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- Many Questions

Jonathan shouted excitedly at the coffin in his elixir field.

Although those thousands of Grandmaster Realm cultivators could already be said to have reached an
almost terrifying order of magnitude, he felt inexplicably excited at that moment.

Following the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, what Jonathan had grasped was the Pryncyp of

It was just that he had been restraining the influence of Pryncyp on him all this time.

The way of killing required the comprehension of the true meaning of the Pryncyp amid slaughter.

However, killing indiscriminately would contradict its original intention and obstruct Jonathan’s thoughts,
making it easy to form an inner demon to stop him from progressing.

Yet, at that moment, he had no reservations about facing the top one hundred Grandmasters at the
bottom of the mountain.

With his right hand tightly gripping the hilt of Heaven Sword, Jonathan bowed slightly, like a preying
cheetah, ready to deliver a fatal blow at any time.


Following a dull thud, a drooling werewolf finally landed on the cliff.


The Divine Chessboard beneath Jonathan’s feet unfolded in response. The moment the werewolf
leaped forward and rushed onto the chessboard, he slashed its waist with Heaven Sword.

“Mr. Coffin, collect the vita!”

Jonathan could clearly feel an extremely thin life force sinking into his meridians as the werewolf’s life
force rapidly drifted away.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The dull thuds came continuously.

Jonathan looked around, and wherever he looked, dozens of werewolves had already rushed up
toward him.

Spiritual sense force field, open!

Spiritual energy force field, open!

Following the activation of the two major force fields, everything within a hundred meters of his body,
every flower, tree, grass, and even the trajectory of a single snowflake, all entered his mind.

Rays of light surged on the Divine Chessboard, streaks of purple shooting toward the sky one after
another. Against the backdrop of snowflakes, they merged into chessboards in midair.

“Kill them all!”

The entire Divine Chessboard had completely become Jonathan’s omniscience force field.

Wherever Jonathan’s mind went was within a year on that chessboard.

At that moment, Heaven Sword was like the deadly scythe of the Grim Reaper, constantly weaving
through the werewolves.

More than a dozen werewolf heads flew up almost at the same time.

Jonathan’s figure, on the other hand, vanished before the eyes of the many werewolves.

Streaks of life force flowed continuously into his body, healing the burns on his body while they were
being collected into the mysterious coffin.

Although they were extremely thin streaks passing through his veins, they could help his wound heal

Jonathan could not help but marvel at the miraculous properties of the Pryncyp of Life as he felt the
changes in his body.

No wonder Seboxia has the power to establish Seboxiasm on his own and completely transform the
West Region from a princely state to a theocratic state. With the Pryncyp of Life, he can cure himself
simply by killing people. War is simply a tonic for him. As long as there are people to kill, Seboxia can
achieve true longevity.

At that thought, Jonathan froze.

That’s not right! There’s another Pryncyp that treats killing as enjoyment, which is the Pryncyp of
Slaughter! Both Seboxia and I can benefit from the killing, and the other party has been buried in an
underground tomb for more than one thousand six hundred years. During this time, several old guys
had shocked the world, not to mention Kenado, the Sage of Divine Realm. Can’t these people kill? If
they simply want to use killing to collect life force, why not directly possess the bodies of Divine Realm
experts like Kenado and Damoyed? Kenado could slaughter a small country for Seboxia if he wanted
to, so wouldn’t there be a lot of life force?

He was confused. But why didn’t Seboxia possess anyone despite having so many Divine Realm
believers over more than a thousand years? He didn’t even use the body of Prima when she was
chosen by Kenado and called the reincarnated God’s Body. Why did he choose to enter my elixir field
instead? Is it because I dug his grave? Isn’t that a little bit too vengeful?

Jonathan dodged a werewolf’s sharp claws before swinging his sword and piercing its head.

There were many slaughtered bodies scattered across the Divine Chessboard at the time.

Jonathan casually wiped his Heaven Sword and let out a long breath seeing more and more
werewolves around him.

With that sigh, he was lamenting not only the number of werewolves but also his situation.

He had been constantly sabotaged since he decided to break the monopoly of all the respectable

Asura’s Office had just improved under the alliance, having the ability to secretly go against the eight
respectable families, making Jonathan finally feel a little more at ease.

However, the Osborne family seized his old residence and kidnapped Josephine to threaten him.

Although I’ve gained a lot from this trip to the West Region, I’ve now fallen into the scheme of
Seboxiasm again.

Jonathan felt a twinge of sadness for himself as he reflected on everything he had been through.

He had thought of himself as a chess player the entire time, but in the end, he was just a pawn in
someone else’s game.

At present, he could only hope that Seboxia in his elixir field had no ill intention toward him.

He simply did not have a way to restrain such an old monster.

As he slayed another werewolf with Heaven Sword, he reached the edge of the cliff.

Although he had been contemplating a lot earlier, those thoughts came and went quickly.

From the unfolding of the Divine Chessboard to the present, no more than a dozen seconds had

Within this time, Jonathan had already slain dozens of Grandmaster Realm werewolves.

At this point, the scalded skin on his body had already scabbed over and fallen off, replaced by new

Jonathan stretched his limbs before retrieving a piece of loose sportswear from his storage ring and
nimbly putting it on.

Although I don’t feel cold, it sure is improper to keep walking around naked.

While staring at the many werewolves kept out of the Divine Chessboard, he took out four Spirit
Rejuvenating Pills and threw them into his mouth as though he was eating jelly beans.

This Divine Chessboard consumes too much spiritual energy. It seems that I must hurry up.

Jonathan grinned as he stepped forward while swinging Heaven Sword.

Although I’m not sure why Charleigh sent these werewolves to be killed one after the other, I must
accept such a large gift.


With that, Jonathan leaped up. The Divine Chessboard beneath his feet followed his rapid movement
and once again took dozens of werewolves into it.

Bodies flew, and blood spewed everywhere. Jonathan was like a peerless killing god as he completely
let go of his inner restraint.

At that moment, there was no longer any concept of right or wrong nor good or evil within him.

All that was left was the desire to kill.

That whole time, Jonathan himself did not notice that above him, the spiritual energy in the night sky
was slowly gathering toward his head.

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