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The Legendary Man Chapter 899

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-“Kill him!” Paisley shouted loudly.

But with his command, a huge spiritual pressure burst out of Ksana’s body, causing the four
subordinates who were about to move forward to hesitate momentarily.


Blood gushed out like a fountain.

The group looked toward the Grandmaster Realm cultivator in the advanced phase, only to find that his
head had disappeared.

In Ksana’s hand, there was a twisted face of a head.

Ksana’s five fingers were inserted into the cultivator’s head, holding it like a bowling ball, with an
incredibly terrifying appearance.

“God Realm!” Paisley exclaimed.

However, he was knocked over by the head that came flying toward him.

Although Ksana was a God Realm cultivator catalyzed by drugs, she was still invincible for a
Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

In just a few seconds, the other four cultivators had fallen under Ksana’s hands except for Paisley.

Among the four people, one lost his head, two were pierced through their hearts, and one had his
throat completely crushed, with his entire neck turning into a pile of flesh.

Such cruel methods even made someone like Jonathan frown.

Not to mention the members of Black Snake Gang, who were already scared out of their wits.

If it weren’t for Paisley’s powerful influence, and fear of revenge, these people would have already fled
for their lives.

Paisley had a huge influence and ruled over his own territory. Even if there were disputes with other
cultivators, they would often be resolved amicably because of their common interests.

They had never seen such a cruel person as Jonathan and his group.

“Boss, what do you want me to do? Just give the order and I will do it…” Paisley pleaded.

Paisley had lost all his arrogance, his hands clasped in front of his chest—like a devout follower of
Seboxia from West Region—constantly rubbing his hands and begging for mercy from Jonathan.

Jonathan pushed two pieces of gold bars from the bar counter to Paisley. “I told you we’re here to talk

“Please, don’t toy with me! I beg you…” Paisley wanted to say more, but he heard Ksana chuckle.

“Just take them. Otherwise, my master will be angry!” Ksana’s words made Paisley’s heart tremble.

If this woman’s cultivation level has already reached God Realm, how terrifying is her master’s
cultivation level?

Can it be that he has reached Divine Realm…

As Paisley reached for the gold bars, he shuddered uncontrollably, and then with a trembling hand, he
attempted to put them away.

In that split second, Ksana raised a broken wooden splinter and viciously pinned Paisley’s wrist to the
bar counter.

“Well, we have quite the conundrum. If you don’t take the gold bars, my master will be displeased. But
if you do take it, I’m devastated!” Ksana exclaimed, turning her head to smile slightly at Jonathan.

“Now his psychological defense should be completely broken. Ask him anything, and he will answer,”
she added.

Jonathan sighed, gazing at Paisley, who had been a powerful gangster just a few minutes earlier, on
his knees and sobbing.

Jonathan realized that Ksana had not used any special secret technique when she pinned the wooden
splinter into Paisley’s wrist.

As a middle-phase Grandmaster Realm, Paisley could have easily pulled his hand out of the splinter
and resisted, but he didn’t.

Instead, he bore the excruciating pain without any attempt to fight back.

As Ksana had predicted, this man was now completely useless.

Jonathan then turned to Kite beside him.

At that moment, Kite had a watch in his mouth, with a stack of thick banknotes in his hand.

Upon noticing Jonathan’s gaze, Kite hurriedly trotted over to Paisley.

“Is this person collaborating with you?”


Paisley recognized the man in the photo at a glance and hastily nodded. “He’s a regular client of mine.
He comes by every week to choose satisfactory ‘pets’ from my selection.”

“But we’re just business associates. I’m not close with him, I beg you, please spare me…”

Ksana, standing nearby, translated Paisley’s words, leaving Jonathan somewhat bewildered.

“Pets? What pets?”

Hearing Jonathan’s question, Paisley quickly corrected himself. “I mean people! I run a human
trafficking business, and Charleigh buys several people from me every week.”

“Actually, we started this human trafficking business because of him…”

This time, Paisley wasn’t lying.

Previously, although Black Snake Gang had a wide range of operations, it didn’t include human

It was only six months ago that Charleigh approached Black Snake Gang with a request to buy slaves.

At first, Paisley didn’t want to deal with Charleigh, but the money Charleigh offered was just too

In fact, Charleigh single-handedly helped Black Snake Gang expand into this highly lucrative business.

Jonathan frowned at Paisley.

“When is Charleigh coming to Black Snake Gang next?”

“In two days.”

“Alright, I’ll follow you these two days. If I don’t see Charleigh after two days, I’ll wipe out your gang.
How about that?”

“Deal! I guarantee you’ll see him! I promise!” Paisley trembled as he knelt on the ground.

Jonathan nodded slightly at Paisley.

“Keep your subordinates in check. If anyone dares to leak even a bit of information, I’ll make their lives
a living hell!”

A local military unit was stationed near Quilton on the east side of Mortling Castle.

A closed truck drove out of the unit’s main gate and skillfully arrived at a garbage incineration landfill.
Several dazed-looking youths got off the truck and swiftly tossed the bloodstained bags into the roaring

Meanwhile, in the local military’s underground facility, Charleigh was examining various reports in his

The phone beside him rang, and Charleigh sighed impatiently. In the end, he still answered it.


“Charleigh, it’s Aidan. I need the support of your Wolver Army.”

“How many?” Charleigh asked without wasting time.

“It’s a stealth war this time. I need at least a hundred second-stage Wolvers.”

“No, there are too few second-stage Wolvers. I can only give you thirty at most.”

“Charleigh!” Aidan shouted through the phone. “I’m not negotiating with you. I’m giving you an order!
This is His Majesty’s wish, so I suggest you be smart about this.”

“What can tsar do?” Charleigh slammed the table and stood up. “This isn’t what you promised me!
When you asked for my help, His Majesty said he could fulfill all the needs for my experiments. But
now, I need live subjects, test subjects with cultivation levels! My experiments have come to a complete
halt. Do you even understand!”

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