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The Legendary Man Chapter 908

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-“Master, Sanctuary only sounds more glamorous than it actually is.”

Faced with Jonathan’s silence, Ksana thought that he was upset over what she had reported.

She quickly added, “We have no more than three hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators, fifty-four
God Realm cultivators, six, Divine Realm cultivators, one God—”

“Stop!” Jonathan interrupted her elaboration with his hand raised.

Ksana’s words filled Jonathan with exasperation.

Regardless of its size, Asura’s Office was considered one of the world’s most prominent organizations.
Yet they only had three God Realm cultivators.

In comparison, Sanctuary had fifty-four of them.

How are we going to f*cking compete? Asura’s Office doesn’t even have fifty-four Grandmaster Realm
cultivators. There’s no way we can defeat them in a war.

“Mr. Coffin, going against Sanctuary is suicide. I’m not going to do it anymore.”

Just like how readily Jonathan had promised the coffin to travel to Sanctuary, he was now repudiating
his promise with equal decisiveness.

“No way!”

All of a sudden, the coffin emitted a frosty aura, one that sent a chill down Jonathan’s spine.

Jonathan used his mental energy to form an image of himself in his elixir field. With a grim look on his
face, he stared at the coffin.

“Mr. Coffin, didn’t you just hear what Ksana said? When it comes to God Realm cultivators alone,
Sanctuary has more than fifty of them. What makes you think I can steal the emperor’s circulatory
system from under their noses? We haven’t even taken into consideration the God Realm cultivators
and the supposed God. It’s just like walking into a death trap!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you’re safe,” the coffin replied, to which Jonathan snorted in response.

“Can you stop bragging already, Mr. Coffin? Even if we set the Grandmaster Realm and Divine Realm
cultivators aside, we’ll still have to face three hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators the moment we
set foot on Mount Enly. I’ll have my hands full just dealing with them. How are you going to help me by
lying in your coffin? Are you going to cheer me on from there?”

No sooner had Jonathan spoken than a burst of pure life force flooded out of the coffin.

“Jonathan, you’re about to break through to the next level. Don’t waste such a wonderful opportunity,”
the coffin said coldly.

The next moment, Jonathan stopped in his tracks against his will.

Ksana, who was running by his side, leaped into the air and continued to dash forward. Just as she
covered tens of meters, she detected something amiss and turned around. Much to her surprise, she
saw Jonathan charging at the werewolves with Heaven Sword in his hand.

“Master!” Ksana cried out as she ran after him the moment she landed.

With the coffin’s help and to continue keeping his secret, Jonathan and Ksana signed a master and
servant contract with the cruelest conditions.

Not only could Jonathan decide the fate of Ksana’s life on a whim, but his death would also cause her
to be annihilated by Pryncyp.

In other words, regardless of the odds Jonathan faced in battle, Ksana had no choice but to follow and
protect him.

After all, she needed to keep him safe in order for her to continue living.

“How dare he come back! Kill him!” Charleigh bellowed from a few hundred meters away when he saw
Jonathan turn around and charge at him.


The werewolves acknowledged the order by howling into the air before flashing their sharp claws at

“You handle the attacks, while I take care of the defense,” the coffin said in an indifferent tone.
“Remember to gain insight on the Pryncyp of Slaughter you possess. A sliver of it can only be felt the
moment you lose your life. On top of that, the higher the cultivation of its holder, the clearer the
sensation will be. There are a thousand Grandmaster Realm cultivators here. If you fail to master the
Pryncyp of Slaughter after killing all of them, there’s no point in your existence anymore.”

Upon listening to the coffin’s words, Jonathan could feel the life force within him rage, reinvigorating
every inch of his flesh.

“This feeling…”

Boundless energy exuded from his body as he tightened his grip on Heaven Sword.

“This feels similar to when I was buried alive by Aetomoye back in the West Region. Life force is
coursing through my veins,” Jonathan said ecstatically.

From the depths of Jonathan’s elixir field, the coffin replied flatly, “You will be invincible before the life
force I have bestowed upon you dissipates. Even if you run into a Divine Realm cultivator, you’ll be able

to put up a good fight.”

“Thank you, Mr. Coffin,” Jonathan shouted before bursting into hearty laughter.

The next moment, he vanished into thin air.

Agonized screams rang out all around him.

Flying through the air, he threw out several sharp magical items as he killed his enemies.

As sparks lit up around Jonathan, a Beta Warrior werewolf dropped down from above to strike at
Jonathan’s head.


After enduring the blow head-on, Jonathan grabbed the Beta Warrior’s leg, whirled him around, and
smashed him to the ground.


Following an earth-shaking rumble, the two-meter-tall werewolf exploded into a mist of blood.

Jonathan then grabbed a werewolf who was charging at him. Letting out a deep roar, he engaged the
Pryncyp of Slaughter in his arm. The resulting vibration instantly blew the werewolf’s circulatory system
to pieces.


At that moment, six werewolves jumped on him from every direction, their sharp claws looking
especially menacing in the chilly breeze.

As Jonathan leaped into the air, Heaven Sword transformed into a sledgehammer, and he smashed it
down with all his might.


The entire earth shook upon impact, while the ensuing shockwave blew the attacking werewolves

With one foot stepping on the pile of werewolf corpses, Jonathan threw the thousand-pound hammer
onto his shoulder.

“Charleigh, I don’t know what you’re really up to, but thanks for the present you have given me.”

While speaking, Jonathan swept his gaze across the burly werewolves one by one.

Thereafter, he swung his right hand forward, throwing the magical sledgehammer in Charleigh’s

At the same time, he summoned a black spear and stabbed it right between a Beta Warrior’s eyes.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Sounds of a brutal battle rang out in the air.

Around Jonathan, bodies of werewolves began to pile up with no end in sight.

Despite suffering a wound in his back and from a broken arm, he would heal instantly and be as good
as new.

With his body enhanced by the life force provided by the coffin, Jonathan’s Pryncyp of Slaughter had
been engaged to its maximum.

In this unending massacre and while werewolves were dropping like flies, the awareness Jonathan felt
continued to change.

His understanding of Pryncyp of Slaughter became crystal clear. It felt as if the veil surrounding the
mysterious and unfathomable Pryncyp had been gradually lifted.

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