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The Legendary Man Chapter 909

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-At that moment, the heavens and earth contained within Jonathan’s
spiritual sense had lost their color.

Under normal circumstances, his spiritual sense had a range of about a hundred meters. But now, it
continued to expand infinitely, unbound by any borders.

Closing his eyes, Jonathan felt himself grow exponentially, while the surrounding werewolves, trees,
and flowers seemed to miniaturize in contrast.

Following that, the mountains, rivers, deserts, and oceans shrunk at his feet, turning the concept of size
into nothing but a vague idea.

When he opened his palms, Jonathan could feel that entire planet revolving in his hands.

The sun and the moon were right by his side, while stars sparkled brightly in space.

In the blink of an eye, the galaxy turned on itself, causing the countless stars to flow through the gaps
of his fingers as if they were sand blown away by the gentle breeze.

The state of mind he was in made him feel omnipotent as if he was the creator of the planet.

Immersed in the mysterious sensation, Jonathan left his mind blank as he allowed his physical body to
merge with nature and absorb its will.

Suddenly, Jonathan, through his spiritual sense, detected gentle ripples in the infinite space around

The sensation was similar to someone bumping into a stretched membrane that had no boundaries.

As Jonathan thrust Heaven Sword forward, the ripple gradually faded away.

However, a sharp blade pierced through his heart next.

Lowering his head to look at his chest, he saw an empty hole.

His heart was hanging outside his body as if something was squeezing it.


His heart subsequently exploded into a mist of blood right before his eyes.

Standing in the void, he looked around in confusion as strength and spiritual energy flowed out of him

An icy sensation enveloped his body while the stars and sun around him began to fade away.

The next moment, Jonathan felt a massive force pulling him backward.

As the objects surrounding him regained their shape quickly, Jonathan returned to his body in that

The sounds from before filled his senses again.

The ripples he had seen earlier morphed into hordes of werewolves charging at him, while his
surroundings returned to the way they used to be.


Before he knew it, a werewolf had pounced on him and sunk its razor-sharp fangs into his shoulders.

Having been knocked over on the ground, Jonathan lay in the middle of the frosty snow and allowed
the werewolves to rip his flesh apart.

One jumped on him, then followed by another.

In a single breath, Jonathan had been pinned down by a huge pile of werewolves.

“Master!” Ksana screamed when she sensed Jonathan’s aura fading away.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she brandished her broken blade and charged at the horde of

Her blade subsequently sliced through the neck of one werewolf, severing its huge head from its body.

However, there were just too many werewolves around.

As a God Realm cultivator produced through an accelerated process, there was no way Ksana could
hold back the werewolves’ hysterical rampage.

After Ksana unleashed a few attacks, a werewolf she had just cut down grabbed onto her arm.

It sunk its fangs into it and ripped off a huge amount of flesh just before it died.

The stench of blood that filled the air caused the werewolves to grow even more frantic.

While screaming in agony, Ksana raised her leg in an attempt to kick her attacker away. Unfortunately,
another werewolf bit her leg before she could do so.

With no time to react, she felt another werewolf crash into her back. It then opened its jaws wide and
sank its teeth into her windpipe.

As her blood spewed into the air, Ksana collapsed onto the ground with her eyes brimming with

At the brink of death, Ksana used the last bit of her strength to drive the spiritual energy in her meridian
into a backward flow. She then began to suck in all the spiritual energy from her surroundings.

Since she was going to die, she felt that detonating herself was the best option.

Not only could she avoid the pain of being torn apart for food, but she could also blow up the
werewolves around her as a final act of vengeance.

From afar, Charleigh stood quietly on a huge boulder and watched as the werewolves drowned
Jonathan and Ksana.

Half an hour had passed since the werewolves began their pursuit. Within the short duration, Jonathan
and Ksana had killed close to three hundred Grandmaster Realm werewolf cultivators.

Such a huge loss could incapacitate any organization globally.

At that moment, Charleigh’s brows were furrowed. He wasn’t lamenting the loss of the three hundred
warriors. Instead, he was perplexed that the number was far below his expectations.

He needed more than half of them to be killed, only then could he convince the leaders of Remdik to
provide him with more research samples.

I have not even lost one-third of the troops. Jonathan has clearly not lived up to his reputation. The
legend of Asura is nothing but a sham!

With that, Charleigh began to wield his magic by gesturing the signs for an arcane array.

He wanted to capture Jonathan alive together with the other werewolves so that he could explain
himself to his superiors.

Claiming that he was forced to sacrifice the werewolves in his attempt to subdue Jonathan would be a
convincing excuse.

As spiritual energy flooded out of Charleigh, a complex-looking arcane array emerged right in front of

However, just before he unleashed it, an explosion could be heard in the dark of the night.

Crack… Crack… Boom!

The sound seemed to reverberate right beside everyone’s ears.

It jolted Charleigh so much that his arcane array shattered into glittering sparks.

The werewolves gathered on the hillside looked up at the sky in confusion.

At the same time, the werewolves who were devouring Jonathan and Ksana stopped what they are
doing with blood still dripping out of their mouths.


Thereafter, a strange vibration echoed across the land.

Charleigh scanned his surroundings warily and could see that everything was shaking.

The trees, plants, and even the giant boulder underneath him were all affected by the tremors.

Charleigh raised both his hands, wanting to set up a defensive arcane array.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do so regardless of how hard he tried. He just couldn’t gather the required
spiritual energy.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Branches of the surrounding trees broke and rained down onto the ground.

As a gale swept across the surface of the land, it threw grasses and flowers up into the air.

Looking down at his feet, Charleigh tapped on the massive boulder he was standing on. It disintegrated
into dust as if it had been weathered for tens of thousands of years.

He brought out a shield and covered his head with it. Even though he had no idea what was going on,
he was certain it wasn’t something good.

Just as he was maintaining his vigilance against his surroundings, an invisible shockwave struck down
upon the werewolf horde.

When Charleigh looked in the direction of the impact, he realized that was where Jonathan was.

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