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The Legendary Man Chapter 902

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-Shoving Paisley aside, Jonathan walked toward Charleigh and sat
opposite him.

“Do you still remember me, Charleigh?” Jonathan asked him in a cold voice.

Staring back at him, Charleigh shook his head.

“I’m sure that it’s my first time seeing you. However, your aura seems quite familiar. Are you Jonathan
Goldstein?” Although Charleigh’s tone was testing him, his eyes glinted with certainty.

On the other hand, Jonathan merely chuckled. He pressed his face a couple of times before it resumed
its initial appearance.

A glimmer of surprise flashed across Charleigh’s eyes when he gazed at Jonathan.

“Asura, you’ve infiltrated Remdik’s territory despite the tense relationship between Remdik and
Chanaea now. How bold of you!”

Jonathan looked back at Charleigh.

He could sense an invisible shield that has been surrounding Charleigh all along.

The shield did not seem to be made of spiritual energy nor was it a shield meant to protect a spiritual
treasure. Rather, it seemed to be imprisoning Charleigh.

Although spiritual energy could be found universally, Adrune had a completely different system from
Aploth in terms of cultivation. Even though Jonathan had witnessed it more than once, he was still
fascinated by it.

“There’s no one else here, Charleigh. I won’t beat around the bush anymore. I came here especially to
look for you.”

“For me?”

Charleigh was stunned for a while before letting out a soft chuckle.

“Asura, I don’t think you’re here for me. Rather, you’re here for my research outcomes, right?”

Jonathan did not shy away from the truth. After a slight hesitation, he nodded and said, “Since you’ve
already pointed it out, I can’t possibly deny it. You know about the situation between Chanaea and
Remdik. Chanaea is completely unfazed by large-scale wars on both conventional and technological
fronts. However, once the cultivators are roped into the war, they will become a formidable force to
contend with. They’ll pose a huge threat to my strategic commanding. I have researchers who are as
insistent on human experiments as you in my team. I’ve always opposed such research and prohibited
it as much as I could. However, when preparing for the war that Remdik can trigger at any moment, I
realized that genetic engineering is a shortcut for obtaining power. Hence, I’ve come here to specially
invite you to Chanaea. I’d like you to experiment with our men and create the most powerful warriors.”

Jonathan’s words were direct and extremely sincere.

However, Charleigh kept gazing at him with a strange and cold smirk.

“Jonathan, why do you think that I’ll be willing to help you?”

“Because you helped Remdik too,” replied Jonathan with a frown. “From my investigation of your
background, you don’t care about power at all. All you want is to focus on your research.”

“Do you think that I can’t focus on my research in Remdik?” interrupted Charleigh with a cold scoff.

“You know what, Jonathan? It doesn’t matter if it’s you, the tsar, or my foolish father. You are nothing
but war machines. You conjure all sorts of grand excuses to start wars, all for a single reason—your
selfish desires. Regardless of how noble your reasons might sound, it’s all just for your own profits, isn’t
it? You claim that you’re doing it for the people but do you think that they genuinely care about who
emerges victorious? All of you are just a bunch of foolish mules acting all smart and mighty.”

Jonathan did not understand why Charleigh, who had always appeared to be so polite and dignified,
was reacting in such an agitated manner.

However, he could see fury in Charleigh’s eyes.

Although it was just a hint of fury, he understood that Charleigh’s situation was not as desirable as the
rumors described it to be.

Perhaps, this would be his opportunity.

“Charleigh, as long as you work with me, I can double the price that Remdik offered you.”

Charleigh shook his head upon hearing that.

“I’m a scholar and a gentleman. I will never go against the agreement that I’ve established with the

“You won’t go against the agreement, but do you oppose it?”

Jonathan was sharp enough to detect a loophole in Charleigh’s words.

When a relationship had to depend on a contractual obligation to be maintained, it was already
reaching its breaking point.

Jonathan was now almost certain that there was a problem between Charleigh and the tsar.

“Charleigh, since there’s already a problem, you should rethink your decision, right?”

A cold glint flashed across Charleigh’s eyes upon hearing Jonathan’s interrogation.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve said that I’m only a scholar. I don’t want to be involved in any war. My technology
should only benefit everyone in the world, not create more conflicts.”

“But you’ve already created war!”

Seeing that Charleigh was about to leave, Jonathan stretched out his hand. An invisible wall formed by
spiritual energy blocked Charleigh’s path.

“Charleigh, although there are some tensions between Chanaea and Remdik, they are only localized
wars. Neither of us dares to let a large-scale war break out. However, why is Remdik bold enough to
concentrate its forces on River Onxy? Isn’t it because of the Wolver Army under your command? The
modified warriors that you’ve created will invade Chanaea in a matter of months. If I cannot bring you
back to Chanaea and develop an army of modified warriors who can stand up to Remdik, I will have no
choice but to kill you. I have to eliminate any possibility of you creating even more modified warriors for
Remdik. You must make your choices, Charleigh. If you befriend me, you’ll leave with me. If you
become an enemy, this very place will be your burial site.”

As Jonathan spoke, waves of spiritual energy surged out of his body and filled up the entire

The outburst of energy was impactful enough to send members of Black Snake Gang flying out.

Meanwhile, Ksana had already blocked all possible paths of escape behind Charleigh.

Blue streams of light danced on the palms of Ksana’s hands like flames, looking eerily beautiful.

Sensing the aura of the two God Realm warriors behind him, Charleigh tapped his staff on the floor


Streaks of complicated runes lit up behind Charleigh, interweaving with one another.

Within the blink of an eye, a six-pointed star was conjured. It revolved in the air and shielded Charleigh
inside it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dull thuds resounded across the warehouse as figures wearing the Remdik military uniform suddenly
landed on the floor.

Scanning his surroundings, Jonathan counted forty people in total.

“Jonathan, these are Beta Warriors that I’ve developed. They all have their own consciousness. Try
them out.”

As Charleigh spoke, Hexagram Array immediately became much brighter.

Just when Jonathan closed his eyes subconsciously, Charleigh had already conjured a massive fireball
that launched itself toward Ksana behind him.

When Jonathan fixed his spiritual sense onto Charleigh again, he had already appeared at the
entrance of the warehouse in a flash.

Staring at all the Beta Warriors around him, Charleigh instructed calmly, “Kill everyone here. Spare not
a single person!”

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