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The Legendary Man Chapter 905

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-Jonathan sprinted through the woods with all his strength, trying to
catch up to Charleigh.

Behind Charleigh’s back was a complicated Hexagram Array that shone with a mysterious

Every time it shone, it would give a spurt of spiritual energy that propelled Charleigh forward.

The spurt of spiritual energy not only increased Charleigh’s speed but also made him more agile.

That was why he was able to avoid Jonathan’s attacks.

After another attack failed to hit its target, Jonathan finally got rid of his shield.

He was aware that if he kept going at this pace, he would be draining his spiritual energy too quickly.

Leaping into the air, Jonathan retrieved Divine Chessboard and tossed it at Charleigh, who was in front
of him.

Assuming it was a dagger or some weapon, Charleigh didn’t pay any attention to it. He dodged the
chessboard and continued on his journey.

However, Jonathan wasn’t about to spare him.

He waved his hands in a sweeping motion, and the small chessboard suddenly enlarged and
transformed into an immense wall, standing firmly in Charleigh’s way.

The wall was hundreds of meters tall. Jonathan couldn’t even make it past the wall, let alone Charleigh.

Charleigh blanched in horror when he realized his path had been blocked. With a tap of his feet, he
went to the left of the chessboard.

That was part of Jonathan’s plan.

He proceeded in the same direction while the left side of the chessboard rapidly began to expand,
causing the right side to abruptly vanish.

One of the characteristics of the chessboard was that it could move in any direction with Jonathan as
its center.

As long as Jonathan moved along with Charleigh, the Divine Chessboard would always block the
latter’s path.

Charleigh could easily travel dozens of meters to make his escape, but with Jonathan’s ploy, he
discovered the chessboard was still blocking his path wherever he went.

He was shocked at the discovery.

Jonathan not only shifted from side to side, but he was also drawing nearer to Charleigh with each step
he took.

A few seconds later, Jonathan was only dozens of meters away from Charleigh.

If Charleigh was still hovering in the same spot, he would definitely get caught by Jonathan soon.

“Clone!” he hollered.

With his right hand, Charleigh reached out and grabbed his coat, shining it on his face. The radiant
glow was so intense that Jonathan had to close his eyes instinctively to protect himself from the

However, his spiritual sense told him that three figures were making their escapes in different

“Again?” Jonathan muttered in frustration as he stared at the three figures.

He recalled Zebedee’s clone talisman and felt an incoming headache.

All cultivators in God Realm were aware that the usual spells would have no effect on those of the
same level as themselves. Therefore, there was no definitive way to determine which entity was a
clone prior to launching an attack.

Without a choice, Jonathan picked one glowing figure and went after him.

With each step he took, the board changed, shifting and rearranging itself in response to his
movements. After taking a step, Jonathan stabbed Heaven Sword into one orb with precision.


The orb shattered into pieces, and the spiritual energy faded away. There was nothing inside.

Jonathan slowly reached out his right arm, and Divine Chessboard began to reduce in size until it
shrunk to a miniature version that could fit comfortably in the palm of his hand.

Some distance away, Charleigh had finally escaped from the dense forest and entered a canyon.

Jonathan was surprised to see lights there.

He made his way to the edge of the canyon and looked down to discover military vehicles parked in the

At the entrance of the canyon, there was an army base that was illuminated by a series of bright lights.
A searchlight was continually sweeping back and forth, scanning both sides of the canyon.

It looks like they are searching for me. Has he entered the army base?

Jonathan frowned.

Charleigh should understand that human soldiers cannot pose a threat to me unless they are equipped
with a powerful weapon that can cause a large amount of destruction. By bringing me here, he will be
putting the lives of Remdikian soldiers at risk, and I cannot comprehend why he would choose to do
that. It almost feels as though he has intentionally led me to this location.

He was deep in thought when the dark sky above the canyon was suddenly illuminated by searchlights.
Soon after, the canyon was filled with the sound of marching feet as countless Remdikian soldiers
emerged from their camp.


The next moment, countless wolf howls echoed through the air.

The Remdikian soldiers let out loud, unearthly howls that echoed through the canyon before they
began to transform. Their bodies contorted and grew until they were standing as tall werewolves.

Jonathan had seen spiritual energy fluctuations originating from Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

However, the sight of thousands of Grandmasters’ energy fluctuating in an instant was truly horrifying.

It felt like a heatwave had emerged from the ground within the canyon.

As the intense spiritual energy coursed through the air, snowflakes were thrown into the sky, swirling
around in a mesmerizing dance.

In the canyon, Charleigh stretched out a finger and pointed in Jonathan’s direction.

A faint orb flew to Jonathan, but he avoided it easily.

When the orb flew past Jonathan, it disappeared in the air like a firework that was fading away.

However, that seemingly innocuous firework acted as a beacon of light, providing guidance to more
than one thousand modified soldiers.


Following the first howl, the first werewolf leaped onto the cliff.

Behind him, the werewolf warriors erupted into a wild frenzy as they charged up the cliff with a
recklessness that suggested they had gone mad.

Jonathan gritted his teeth as he glared at Charleigh down below.

“F*ck it! This isn’t how you utilize a human wave attack!” he cursed.

Without a second thought, he launched himself off the ground and soared through the air with
remarkable agility.


Spiritual energy emerged from Heaven Sword to form a long beam.

With this one move, Jonathan had sliced off dozens of meters of the cliff.

He landed as his spiritual energy coursed into the ground. With a single stomp, he pulverized the
crumbling cliff face, causing it to crumble and cascade down the steep sides of the canyon.

Boom, boom, boom…

Rumbles exploded forth with the force of a thunderbolt within the canyon.

The enormous rocks that came barreling down the precipitous slopes wreaked havoc on the
werewolves, yet they were all exceedingly powerful Grandmasters. Despite not having the power to
obliterate the boulders, they had the ability to evade them.

Grandmaster Realm cultivators may seem insignificant and powerless when compared to God Realm
cultivators, but it was true that a vast army of ants was capable of taking down an elephant.

In typical scenarios, Jonathan would have been prompted to make a hasty retreat upon encountering
an intimidating force of thousands of Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Nevertheless, Remdik and Chanaea were going to war soon.

If he ignored them and allowed the modified soldiers to go to battle, he knew his country would
definitely lose the war at Doveston.

Jonathan took one step back and stood dozens of meters away from the cliff.

Raising Heaven Sword, he slowly humbled himself.

No matter what Charleigh’s plan was, he had to do his very best to stop him.

“Mr. Coffin, wake up! Be prepared to suck the life force!”

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