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The Legendary Man Chapter 903

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-Charleigh’s orders were completely obeyed by the Beta Warriors.

Upon hearing Charleigh’s command, dozens of beginner phase Grandmasters leaped up and morphed
into werewolves in mid-air, charging toward the people in the factory.

Although there were also dozens of cultivators in Black Snake Gang, the cultivators with the highest
cultivation level were only at Superior Realm, apart from Paisley.

Therefore, they were no match for these werewolves.

In an instant, they were all slaughtered.

Grandmaster Realm was a critical and transitional phase for cultivators. Once a cultivator entered this
realm, their spiritual energy could leave their bodies and form a Grandmaster Realm force field.

With this force field, those cultivators below Superior Realm were as powerless as children and would
not have any ability to fight back.

Eight pets and dozens of Black Snake Gang members had perished within a short amount of time.

Only Jonathan and Ksana were left in the factory. Paisley was still able to hold on for a while because
of his strong cultivation level.

However, it was evident that he would not be able to last long with these attacks.

Charleigh stood at the entrance, and there was a hint of coldness in his eyes as he looked at Jonathan
and Ksana.

“Jonathan, how are my subordinates?”

Jonathan did not reply. Instead, Ksana stepped forward and stood beside Jonathan.

“Master, you don’t need to deal with these small fries.”

With that, she reached out and tied her hair with a leather band swiftly.

“Master, leave these Grandmasters to me.”

With her words, the ground under Ksana’s feet exploded, and she dissolved into an afterimage as she
lunged forward.

Jonathan had also moved in tandem with Ksana.

He dodged the long sword in front of him in a flash.

He grabbed one of the werewolves’ head and swung it as a weapon toward the front.


The werewolf landed in front of Charleigh and turned into a mist of blood.

A shield shaped like a meat grinder instantly formed in front of Charleigh and flew toward Jonathan.


Jonathan summoned his Heaven Sword, imbuing it with Pryncyp of Slaughter, before swinging it

No matter how unpredictable the spells were, it was ultimately just a different application of spiritual

If one was able to break the formation and destroy the balance of spiritual energy, it was easy to break
such a defensive arcane array.

With a thunderous blow, the arcane array exploded and turned into beams of light flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, Charleigh’s hand started emitting light.

“Light of Destruction!”

There was no sound. Immediately, Jonathan could feel the terrifying spiritual energy emitting from
Charleigh. He only had enough time to bring out the strange bronze handbell before a light beam as
thick as a bucket struck him.

The impact of the light beam was extremely intense and strong.

The light beam pushed Jonathan straight into the sky as though it was tangible.

Jonathan started plummeting to the ground a hundred meters away from the factory.

When Jonathan fell to the snow-covered ground, he felt a surge of excruciating pain as if he was being
burned by a raging fire.

“D*mn it…”

Jonathan got up and looked at his arm.

His clothes were burnt to smithereens, and his skin was burned and oozing pus as though he suffered
an actual burn.

Life force was escaping from his abdomen. However, it was only enough to protect his circulatory
system and energy field. It was not able to treat his external injuries.

Although these external injuries brought him extreme pain, they were not fatal.

Therefore, Coffin would definitely not waste his valuable life force to treat them.

Jonathan took out a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill and crushed it in between his teeth before he darted toward
the direction of the factory again.

These Adrune cultivators’ techniques are rather peculiar, especially Charleigh, who is not only an
Archmage but can create his own spells. If he can keep attacking like before, not only will I find it
difficult to win against him, but even Divine Realm cultivators will be troubled by it.

However, everything in the world followed certain rules. The cost of releasing such a powerful spell
must be enormous for Charleigh.

It was the same for Jonathan burning his vitality. If he used it for a long period, it would exhaust his

Also, Charleigh would need some buffer time in between uses of this spell. Thus, Jonathan would need
to seize this opportunity to capture him.

Jonathan’s Heaven Sword flashed with a cold light in the dark night and slashed through the wall of the

When he landed in the factory, he saw a huge arcane array below Ksana’s feet.

With his staff, Charleigh’s figure flashed around Ksana. The staff was completing the arcane array
below Ksana.

At this moment, there was only a small corner left to complete the arcane array.

“Ksana! Get out of there!” Jonathan bellowed as he dashed toward Charleigh from behind.

Although Jonathan didn’t know what the arcane array was for, he instinctively knew it was dangerous.

Charleigh’s goal was not to use a kill array to kill Ksana, but to capture her.

His research had reached a bottleneck, and he needed many test subjects for his experiments.

Moreover, Charleigh had always wanted to experiment on God Realm cultivators.

God Realm cultivators were always an important existence for these organizations, whether in Rodunst
or Remdik.

Moreover, they were mostly concentrated in the hands of the military. If Aidan and the others were to
be targeted, the Remdikians would definitely send Divine Realm cultivators such as Ivanov to kill

However, Ksana was not part of this group.

Although she looked like a typical Remdikian, she called Jonathan her master.

Therefore, Charleigh deduced that she was a Chanaean cultivator. If he was able to capture her, he
would not get any objections from Remdik.

The formation on the ground was to capture Ksana.

It was extremely easy to kill cultivators of the same cultivation level as they only needed to use their
secret techniques or find the weaknesses in the opponent’s techniques.

In fact, after removing Jonathan from the battle, Charleigh would kill Ksana effortlessly if he wanted to.

However, he needed a living person, not a corpse. Therefore, it would require some effort from him to
obtain a living person.

In the arcane array, Ksana already saw through Charleigh’s intentions. However, those Grandmaster
Realm werewolves prevented her from escaping the formation.

Although Ksana was a God Realm cultivator, she lacked the relevant perception for it.

She was able to kill ordinary Grandmaster Realm cultivators like Black Snake Gang members as they
didn’t have much combat experience.

These Black Snake Gang members usually relied on their reputation and auras to make a living.

Therefore, Ksana was slightly overwhelmed by those werewolves as they used to be soldiers before
this transformation. The combat experience they had was not something ordinary cultivators could
compare to!

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