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Chapter 544

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Ask And You Shall Receive

At that moment, there were still a few guests with messy clothes in front of Jonathan. These guests had
begun hiking before the sun even rose, but their paths were blocked just before they reached the

“Seriously, are you barbarians?” A slightly plump woman had stepped forward to shout at the men in
black suits.

“When did Summerbank Mountain become private property? We’ve been here dozens of times, and
the rule is that the first three hundred highest bidders get to receive the blessings. Isn’t that right,

“Exactly! You have no right to block our paths like this.” “They’re right. Let’s not be afraid of these
bullies. We’ll take them down together. There’s no way the two of them can take on so many of us.”

Only insanely powerful men like Jonathan could run all the way to that summit without breaking a
sweat. Everyone else had to work extremely hard and hike for hours to reach that place at that hour.

After putting in all that hard work, anyone would be upset to hear some unauthorized personnel chase
them away for no reason. A few dozen hikers, whose way had been blocked, forged ahead and tried to
walk right past the two men in their way.

However, before they even got close, a crisp sound made it to their ears. Following a flash of light, the
fringe of the woman leading the way was cut off.

Strands of her hair drifted as the wind carried them away. No one protested or murmured another word.
The woman who suddenly lost her bangs had turned as pale as a sheet at that moment. She trembled,
and her knees gave way, causing her to fall to the ground.

A pungent scent slowly spread out, prompting everyone to stumble backward. When the other hikers
shifted their gaze downward, they noticed that the woman’s pants were drenched. It turned out that the
woman had wet herself.

The two men in black suits each had a short dagger with a black handle with them, and they pointed
their weapons at the crowd.

“Triplex Manifesta will not receive any other guests today. That is Mr. Jensen’s order. If anyone here
wants to go against the Jensen family, you are welcome to drop by the Jensen residence. We will
surely welcome you warmly.”

After hearing those words, the crowd began murmuring among themselves.

“The Jensen family? As in the most respectable family in Summerbank?”

“Well, duh! It’s not like there are any other families in the city with that surname.”

“Guys, the Jensen family is very powerful and has connections with both the authorities and the
underworld figures. I guess we can’t go to the summit today. We can’t afford to offend the Jensen

“That’s true. We can’t outbid the Jensen family anyway, so I guess there is no point in going up against
the Jensen family.”

When the first person turned around to leave, everybody else followed along, but their eyes glowed
with frustration.

That was how the world worked.

Many would try to fight against inequality when they were on the receiving end of unjust treatment.

However, they would back down and accept defeat the second they learned just how powerful their
foes were and how futile their efforts would be.

Of course, not everyone would choose to back down and tolerate such unfair treatment.

Looking at the two men in black suits, Jonathan remained calm and indifferent.

He had engaged in wars for three years. Moreover, not long ago, he had fought against Garrison from
the Osborne family, and the powerful man almost had him killed.

Compared to all that, the two bodyguards armed with a dagger were nothing to Jonathan. They couldn’t
rattle Jonathan or cause a single ripple of fear in his heart.

“Oy, punk! I will not show you any mercy if you take another step forward,” warned one of the
bodyguards in a hostile tone.

Jonathan slowly turned his attention to the bodyguard and replied, “You better get out of my way, or you
will get yourself killed.”

Jonathan walked right past the two bodyguards after saying those words. Despite being armed with
daggers, those men stood there as though they had been petrified. Neither of them dared to move a

The man before them was simply too terrifying.

Both men turned to one another and saw the immense fear oozing out of their partner’s eyes.

Bodyguards who worked for powerful families always had little concern because their employers were
influential and could back them up. Some of those bodyguards might even have blood on their hands.

They were also the kind of people who knew precisely who they could and couldn’t mess with.

When Jonathan moved past them, his presence and aura struck fear into the hearts of both

“Hey, stop!” shouted one of the bodyguards. The man gripped his dagger and steeled himself up before
he could utter those words.

“You can’t go there. Leave now, and we won’t cause any trouble for you,” said the other bodyguard. He
had pointed his dagger at Jonathan as well.

It was not that the bodyguards were being diligent and dutiful. However, their employer, Desmond
Jensen, was too cruel.

If they were to let Jonathan head to the summit just like that, Desmond would definitely make their lives
a living hell.

Jonathan turned around slowly. “You realize you can’t stop me, right?”

“Maybe. But we’ll be killed if we don’t stop you.”

One of the bodyguards roared. After that, he crouched down a little and flipped his dagger. The blade’s
reflection made it look as though it were nothing but a ray of bright light that was moving incredibly fast
toward Jonathan’s throat.


The crowd felt as though something was wrong with their eyes because they didn’t see anything. All
they heard was a soft click, and before they knew it, Jonathan had already stabbed the assaulting
bodyguard with the dagger and pinned the latter to the wall of the mountain.

“What a pitiful soul. I will spare your life today. Break the end of the blade and go to the hospital now.
You can live if you listen to me. But if you pull the blade out, you will die for sure.”

Those were the only words Jonathan left behind before he turned around.

The other spectators turned even paler when they saw the bodyguard bleeding from his chest.
Frightened, they all immediately left the place and descended the mountain.

Triplex Manifesta was a temple, but it wasn’t grand at all.

It was only about thirty meter square. The main hall in the middle took up most of the space, leaving
only a small section for the courtyard that covered about four hundred square meters.

At that moment, the small courtyard was filled with about one or two hundred chairs.

The main hall was built at the top of some stone staircases. A young monk who seemed to be about
thirteen years old remained quiet as he stood there and stared at the crowd. He looked a bit puzzled.

He had led the ceremony a few times, and the courtyard was always packed with people.

Yet, there were only about forty or fifty people present that day. It was something he had never
encountered before.

He also noted that, among the people in the first row, the young man who was seated in the rightmost
seat was the most eye-catching one.

The attendees of the ceremony were usually influential figures, and they would always behave
gracefully, even when they were simply waiting for the commencement of the ceremony. That young
man, however, had put his legs up and was playing games on his mobile. He even cussed every now
and then.

His behavior made the other attendees frown, but they chose to keep their complaints to themselves
because the young man had a few bodyguards with him.

That rude young man was none other than the son of the Jensen family, Desmond Jensen.

In a way, he was like the crown prince of Summerbank, and he was someone no one could afford to

When he finished a round of his game, he cursed aloud and kicked the chair right in front of him.

After tossing his phone to the bodyguard standing beside him, Desmond stood up.

“F*ck that guy. Look into the person with this player’s ID. I am so going to f*ck him up.”

“Understood,” replied the bodyguard after catching the phone.

Given the way the bodyguard behaved, it was clear that it was not the first time he did something illegal
for Desmond over petty reasons.

Desmond stood up and stretched a little.

“Kid, get on with it already. No one else will come here today.”

The second Desmond uttered those words, the door to the temple opened. A young man in a casual
outfit stepped inside. That young man was none other than Jonathan.

“Hi, is this the place where the ceremony will be performed?”

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