Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 542

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Mount Vista Cumulus

Following what Jonathan said, the few burly men who were blocking the way appeared slightly
stunned. After that, they burst out laughing. “Darn it! Who let this d*ck out of their pants?”

“That’s right. Who the h*ll does he think he is?” “Get out of our way! Otherwise, you can die with him!”

There was a fuss before the group of men wanted to attack with metal batons. Only the leader of the
group hesitated. He stopped his men and eyed Jonathan warily.

“Brat, Shane Chancer owed us money. It’s written very clearly on the IOU. We have the right to get our
money back. Mind your own business. If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“That’s rubbish!” shouted Lynn Chancer as she held back her tears. “My dad loves to play poker. That’s
all. Two months ago, my dad met two new friends who always asked him out for poker games. Each
time, my dad would return home with some winnings. But after that, they met someone who didn’t know
how to play poker.

So, those two friends discussed it with my dad, and they planned to cheat that man of his money.
Ultimately, my dad lost hundreds of thousands and even owed one hundred and fifty thousand. When
my dad returned the next day, they had beaten him to a pulp. It was so bad that he couldn’t stand up.

They just tossed him out of the car. All of you had set him up! You had tricked my dad! My dad told me
that when he was in the cave, he was forced to play even when he didn’t want to. When he lost all his
money, all of you beat him up and forced him to borrow money. This is all your fault!”

With Jonathan around, Lynn had the courage to reveal the truth. Jonathan could not help but feel sad
when he heard the entire story. That was obviously an old trick. Yet, Shane still fell for it.

In the end, it was his greed that killed him. “Let’s have some respect for the dead. Please allow the
burial to be completed first. I shall settle his debt with you,” said Jonathan indifferently.

“F*ck you! Who do you think you are?”

One of the men charged toward Jonathan with his metal baton when he heard what Jonathan said. The
flash of the weapon was enough to scare most people.

Everyone instinctively shut their eyes when they saw Jonathan standing still. However, just as the pole
was about to hit his head, the attacker let out an agonizing cry.

Boom! The young man flew and crashed into a van behind him. The van was completely deformed
because of the impact. What’s going on?

Everyone present stared in disbelief and confusion. Jonathan was so quick in his moves that no one
actually saw what he had done.

“F*ck! I told you to mind your own business, but you insist on interfering. Now, I don’t think you should
blame me for this! Guys, break his legs!”

The leader of the gang had learned some martial arts before. After he saw how fast Jonathan was
when he rescued Lynn, he was cautious about Jonathan.

Then again, he was in illegal business. Forcing others to take loans and going after them to collect their
debt was something he had done for a long time. As time went by, he had taken many lives as well.
That made him bolder.

Now that his subordinate was beaten by Jonathan, he had to retaliate. If he did not, there was no way
he could continue his business in Summerbank anymore.

Following his orders, his subordinates charged toward Jonathan with metal batons.

However, they were no match for Jonathan.

In a matter of seconds, most of those men ended up lying on the ground. Only the leader of the gang
remained standing.

“W-Who exactly are you?”

The burly man started to panic when he saw all of his subordinates lying on the ground. Sweat began
pouring down his forehead.

Jonathan walked up to him and grabbed hold of his weapon.

“I will settle Mr. Chancer’s outstanding debt. But, I will also go after all of you for killing him. Today is
Mr. Chancer’s funeral, and it’s inappropriate to kill, so get lost!”

With that, Jonathan turned and walked back to Lynn.

As for the leader of the gang, he looked at the metal baton that had already been deformed, and he
trembled in fear. He got into his Mercedes-Benz and sped off without caring about his subordinates.

Together with Lynn and the others, Jonathan proceeded to bury Shane at the back of the mountain in

The entire affair only ended in the evening.

Back in the courtyard, Jonathan was seated at a table with food and wine and the Chancer family
facing him. Their eyes were reddened with sorrow, and no one spoke.

Breaking the ice, Lynn got up, poured Jonathan a glass of wine, and said, “Jonathan, thank you for
what you did earlier on. If not for you, my dad would still be lying in this courtyard. I’m really grateful to
you. Please accept my toast.”

With that, Lynn was about to down her drink when Jonathan stopped her.

“Lynn, wine is not good for you. It’s best not to drink.”

As Jonathan was talking, he took out a bank card from his pocket.

“There’s three million in here. I wanted to give it to Mr. Chancer myself, but I didn’t expect him to…
Anyway, this is a token from me. Please accept it.”

Everybody’s eyes lit up when they saw Jonathan’s bank card.

Only Lynn reached out and pushed his hand away.

“Jonathan, I have no idea who you are. But, my dad and I had a vague idea two years ago. After all,
back then, all of you came in your military uniform.”

At the mention of her dad, Lynn’s voice sounded hoarse.

“My dad even said that all of you have made Summerbank into a peaceful and safe haven. It’s only
right we should help. I cannot accept your money.”

The people around Lynn looked disappointed when they heard what she said.

They were Lynn’s aunts and uncles. Looking at their greedy expressions, Jonathan nodded.

He wanted his money to go to Lynn. It was likely that by the time he left, the money might be taken
away by her relatives.

At the thought of that, Jonathan kept his bank card.

“You’re right. After all, money is just pieces of paper. In a couple of days, I’ll arrange for someone to
send you to Summerbank and get you a job there. I hope you won’t turn me down. Both your dad and
you are my benefactors. This is the least I can do.”

Lynn nodded slightly when she heard Jonathan’s offer.

The dinner ended hastily. Just as Jonathan was prepared to leave, he finally revealed his real intention
of being there.

“So, about the monk…”

Lynn gave his question serious thought.

“I recalled my dad being the one to send the monk his food when all of you locked him in the room
where we kept the firewood. My dad told me before that during one of his conversations with the monk,
the monk told him that he came from… Mount Vista Cumulus!”

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