Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 615

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The Blackwood Family

“Extremely important?” Josephine deshelled another boiled egg and placed it on Jonathan’s plate.
However, there were residual eggshells on it this time.

“Don’t you still have a lot to do? In that case, hurry up and eat. No matter how busy you are, you can’t
neglect your health.” “Josephine…”

Staring at the egg with shells still hanging from it, Jonathan was filled with dismay.

Ever since we knew each other, Josephine has always behaved in an aloof manner. Never once was
she ever this attentive. Just look at that eggshell the size of a fingernail. Can she not be any more

Sitting opposite him with her hands cupping her chin, Josephine looked exceptionally gentle when rays
of the morning sun bathed her face. “What’s wrong? Do you not like the egg I peeled for you?”

“How is that possible?” Jonathan replied without hesitation before stuffing the egg into his mouth.
Following a loud crunch, the egg, together with its shell, was chewed into pieces by Jonathan before
being swallowed.

“Even if you fed me poison, I’ll willingly eat it.” Josephine nodded with a slight grin. “I’m glad you know
what’s good for you. Anyway, I’m going to take a nap. You… just remember to be careful.”

Just as she spoke, Josephine turned around and left. However, she didn’t get far before she turned
back around again. “Jonathan!”

“Yes?” Jonathan turned his attention to her upon hearing her call his name. He was greeted by the
sight of Josephine gently stroking her still-flat stomach. “No matter what you do, remember that your
child and I are waiting for you.”

A lump emerged in Jonathan’s throat despite the extraordinarily casual comment. Three years. That
was the amount of time he spent in the army so that he could enjoy a peaceful breakfast with his family
and live a stable life with Josephine.

When Jonathan left Asura’s Office and returned to Jadeborough, he had the intention of slowing down
Asura’s Office’s expansion.

Obviously, he considered using the opportunity to retire and spend the rest of his days with Josephine.

Unfortunately, the situation in Chanaea had changed so rapidly that he was unable to disentangle
himself from it.

Given that he had established Asura’s Office, the other factions were definitely not going to allow him to
disband the organization, let alone leave.

Consequently, Jonathan let out a deep sigh as he watched Josephine’s leaving silhouette.

In order to achieve a sustainable sense of stability, I’ll have to resolve the problem posed by Karl and
the respectable families as soon as possible. As for Yaleview…

Jonathan strode out of the house.

Even though Edenic Heights was placed under restrictions, he was still within the confines of his

As a result, it was advisable for him, in his capacity as Asura, to stay outside the compound.

Upon leaving the yard, he saw Harry waiting for him outside.

“Mr. Goldstein, Lauryn has been assigned to No. 129 Villa for security check.”

“Security check?”

Jonathan was slightly stunned.

“There’s no need for that. She’s a Grandmaster. If she had wanted to cause trouble, none of you could
have stood in her way. If that isn’t her intention, a security check would be redundant. Therefore, just
bring her here.”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

No sooner had Harry acknowledged the instructions than a soldier beside him contacted No. 129 Villa
to let Lauryn pass.

As Jonathan and Harry walked down the hill and passed by No. 2 Villa, they saw Donald sitting on the
outdoor swing and kicking his legs in the air.

“Donald? What are you doing here?” Jonathan asked curiously.

Ever since Jason was injured, Donald had taken over Edenic Heights’ medical team. The mountain
resort was filled with injured soldiers, including some in critical condition that couldn’t be moved. Based
on Donald’s character, he would never leave these men unattended.

“Nothing much, just waiting for Jason.”

When Donald saw Jonathan, there was a sense of contempt in the air, which Jonathan could detect
from the former’s tone.

“Isn’t Jason recuperating at No. 8 Villa? Why did you come here?”

“Since you’ve brought the pill back, Jason insists on carrying out Sophia’s surgery. He says that the
earlier it’s completed, the higher the chances of success,” Donald replied matter-of-factly.

After throwing No. 2 Villa a glance, Jonathan went on his way.

However, his response triggered a slight change in Donald’s gaze.

As for Harry, he quickly caught up with Jonathan.

“Ms. Goldstein, why don’t you rest here? We can go and see Lauryn after Ms. Sophia’s surgery is

“That’s not necessary,” Jonathan replied softly.

“I’ll only be waiting here and will be of no help at all. Furthermore, Jason will be performing the surgery
despite his grievous injuries, which is a testament to his confidence. Thus, there’s no reason for me not
to trust him.”

While both men were leaving, Donald watched their disappearing silhouettes with his lips curling into a

“I’m intrigued by this person to whom Jason has pledged his loyalty,” murmured Donald to himself.

Meanwhile, along the road up the mountain, the surrounding trees had already been felled, leaving only
waist-high shrubs.

Inside a pavilion, Jonathan and Lauryn sat there quietly together, locking gazes with each other.

While Lauryn scanned the strange-looking surroundings, Jonathan scrutinized her from head to toe

Dressed in loose track wear and a baseball cap, Lauryn looked exhausted.

“Jonathan, did the Osborne family do this?”

When Lauryn finally broke the silence, Jonathan gently shook his head.

“Not exactly. Previously, the Osborne family sent three Grandmasters to attack my family. Even though
there was chaos, they weren’t responsible for the devastation. Instead, it was my subordinates who
cleared the trees to prevent any more surprise attacks. I guess they have learned from their mistakes.”

“Three Grandmasters?” Lauryn sighed softly. “It seems the Osborne family is hell-bent on war against

As Jonathan stared at Lauryn, the look in his eyes changed minutely.

“Are you injured?”

The moment both of them met, Jonathan could tell that Lauryn’s spiritual energy wasn’t circulating

Also, her rigid sitting posture and the repeated subconscious stretching of her left shoulder cemented
his suspicions further.

But Lauryn drank the sap from the Flaming Tree before leaving Summerbank Abyss. Shouldn’t she
have fully recovered from her injuries? As for going back to her family, who would have the gall to bully
the eldest daughter of the Blackwood family? It seems that not everything is right at home after her

Just as expected, Jonathan’s question caused Lauryn to instinctively glance at her left shoulder.

“It’s no big deal. It’s just a minor injury.”

Jonathan nodded slightly. “I guess you failed to persuade your father?”

“How did you know?”

Lauryn widened her eyes at Jonathan.

“The only person within the Blackwood family that dares to strike you is your father.”

Lifting the coffee pot, Jonathan poured Lauryn a cup.

After pushing it toward her, Jonathan spoke candidly. “Since you’re already here, go ahead and tell me.
What is the Blackwood family’s stance?”

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