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-“Attack! Kill him!” Charleigh barked from afar with his hands behind
his back.

This group of werewolf warriors, created by Charleigh, didn’t possess a mind of their own. They would
obey Charleigh unconditionally.

Upon receiving his order, the werewolves on the ground turned into afterimages as they charged in
Jonathan’s direction.

Once the Divine Chessboard was activated, it could not only trap the cultivators within it but also
prevent those outside from entering.

It was similar to when Jonathan battled Aetomoye. Hossom and Prima were unable to enter the
chessboard regardless of how hard they tried.

Nevertheless, no matter how mysterious a magical item was, it was still an inanimate object that relied
upon the spiritual energy of its user.

In other words, the manipulation of the Divine Chessboard’s abilities was all down to Jonathan’s
capacity to sustain it.

The spirit shield formed outside it was naturally dependent on how much spiritual energy he had.

Unfortunately, all those outside were not ordinary men without spiritual energy. Instead, they were all
true blue Grandmasters who had been genetically modified into mindless killing machines.

Having been attacked by hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators, the spirit shield was
instantaneously shattered.

Thereafter, hundreds of hysterical figures flooded onto the chessboard as if they had gone berserk.


Ksana’s voice rang out in the background. Jonathan leaped into the air and cast a spell with his hand.
Subsequently, a portal formation appeared above the chessboard, throwing all the werewolves out of it.

Within a few short minutes, Jonathan had massacred hundreds of Grandmaster Realm werewolves, a
victory that was unparalleled in its glory.

However, as there were still eight to nine hundred of them, Jonathan’s physical ability to fight them fell
short of his intent to do so.

Although taking them on was like fighting schoolchildren—where he could easily defeat two to three
single-handedly—their massive numbers were a huge problem. A single punch from each of them or
just piling their bodies on top of him was more than sufficient to kill him.

“Master, I’m coming to your aid!”

Ksana had signed the master and servant contract. She lunged forward and pulled out her broken
blade when she saw that Jonathan was in trouble.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan swiftly grabbed her collar in mid-air and threw her back instead.

“Damn it! No! There are just too many of them. We have to put some distance between us and them

Jonathan released his grip on Ksana to allow her to land. The moment both of them touched the
ground, they sprang forward immediately, turning into afterimages as they sprinted downhill.

From a distance, Charleigh burst into laughter at the sight of Jonathan running away.

“Beta Warriors! Chase Jonathan down and don’t let him escape! He must be captured at all costs!”


Upon grunting in unison, more than ten figures in military uniform leaped into the air.

They were the only Beta Warriors Charleigh had under his command. Due to their independent will,
they were significantly superior to Alpha Warriors when it came to fighting battles and executing their

It was the emergence of Beta Warriors that Remdik pulled its support for Charleigh’s research.

From the military point of view, Beta Warriors possessed the qualities of the perfect soldier—calm,
powerful, and obedient.

To Remdik, such a soldier had more than satisfied its requirements. It saw no reason to invest further
time and resources to develop a better version.

That was why Charleigh was eager for the soldiers to hunt Jonathan down in a suicidal manner.

Only by getting all of them killed, cutting off Remdik’s access to them, could he force them to supply
him with more cultivators to be modified.

With the new batch of cultivators, he would be able to continue his unfinished research by conducting
experiments on them.

If he had sent the Beta Warriors to the battlefield or cooked up an excuse to have them killed, he would
have likely suffered the same fate as they did.

Jonathan’s appearance today presented him with the perfect opportunity to continue his research.

Asura’s Office was, after all, the biggest impediment to Remdik’s plan to conquer Doveston.

Given that Jonathan was the chief of Asura’s Office, sacrificing Beta Warriors to kill him was entirely
reasonable. Even if Ivanov was present, he would not have any objections.

Under the current circumstance, the Beta Warriors would either be wiped out by Jonathan or Jonathan
would end up being killed by the human wave tactics.

Either conclusion would be a win from Charleigh’s perspective.

With the Beta Warriors leading the way, the hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators followed
behind them like a giant swarm of insects.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Ksana swiftly made their way through the forest.

By then, Ksana had managed to calm down. Despite her bold demeanor, the overwhelming spiritual
energy approaching from behind had caused her to break into a cold sweat.

“Master, how did you end up offending so many cultivators? All of them are of Grandmaster Realm no
less. Did you poke a hornet’s nest?”

Jonathan gave Ksana a seething look. From the moment they began to flee, he had already consumed
four Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

The use of the Divine Chessboard earlier had drained him of a massive amount of spiritual energy.

“Ksana, is that your attempt at showing off your proficiency in Chanaean? Do I look like I’m in the mood
for jokes now?”

While speaking, Jonathan retrieved more than ten grenades from his storage ring. After pulling out the
safety pins, he hurled them toward the back.

“Tell me, Ksana, does Sanctuary have this many Grandmaster Realm cultivators too?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Despite the series of explosions thundering behind them, it barely made a difference.

Even if a single grenade could kill a Grandmaster Realm werewolf, it was nothing but a drop in the
ocean, for there were simply hundreds if not thousands of them in total.

At that moment, Jonathan’s only regret was ordering Karl to send all the Remdikian weapons back to
Doveston after Antoine’s death.

Otherwise, he could have fired a barrage of missiles at his enemies, putting an end to the pursuit.

Ksana deliberated momentarily before answering, “Master, although Sanctuary has many cultivators,
they have no more than three hundred who are of Grandmaster Realm.”

“Damn it!”

Jonathan gave Ksana a bitter look.

Three hundred might only be a third of what was currently chasing them. It was still a number that
wasn’t to be trifled with.

The niggling feeling Jonathan felt began to intensify gradually.

Due to Chanaea’s strange social structure, all talented cultivators would inadvertently gravitate toward
the eight respectable families or hidden sects.

As for those who didn’t, their progress would be indirectly hindered by the eight respectable families’
monopoly of cultivation resources.

Until today, the only cultivators who managed to succeed independently were Jonathan, Karl, and

In Joshua’s case, he relied on the resources left behind by the Whitley family.

As a result, the entire nation didn’t have more than a hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators in total.

Compared to the other countries, there was a huge gulf to bridge, one that gave Jonathan a surreal

Chanaea shouldn’t be this weak!

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