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The Legendary Man Chapter 901

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-Upon hearing the news from the Secret Agent, Jonathan’s heart sank

To find Charleigh’s whereabouts, Jonathan had painfully decided to utilize all of Karl’s Secret Agents in
Remdik, even though they had been lying dormant.

These Secret Agents had collected invaluable intelligence on Remdik over the years. Now that they
had resumed duty, they would inevitably send their findings back to Dark Special Forces, bearing the
risk of being exposed.

This was precisely why Jonathan ordered Karl to remove the Secret Agents’ identities.

However, Jonathan never expected the situation to escalate to such a degree.

He frowned and asked, “Saspiuburg is the administrative center of Remdik and houses at least two
hundred Secret Agents. You are all elites. How could so many of you be exposed at once?”

The first thought that crossed Jonathan’s mind was the possibility of a mole.

Only the existence of a mole could lead to so many agents being exposed.

But upon further thought, he realized that this was nearly impossible.

These agents were hand-picked and trained by Karl himself, and their information had been known
only to him before his feigned death.

The idea that the intelligence had been leaked to Asura’s Office’s Dark Special Forces was even more

Dark Special Forces had been established by Jonathan two years prior, and for the sake of security, he
had intentionally recruited fanatical followers who were utterly devoted to him.

Thus, it was inconceivable that any of them would betray him.

“Asura, Remdik is preparing for a full-scale war, planning to engage in a two-front war with West Epea
Alliance and other nations,” the Secret Agent reported. “In order to hide their intention, a thorough
purge has begun in Saspiuburg. Besides our agents in Dartan, agents from Jetroina, West Epea
Alliance, Anglandur, and Western Region have been exposed and arrested, as long as they were in
contact with the outside world.”

The agent continued, “Due to my bloodline, I’ve been hiding in the strategic department for years. I saw
the list of those arrested—over a hundred and sixty of our people in total. I tried to save them, but I fell
into a trap and barely managed to escape with my life…”

Before the agent could finish, Jonathan’s right hand pressed against the agent’s abdomen.

Jonathan smiled while his spiritual energy and spiritual sense entered the agent’s body. “What’s your

“Reporting to Asura, my name is Marc Daniels!”

“Marc, I’ll remember you,” Jonathan said with a smile, though his heart grew heavier.

Upon examining Marc, Jonathan discovered that he was originally a cultivator, but his elixir field had
been completely destroyed due to overexertion.

It was easy to imagine the hardships Marc had been through while fleeing.

Jonathan wanted to reconstruct Marc’s elixir field, but the mysterious coffin inside him remained

He knew the coffin would not consume such a significant amount of life force to save someone
relatively unimportant.

“Where are the others?” Jonathan asked.

“I don’t know,” Marc choked up. “When I tried to rescue them, they were at Saspiuburg’s train station.
Over three hundred people, including Secret Agents from Jetroina, were all loaded onto a train.”

“Which direction did the train go?” Jonathan asked, clenching his teeth.

Marc shook his head again. “Saspiuburg is a strategic hub for Remdik with a vast railway network.
While the train is labeled for Olmville, it’s not uncommon for special transports like this to have last-
minute route changes and detours.”

The destination was unknown, and the direction was uncertain.

Even if Jonathan wanted to help, there was no way to do so.

He took out a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill and stuffed it into Marc’s mouth.

“Asura, this is a waste on me…” Marc tried to refuse, but he couldn’t resist Jonathan.

“There’s no question in terms of worthiness. This pill may not restore your spiritual energy, but it can at
least heal some of the damages in your internal organs.”

After helping Marc absorb the pill’s medicinal effects, Jonathan turned to Paisley. “Paisley, I’m taking

“Whatever you wish, Mr. Goldstein.” Paisley forced a smile, revealing the corners of his mouth.

Although he didn’t understand Chanaean, someone among his subordinates had translated for him.

From the conversation between Jonathan and Marc, Paisley realized that he had truly encountered a
formidable opponent.

An organization capable of planting nearly two hundred Secret Agents in Saspiuburg was not
something he, a mere local gang leader, could provoke.

At that moment, Paisley was already considering his escape route. However, just then, a figure with
spiritual energy that resembled Superior Realm burst into the factory.

“Boss!” The breathless cultivator stood beside Paisley.

“Something happened at the bar.”

“What happened now?” Paisley looked at his subordinate with a headache.

His bar had always been the most popular in Mortling Castle, and now it had been smashed by
Jonathan and his group. Before he could take a breather, another incident occurred.

Am I a pushover in Mortling Castle?

“Boss, it’s Charleigh!” the subordinate whispered into Paisley’s ear.

The statement seemed insignificant, yet a figure materialized and stood by Paisley’s side, lifting the
young henchman effortlessly.

“Say that again?” Jonathan may not understand Remdikian, but he recognized the pronunciation of

“Master, he said it was Charleigh,” Ksana added.

Jonathan grabbed Paisley and his subordinate with both hands.

“Ksana, have them take us there. Kite, you take Marc away first and wait for us in the house where you
woke up.”


Kite flashed to Marc’s side, picked him up, and ran outside without saying anything.

But as they reached the entrance, Kite stopped and carried Marc toward the back door.

“Mr. Goldstein, Charleigh is here. I’ll be retreating first. Be careful.”

Jonathan looked up toward the entrance just in time to see a man in a trench coat, holding a cane,
slowly walking in.

It was Charleigh!

As Charleigh entered the room, he shook his coat, and the snowflakes on it were cleanly brushed

“Paisley? How did you end up in such a sorry state?”

Charleigh’s leather shoes tapped on the ground, feeling the powerful spiritual energy emanating from
Jonathan and Ksana, but he showed no fear.

Like how he always did, Charleigh sat elegantly on the couch, his gaze sweeping over the scantily clad

“Paisley, I believe I’ve told you not to touch my people. Their poor physical condition will affect the
results of the experiments.”

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