she was soaking in soothing warm water.

Instinctively, she let out a moan.

As she opened her eyes, she saw Jonathan kneeling beside her. He was clutching her shoulder with
his left hand.

“Master…” Ksana uttered while staring at him in a daze.

“Yes,” he replied gently.

At that moment, Ksana bore witness to a scene she would remember for all eternity.

Jonathan had used his life force to restructure her circulatory system and internal organs in order to
save her earlier.

He only managed to attend to Ksana’s broken limbs now.

Lying on the ground, she watched in amazement as her arms and legs regenerated with astonishing
speed, similar to a wounded gecko.


She looked at her newly grown arms with skin as tender and pink as a newborn’s, clenched her fists,
and struck them against one another.

A puff of blood mist erupted from her knuckles with a dull thud.

That intense pain assured her that everything before her eyes was real instead of an illusion.

Touching her cheeks, she found no trace of damage.

Her injuries had been completely healed!

Was that a miracle?

No, it was more than a miracle.

Even a God from Sanctuary couldn’t achieve such a feat of bringing the dead back to life.

Jonathan retrieved a tracksuit and tossed it to Ksana.

“Although you have a great figure, it won’t be appropriate for you to walk around without clothes, right?”

Only after hearing his reminder did Ksana look down at her body.

During the battle, the werewolves had torn not only her flesh but also her clothing.

Even though her wounds had been healed, she was now practically naked, save for half a bra hanging
from her left shoulder.

Ksana, tall and strikingly beautiful, sat on the blood-soaked ground amidst the carnage, creating an
impactful sight that was as erotic as it was violent.

Glancing at her body, even Ksana, who had been indoctrinated from a young age to disregard gender
differences, couldn’t help but blush.

However, since Jonathan had already seen her naked body, she decided not to be shy.

She took out a set of underwear from her storage ring, stood up, and dressed in front of him.

Meanwhile, Jonathan slowly extended his right hand and made a gesture of grabbing the air forcefully.
The next second, Heaven Sword flew back into his hand from the werewolves.

“Charleigh, it’s not too late for you to run now.”

“Run?” Charleigh tidied his suit, his eyes gleaming with excitement. “Why would I run? Jonathan, I must
say, you have given me far too many surprises. Despite having her heart shattered, she can still
survive and return to her original state. You’re even capable of reviving someone who has been torn to
pieces. What kind of power is hidden within your body? Initially, I just wanted to use you to wear down
this horde of mindless trash, but now, I’ve changed my mind. I want to capture and dissect you to see
what you’re made of.”

Jonathan glanced at Heaven Sword in his hand as a hint of murderous intent flitted across his eyes.

“You know, Charleigh, people who boast like you are really rare.” Then, he turned to Ksana and smiled
faintly at her. “You have only one task, and that is to keep an eye on Charleigh to prevent him from
fleeing. Leave the rest of these beasts to me!”

As his words fell, he vanished instantly.

His killing intent burst forth, sending a chilling sensation to travel down others’ spines while striking fear
into others’ hearts.

As Jonathan’s figure darted past, the werewolves he attacked collapsed one after another.

This time, there was no resistance or struggle from the defeated werewolves.

All the werewolves fell to the ground and died after suffering the slightest cut from Jonathan’s sword.

In just a few moments, over twenty werewolves had fallen.

During this time, Charleigh could clearly see that Jonathan hadn’t used any special techniques.

He kept the surroundings werewolves at bay with just a sword.

Charleigh’s expression turned a few shades darker after he examined those slaughtered werewolves
with his spiritual sense.

His spiritual sense and energy could enter the werewolves’ bodies without any obstruction, and he
could clearly feel that they had only sustained superficial wounds.

Grandmaster Realm cultivators wouldn’t immediately die from being pierced by a sword, let alone from
such minor injuries.

Yet, those small wounds were sufficient to sever their physical energy and life force.

What did Jonathan do?

Charleigh’s countenance changed slightly as he recalled everything that had happened.

“Jonathan, what was that strange fluctuation just now?”

Charleigh thought back to the entire battle, and the only thing he couldn’t understand was the
thunderous sound and the mysterious fluctuations that followed.

Jonathan’s technique had merely undergone subtle changes, but it had become inexplicably more
lethal. Charleigh reckoned what was different now must be the power of the technique.

Meanwhile, Jonathan had taken down several more werewolves. He stepped on their corpses and
grinned. “Charleigh, doesn’t the concept of being enlightened with Pryncyp exist in Adrune?”

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