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The Legendary Man Chapter 904

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-“Jonathan, you can’t save her!”

Charleigh retrieved two daggers, forming two serpents with his spiritual energy before sprinting toward


Heaven Sword, with a loud buzz, emanated a powerful and vicious air that created a malevolent aura,
slicing through the spiritual serpents with ease.

“Charleigh, I don’t want to hurt you. Don’t force me to do it the hard way,” Jonathan warned.

Jumping into the air with a powerful burst of energy, he used Heaven Sword as a springboard, thrusting
his legs forward to deliver a fierce kick to Charleigh’s chest.

Charleigh put his hands together to form a hand seal and grabbed something beside him.

A blazing rope suddenly appeared in front of him, barring Jonathan’s path. When his feet came into
contact with the rope, it immediately transformed into a complicated spiritual energy shield.


The shield only managed to block Jonathan for a brief moment before shattering into pieces.

Charleigh was thrust backward from the impact, and in a graceful motion, he managed to land lightly on
the metal railing of the second floor of the factory.

“Jonathan, you’re one step too late!” he remarked coolly.

When he lifted his right hand, the staff that wasn’t held by anyone began to move on its own accord,
tracing patterns in the dirt beside him.

Following the finishing touch, the arcane array on the ground lit up.

The cultivators, who had been desperately attempting to prevent Ksana from departing, hastily
scrambled out of the arcane array.

Clap, clap, clap…

Crisp sounds were heard.

Ksana found herself in the midst of a mysterious array of light, with countless glowing orbs of
luminescence whirling and rushing toward her. As soon as the orbs touched her skin, they formed
luminous threads which wound around her body, creating a dazzling, yet intimidating spectacle.

The threads might appear to be delicate and easily broken but were incredibly strong. Even a powerful
God Realm cultivator such as Ksana would find it difficult to snap them.

There were too many orbs.

Ksana had just broken one when dozens to hundreds of threads appeared.

Within a few seconds, Ksana’s body was completely bound. She collapsed to the ground, unable to
move an inch.

When Jonathan saw that, his Heaven Sword trembled ever so slightly, and a surge of spiritual energy
began to emanate from the back of his palms.

“Charleigh, are you saying that there is no room for discussion?”

“Why would I enter a discussion with you?” Charleigh asked with a smile.

He commanded Beta Warriors with a wave of his arm, signaling for them to take action. “Kill Jonathan.”

Hearing his order, Beta Warriors slowly surrounded Jonathan.

Jonathan’s gaze was as cold as blocks of ice.

“Charleigh, in Chanaea, we usually don’t kill talented people. It looks like I’ll have to make an exception
today, though.”

Once Jonathan spoke, an aura of heightened spiritual energy began to rise around him.

Instead of dissipating, the spiritual energy coalesced around him, forming a protective layer of half-
transparent scales that covered his body.

The scales on Jonathan’s body condensed and intertwined with one another at an incredible speed,
creating a powerful aura that shot out from his body like a wild gale.

A sense of foreboding promptly flooded Charleigh as he ordered the Beta Warriors, “Hurry, kill him!”

Right then, Jonathan pushed his Heaven Sword into the ground.

“Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, Elemental Extrication Technique, Earthly Escape!” he roared.

With that, he channeled pure spiritual energy into the ground.


The factory’s ground suddenly detonated and the trap formation designed to ensnare Jonathan was
only able to restrain him for a few fleeting moments before it crumbled into tiny fragments.

The ground beneath everyone else’s feet had shifted, morphing from solid earth to a soft layer of
quicksand except for the spot where Jonathan and Ksana were standing.

Huge hands shot up and seized those Beta Warriors, dragging them deep below the surface of the

It was obvious Jonathan wanted them dead.

Charleigh didn’t want to leave him, so he didn’t bother sparing his life.

Jonathan was not a person who was known for his kindness and compassion. If a brilliant weapon
inventor like Charleigh refused to work for him, he was well aware that it could potentially mean the
death of many Chanaea soldiers if they ever faced off against Charleigh’s modified and enhanced
troops in battle.

He was unable to take Charleigh along with him, so he made the decision to terminate him, along with
the modified soldiers who had the potential to be deployed to war in the future.

Killing a single genetically modified soldier could save the lives of countless Chanaean soldiers.

As the ground had turned to sand, the factory lost its foundation and collapsed.

However, Jonathan and the other two remained unscathed.

Charleigh leaped into the air, his coat flapping in the chill of the wind. Above him, magical symbols
suddenly began to glow brightly.

With his thumbs pressed against each other, he chanted, “Oh water, the life-giving force that sustains
us all, I implore you to fill up this gaping chasm before me and transform it into a solid block of ice!”

Following his chant, a burst of spiritual energy appeared on his coat and spiraled downward.

Jonathan used his mind control to propel himself into the sky, using the earth’s surface as a launching

When he reached Charleigh’s side, he demanded, “What is it now? You’ve been muttering to yourself
for a while now. Are you going to do it or not?”

Charleigh saw Heaven Sword coming for his head and was quick to react, swerving aside to avoid
being decapitated.

After the attack failed, an earth dragon appeared beneath Jonathan’s feet.

Whenever Jonathan ventured forward, an earth dragon would miraculously manifest, granting him the
ability to soar through the sky with every stride he took.

Charleigh had a remarkable ability to move through the air thanks to the arcane array that was
inscribed on his coat. With it, he could defy gravity and walk through the air with ethereal grace.

Despite not having mastered any Pryncyps, the two God Realm cultivators were still able to fight in

They employed spells and enchantments to fight against each other, producing a dazzling display of
light and color resembling a brilliant array of fireworks in the sky.

“Master, there is water down below!” Ksana suddenly shouted beneath them.

Jonathan’s Heaven Sword and Charleigh’s staff clashed with a loud clang, sending him flying
backward. He then glanced at the ground.

The quicksand that had once filled the area surrounding the factory had completely vanished, replaced
instead by a vast lake.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Fountains began to appear in succession, each accompanied by a human figure.

It turned out that Charleigh used his water magic to save those who had been swallowed by the
quicksand earlier.


Zebedee’s broken blade sliced a Grandmaster Realm cultivator in half before stabbing into the ground
beside Ksana.

“Kill them with this blade. Spare no one!”

“Got it!” Ksana replied with a huge grin as she picked up the blade.

The next moment, she reappeared ten meters away to plunge the broken blade into a Grandmaster
Realm cultivator’s nape.

Previously, Ksana was overwhelmed by the frequency of the attacks and was unable to fight back.

Now they were no longer standing side by side, and the Grandmasters were completely bewildered as
they were suddenly thrust up from the depths of the earth.

Many individuals were slowly losing consciousness as a result of being deprived of oxygen.

Thus, Ksana could easily wipe them out.

Jonathan disappeared in a flash as he went after Charleigh, who had fled the scene.

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