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The Legendary Man Chapter 898

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-The gruesome scene before their eyes prompted a brief moment of
silence, followed by piercing screams.

When Ksana mentioned that she was looking for the leader of Black Snake Gang, the drunk patrons in
the bar, particularly the locals from Remdik, immediately came to their senses and rushed outside out
of fear.

What the hell! What kind of organization is Black Snake Gang?

Black Snake Gang was the most powerful underground force in Mortling Castle.

Even the local police did not want to have anything to do with this behemoth. That spoke volumes of its
influence and power.

Yet, someone dared to come and seek the leader of Black Snake Gang with murderous intent.
Obviously, one would not expect it to be a peaceful exchange.

Even the most foolish among the crowd understood that a fierce battle was about to break out.

As the patrons fled, the remaining bar occupants were all members of Black Snake Gang.

Although this bar was not the headquarters of Black Snake Gang, it was one of the properties owned
by their leader, Paisley.

Consequently, it had become a default gathering place for Black Snake Gang members.

“Do you want to see our boss?” the bartender shouted at Ksana, pointing a hunting rifle at her head. “I
think you’re looking for death!”


As the bartender pulled the trigger, Ksana dodged to the right and threw her bottle of vodka like a
meteor toward his face.

She quickly grabbed the hunting rifle and jumped onto the bar counter, swinging the barrel at the
bartender’s face.

Although the people here were all members of the underworld, there was not a single one of the three
—Jonathan, Kite, and Ksana—who could be considered a good person.

In just a few strikes, the bartender had lost his life.

As Ksana took a deep breath and fixed her hair, she looked outside and said with a smile, “What would
you like to drink, everyone? This round is on me!”


With a loud gunshot, chaos erupted in the bar.

Ksana and Kite darted through the crowd, taking lives with each step without a hint of hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jonathan sat beside the bar, summoning the bronze handbell to isolate himself from the
outside world. Drinking his alcohol, he sighed.

The bullets bounced off the golden shield that surrounded Jonathan while Kite stabbed anyone who
dared to fire at him in the heart. The victim then fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

The slaughter lasted less than three minutes. Except for a big man hiding in the corner, who was
already scared out of his wits, all members of Black Snake Gang inside the bar were dead.

“You are all devils…” The big man turned around and ran toward the door after seeing Jonathan and
his companions looking at him.

But after taking only two steps, he felt his feet leave the ground, and he was inexplicably lifted and
thrown toward Jonathan.

“Call your boss and tell him that if I don’t see him within an hour, I will wipe out all of his gang and make
sure that Black Snake Gang completely vanished from Mortling Castle!”

There were many ways to find the leader of an organization, but Jonathan’s method was undoubtedly
the quickest and most straightforward.

A long line of cars formed outside the bar in less than thirty minutes.

Sensing the surge of spiritual energy outside the door, Jonathan grinned, realizing that Black Snake
Gang was so bold because they had cultivators among them.

With five Grandmaster Realms and dozens of Superior Realms, this power level was sufficient to
dominate a region.

Jonathan looked at Kite beside him and said, “Kite, step back. These people are not something you
can handle.”

“I know.” Without hesitation, Kite moved two meters back and continued rummaging through the
pockets of the corpses on the corpses lying on the ground, leaving Jonathan speechless.

Despite appearing harmless, why does this child give off an increasingly negative impression the more
one gets to know him?

The bar door was smashed from the outside, and the cold wind rushed in, bringing fifty people with it.

The five at the forefront were all in Grandmaster Realms. One was in the advanced phase, one in the
middle phase, and three in the beginner phase.

Even though the one in the advanced phase was the strongest, he and the other three in the beginner
phase were protecting the middle person who was in the middle phase between them.

Jonathan was certain that the one in the middle, wearing a shirt and casual pants, was the leader of
Black Snake Gang.

“Kite, the one in the middle?” Jonathan asked.

Kite nodded slightly, “Yes, that one in the middle phase is Paisley.”

Paisley had wanted to hide behind the advanced phase cultivator and observe, but he did not hide
when his identity was revealed. He simply raised his hand and motioned for his men to stop.

Looking at Jonathan and Ksana, Paisley nodded slightly.

Then he walked to the bar, picked up a bottle of wine that had been left there, poured the remaining
wine into a cup, and took a big sip.

“You all look unfamiliar. You’re not from Mortling Castle,” Ksana translated Paisley’s words to Jonathan

Jonathan smiled and nodded, “That’s right. Today is our first time in Mortling Castle.”

“Your first time.” Paisley gritted his teeth and looked at Jonathan. “So, we should have nothing to do
with each other!”

“If that’s the case, then why did you kill so many of my people?” Paisley’s glass shattered in his hand.

“You’d better give me a reason otherwise, you won’t leave this bar today!” As Paisley spoke, the four
Grandmaster Realms behind him surrounded Jonathan and Ksana.

Ksana wanted to make a move, but Jonathan grabbed her wrist.

“We’re here to do business,” Jonathan said, flipping his hand and taking out a gold bar from his storage


A heavy thud reverberated through the bar as a gold bar landed on the counter, causing Paisley and
his companions to startle.

This brick weighed sixty pounds and was worth tens of millions, even at a discounted price.

It was a transaction that only a behemoth like Black Snake Gang could afford, and it was not a small

“Doing business?” Paisley frowned at the gold bar on the counter. “But why did you kill so many of my
men if you came here to talk business? How am I supposed to settle this with you?”


Another gold bar was thrown onto the counter.

This time, everyone was truly shaken!

There were only two main reasons one would carry around gold bars. First, that person was unafraid of
being robbed. Second, that person would most likely be involved in shady dealings that couldn’t bear
the light of day.

Trading in gold was done to avoid leaving any traces behind.

That was the very definition of professionalism!

Paisley looked at the two gold bars on the table and used his spiritual sense to envelop Jonathan and
the others.

Sensing the spiritual fluctuations of two Grandmaster Realms, Paisley smirked. “These two bars aren’t
enough. How about you give me your storage ring and we’ll continue our discussion?”

“You’re courting death!” Kite shook his head and sighed upon hearing Paisley’s words as he rummaged
through the dead bodies for money.

“Mr. Goldstein, that idiot is trying to rob you,” she added.

Hearing that, Jonathan chuckled and looked at Paisley before turning to Ksana beside him. “Kill all of
them except for Paisley.”

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