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The Legendary Man Chapter 900

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-At this point, Charleigh had become quite hysterical.

Having fled from Rodunst to Remdik Empire, he thought he had found someone who truly appreciated
his talents.

But to his surprise, his research here also encountered a bottleneck.

At this point, his genetic engineering research had reached the third stage, but the Remdik military
began to intentionally control the supply of experimental subjects they had promised him earlier.

It was precisely because of this that Charleigh had no choice but to collaborate with Paisley from Black
Snake Gang.

However, the number of experimental subjects Black Snake Gang found alone was far too few.

The subjects were insufficient to support the massive consumption at his current stage in both quantity
and quality.

And today, Charleigh had applied for experimental subjects for what felt like the umpteenth time, only to
receive news from Aidan demanding second-stage experimental subjects.

How could he not be furious?

“Aidan, you must understand that I’m only cooperating with Remdik Empire for research purposes. I
was personally invited by your tsar, so you’re not in a position to negotiate with me.

“It’s you who’s failing to see through the situation!” Aidan’s voice echoed through the phone. “Charleigh,
I can tell you very clearly that your experiments have been banned by tsar. Over the years, you’ve
indeed created a terrifying army, but do you know how many cultivators have died at your hands?
There are nearly ten thousand Superior Realms alone!”

“Your various experiments require live subjects to do comparison. In order to accommodate your
experiments, you have killed more than a hundred thousand Remdik soldiers. That’s almost the combat
power of an entire army! All of them died under your genetic modifications! You bl*ody madman! Your
Beta Warriors already meet our expectations. They can think, act independently, and are extremely
loyal. That’s enough!”

“These words shouldn’t have come from me, but it doesn’t really matter. After all, in a few days, you’ll
definitely receive a military order from Saspiuburg. Charleigh, your experiment has come to an end.”

Inside the office, Charleigh crushed the phone in his hand. Standing in front of his desk, his face was
cold and emotionless. “Is history going to repeat itself? Why don’t you understand? Genetic
modification can create the perfect species of humans.”

Pulling out his pocket watch, Charleigh glanced at it before turning and walking out. “Since you no
longer intend to help me with my experiments, I’ll have to do things my way. Paisley and the others
make excellent experimental materials…”

At an abandoned factory in the eastern suburb of Mortling Castle, Jonathan and his companions
followed Paisley’s convoy into the dilapidated workshop.

“This is our trading location,” Paisley said with a smile.

“We’ll exchange our ‘pets’ here the day after tomorrow. Charleigh has always been punctual with our
weekly meetings.”

Jonathan and the others looked around the empty workshop.

In the center of the workshop were two couches and a wide wooden table cut from a tree trunk.

The surrounding empty oil drums had been filled with wood and crackled as they burned.

“Where are the ‘pets’ you mentioned?” Jonathan, who sat on the couch, frowned.

Hearing the question, Paisley quickly apologized and beckoned his subordinates to lift the steel plate
covering a hidden hole in the floor.

Immediately, a foul smell wafted out of the hole, causing Jonathan and the others to wrinkle their

“Bring the people out for Mr. Goldstein!” Paisley shouted.

Soon, nine young men and women with their hands bound and feet tied just enough for them to walk
emerged from the dungeon.

The nine individuals stood in a row, trembling as they looked at Jonathan and his companions.

It was winter season in Remdik, yet these people only wore thin layers of clothing, and two women
were only dressed in underwear.

Moreover, judging by the injuries of the two women, they had clearly been subjected to inhuman

“Paisley, you really don’t treat them as humans, do you?” Jonathan said with a chuckle.

Paisley bowed and quickly replied, “They won’t live long after being taken away by Charleigh, so
there’s no need to be overly concerned about their fate.”

Listening to Paisley’s words, Jonathan nodded slightly.

Charleigh’s experiments involved genetic engineering on human subjects.

Even cultivators would struggle to survive if they fell into his hands, let alone these powerless ordinary

As Jonathan recalled Jason’s experiment, a shiver ran down his spine.

Yet, at this moment, one of the nine Remdik individuals took a few steps toward Jonathan.

“What are you doing? Get back!” Paisley’s subordinate yelled loudly.

However, Jonathan waved his hand and released a surge of spiritual energy, completely binding
Paisley’s subordinate.

He could see the person’s eyes flickering as if he recognized him. He obviously had something to say.

“Do you… know me?”

Ksana and Kite stood beside Jonathan, ready to face any possible danger.

Hearing Jonathan’s words, they too, looked curiously at the Remdikian.

The Remdikian stared at Jonathan, swallowed hard, and knelt before him with a thud.


With just one word, Jonathan suddenly stood up.

He swiftly moved to the man’s side and expertly cut the handcuffs and shackles with his Heaven

Since Jonathan’s arrival at Mortling Castle, his true identity as Asura was even unknown to Paisley,
who was standing beside him.

But this person, who was merely a captured pet of Black Snake Gang, could call out his title.

There could only be one possibility—this person had known Jonathan for a long time!

With a mournful tone, he kneeled in a style familiar to Chanaeans and addressed Jonathan as Asura.

This person was very likely one of the five hundred Secret Agents that Karl had planted in Remdik!

“Do you know Karl?”

“Mr. Hamilton is my exclusive contact!” the Remdikian told Jonathan.

“Asura, it’s really you… Hahaha…”

Hearing Karl’s name, Kite finally realized what was happening, and he rushed to the man’s side,
removing his coat to drape it over him.

“Do you know each other?” Jonathan asked Kite.

Kite shook his head slightly. “To prevent any of us from being captured and exposing the entire
intelligence network, we don’t know each other’s information in order to ensure the safety of other
Secret Agents.”

Although there was no solid evidence, Jonathan was almost sure of the Remdikian man’s identity by

As for his appearance, there was a small town near River Onxy in Horbah where everyone had
Remdikian blood but was actually Chanaeans.

Karl had trained many of these people to infiltrate Remdik to avoid arousing suspicion. It was entirely

“How did they manage to capture you?” Jonathan asked softly, looking at the restrained figure before

But to his surprise, the captive choked up and looked back at him with tears in his eyes. “Asura,
Saspiuburg’s intelligence network has been destroyed!”

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