Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 547

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The Head Of Triplex Manifesta

Desmond lay on the ground, mortified by Jonathan’s attack. The bodyguards surrounding Jonathan felt
the restraints on them had gone. After some hesitation, they ran out of the temple in horror.

Seeing this, the people from the prominent families who were around were all a little confused. They
had felt some pressure just now, but they were not targeted by Jonathan, so they did not know what
had taken place.

The spiritual energy force field of the Grandmaster Realm was an invincible existence for mortals who
had never practiced cultivation before. Inside this force field, Jonathan was a real god.

Standing at the door, Leslie gazed at Jonathan in fascination and surprise. “You’re a martial artist,
aren’t you? Are you a Grandmaster?” Leslie went up to Jonathan, and she could not help asking

Jonathan turned to look at Leslie, and the spiritual energy in his eyes flowed slowly as he sized her up.
Leslie blushed when she saw Jonathan looking at her with a gaze that seemed to be able to see
through everything, but she did not shy away from his eyes.

She is not a cultivator. Looking at Leslie’s pretty face, Jonathan frowned slightly. “Do you know a lot
about martial artists?”

In response to Jonathan’s question, Leslie shook her head slightly. “I haven’t seen a real martial artist,
but there are a lot of accounts in the internal local chronicles of Summerbank about cultivators, so I
may know one thing or two about them. Although I don’t understand what happened just now, I can tell
that you should be one of the martial arts grandmasters as described in those ancient books.”

Leslie sounded sincere, and she was apparently truthful. However, Jonathan was not keen on
engaging any further with her, and so he turned around again after a slight nod of his head.

Leslie was a little taken aback to see Jonathan ignoring her. In Summerbank, the Hart family was
considered one of the most prominent families.

Leslie was among the most beautiful of the girls in Summerbank. She had many suitors, be it for her
beauty or for finding favor with her father.

However, despite the fact that she had shown her captivating feminine side, this young man did not
even give her a second look. Does he not find me attractive?

After straightening her attire, Leslie walked up to Jonathan and sat down beside him. “I’m Leslie Hart
from the Hart family. Shouldn’t you introduce yourself?”

Leslie spoke gently to Jonathan, and her speaking manner surprised the members of other prestigious
families who were present at the scene.

Everyone knew that Leslie was well known in Summerbank for being aloof. Even Desmond who was
now lying on the ground had tried to pursue her before.

However, Leslie had never shown any interest in those scions of affluent families. At that moment, it
was obvious that the young man had no intention of interacting with Leslie, but Leslie tried to start a
conversation with him.

Those who witnessed the scene wondered if Leslie liked people who played hard to get. The people
present were pondering over the matter in silence, but no one dared to say a word.

At that moment, from outside the small courtyard, a confident voice rang out. “Triplex Manifesta is a
sacred place. How can you start a fight here?”

Hearing the voice, everyone turned in the direction from where the voice came. The young monk had
come back, and there was a well-built monk with a long beard walking before him.

Dressed in a robe, the monk walked into the small courtyard. “May I ask who has won the privilege of
being the first to pray in Triplex Manifesta?”

“Master, it’s him who has donated a huge sum of money.” As the young monk spoke, he walked up to
Jonathan, stretched out his hands, and respectfully handed a black card back to Jonathan.

“Sir, this way, please.”

The monk nodded gently to Jonathan, then turned to look at the rest of the crowd. “Ladies and
gentlemen, this man has won the first spot, and he will be the first to pray. You may leave.”

With that simple phrase, the guests were dismissed. When the crowd heard the monk’s words, they
hurriedly stood up and took their leave.

It was an unlucky day for Desmond. He was still lying on the ground and unable to get up. The
members of other prestigious families had long wanted to leave for fear of being implicated.

After taking a look at Desmond, who was lying on the ground, and the weapons scattered around
Jonathan, the monk nodded gently.

“Sean, throw the injured man out. The temple grounds must not be tainted.”

“Yes, Master.”

When the young monk heard the instructions, he carried Desmond up and headed outside without any

Meanwhile, Leslie handed a name card to Jonathan.

“If you face any problems in Summerbank, you may contact me.”

After saying those words, Leslie turned around and walked toward the door, not overstaying her

Jonathan looked at the name card and cast a faint smile.

She is a rather interesting woman.

After the rest of the people left, the monk moved a bamboo chair and sat opposite Jonathan.

“Sir, you won the position of being the first to pray. So, may I ask what ails you that you wish Triplex
Manifesta to help you solve?”

The monk’s eyes sparkled as he stroked his beard, and Jonathan could feel the spiritual energy coming
from the former’s body. Finally, Jonathan spoke plainly.

“You’re in the middle phase of the Superior Realm, and you have endless spiritual energy. At this rate,
within ten years, you can achieve the Grandmaster Realm. Am I right?”

Hearing Jonathan’s words, the monk was stunned at first, and then he nodded gently.

“Sir, I felt a majestic fluctuation of spiritual energy, even when I stood far away from you earlier. If I’m
not mistaken, your cultivation level is definitely higher than that of the Grandmaster Realm. However, I
really don’t understand. At such a cultivation level, you can go anywhere in the world. Except for those
hidden, respectable families and sects, I really can’t think of anything else in this world that can be a
problem for you.”

“I’m here to request for medicine from someone,” Jonathan said simply.

“What medicine and from whom?” The monk frowned as he looked at Jonathan.

“I don’t know what the medicine is. I just know that it can help save a person’s life.” Jonathan looked at
the monk. “However, I know the name of the person whom I’m looking for. His nickname is ‘Sofus.’
Have you heard of this person?”

Jonathan had gotten to know about the name “Sofus” from Lynn right before he left.

Back then, when Jonathan was in a coma, Sofus had given him medicine to save his life, but Hades
and the others did not trust Sofus.

Only the village doctor, Shane, had shown kindness to Sofus, seeing that Sofus was still a child.

Shane’s kind gesture toward Sofus was the only reason why the latter had revealed his nickname and
address. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Jonathan to look for Sofus.

All Jonathan wanted was to ask if the monk knew Sofus.

Unexpectedly, the monk suddenly stood up with a wary expression on his face when he heard Sofus’

“Who are you? How do you know the name of the head of Triplex Manifesta?”

Jonathan was stunned when he heard the monk’s words.

The head of Triplex Manifesta? The young monk who gifted me with the life-saving medicine two years
ago seemed to be only thirteen or fourteen years of age. Even now, he could not have been an adult
yet. How on earth did he become the head of Triple Manifesta?

“That is to say, you do know Sofus!” Jonathan said with a laugh.

Jonathan then requested, “Please do me a favor and inform him that the man whose life he saved
three years ago would like to see him.”

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