Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 540

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The words from the walkie-talkie stunned the soldier manning the guard tower. Turning toward
Malcolm, who was right beside him, the soldier exchanged confused looks with him.

“Isn’t the Eastern Army supposed to be guarding the northeast? Why did they cross Chanaea and
come all the way to the west?” Beside them, Hayes asked hesitantly, “Malcolm, why do I sense
something is amiss about this?”

“Yes, it’s suspicious indeed,” Malcolm replied in a deep voice. Meanwhile, the young soldier who
received the call was slightly nervous.

“Commander, should we report this to someone higher ranked?” Upon hearing the soldier’s question,
Malcolm pondered for a moment before finally shaking his head.

The person whom the soldier was talking about was naturally Dorian Chance. At that moment, Dorian
was leading one hundred and twenty thousand men in a standoff against Ibica Army and was mired in
a critical moment.

Before he left, he had clearly delegated all authority over the Northern Crimson Prison to Malcolm. As a
result, if he were to alarm the Excalibur King of War before the situation was clear, he would definitely
be showing his incompetence.

Holding that thought, he took the walkie-talkie from the soldier’s hand and instructed, “Northern
Crimson Prison, over. Second Special Forces of the Eastern Army, please gather one kilometer away
from the Northern Crimson Prison’s eastern gate and be prepared to be inspected. I repeat…”

“Second Special Forces, over. We will arrive at the designated spot in five minutes and are ready for
inspection. Over.”

Even though the exchange was remarkably concise, it significantly eased the tension in the air.

After all, the approaching party being cooperative was naturally a good sign.

“Order the men to arm themselves and gather at the eastern gate. I’ll be going out with them for the

“Yes, sir!” the young soldier acknowledged the orders before setting off to cascade it.

However, just when Malcolm was about to leave, he turned around and walked back.

“Wait, use the satellite phone to give Karl, Prince of Diyouli, a call first.”

Under normal circumstances, the Eight Kings of War were provided a method to communicate easily
with each other in case of emergencies.

Therefore, Malcolm—who was temporarily in charge of Northern Crimson Prison—had the authority to
access the communication device.

Upon receiving Malcolm’s orders, the soldier headed off to execute it.

Meanwhile, in Salinsburgh, northeast of Chanaea, Karl was enjoying a cigar in front of a computer
within the Eastern Army’s base.

“Commander, the Second Special Forces are assembling a kilometer outside the Northern Crimson
Prison’s eastern gate. Currently, they are preparing to be inspected before being allowed to enter the
area,” a middle-aged man reported coldly on the computer screen.

Subsequently, Karl nodded in acknowledgment.

“The Northern Crimson Prison has plenty of rules, so you have to be more careful. The ultimate goal of
your mission is to destroy it so that the supply lines to Mysonna Army are cut. As for the convicts,

transfer as many as you can, but do so based on the corresponding situation. Do not force the issue.”


No sooner had he turned off the computer than the satellite phone on his office desk rang.

Karl responded by answering it with a press of a button.

“Dorian, I’m surprised to hear from you.”

“Greetings, Commander.”

Karl was stunned when it was Malcolm’s voice that rang out.

“And you’re…”

“Reporting in, Commander.” Malcolm added softly, “I’m Malcolm Wallace, division leader of the Ninth
Division of the Mysonna Army, and I am temporarily in charge of the Northern Crimson Prison. I’m sorry
to bother you, but there’s something I need to verify with you.”

“Even though you’re taking on the role temporarily, you’re still the one in charge. Hence, you’re
considered my peer.” Karl chuckled while puffing out a smoke ring. “Whatever it is, go ahead and tell

“All right!”

Speaking candidly, Malcolm related everything about the situation with the Second Special Forces.

“Commander, for the sake of the Northern Crimson Prison’s security, protocol requires me to inspect
your men. Also, I’ll need you to send over a copy of all their personal details.”

“No problem,” Karl agreed without hesitation.

“In a short while, I’ll have someone get in touch with the Northern Crimson Prison’s information
department. As for my men, I appreciate you taking care of them.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, Commander.”

The call had barely ended when the smile on Karl’s face gradually faded away and was soon replaced
by a grim expression.

“It would be good if Mysonna falls into chaos. With thirty thousand wicked men released and running
loose, it will send shockwaves throughout Chanaea.”

At Summerbank’s airport, Jonathan—who had just disembarked from the plane—got into a car that
Hades had arranged. It then brought him straight to Xenhall, a village in the county of Quawak.

As he left the hustle and bustle of the city, the surrounding greenery on both sides of the route
reminded Jonathan of the summer two years ago.

Back then, Asura’s Office had yet to be established, and he had just been pushed to the forefront—to
be the army commander of two hundred thousand men.

It was also during the battle of Summerbank Mountain that a shell exploded right beside him. The
resulting shrapnel pierced through his chest and killed many of those around him.

The medic back then was none other than the eccentric Jason.

Due to the seriousness of Jonathan’s injury, Jason decided to treat him on the spot. Hence, Hades
stayed back with the rest of the men to continue the battle while he—alongside a smaller group—
evacuated Jonathan toward Xenhall, which was located at the foot of Summerbank Mountain.

After drifting in and out of consciousness for three days in the village’s clinic, Jonathan’s condition
finally stabilized.

As for the young monk who gave Jonathan the pill, he had first appeared in Xenhall.

Back then, due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the young monk’s appearance, Hades
and the others remained extremely wary of the latter. This was despite the fact that Jason had decided
to use the pill given by the young man.

Hades even ordered the man to be imprisoned for three days until Jonathan awoke to make sure that
the young monk wasn’t trying to harm Jonathan. Only then was the young monk allowed to leave.

During the three-day period, many of the soldiers put their guard up against the young monk. Only the
medic at the clinic, Shane Chancer, took good care of the latter and chatted with him.

Therefore, in order to locate the young monk to find the life-saving pill, one had to first start by looking
Shane up in Xenhall.

As his car approached the village, Jonathan was filled with regret.

During the time he was grievously injured, he owed Shane and the young monk a debt of gratitude for
saving his life.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the opportunity to thank them, for he was urgently transferred someplace
else by Hades before his wounds were completely healed.

Within the subsequent two years, Jonathan traversed Chanaea before finally becoming Asura.

Gradually, the matter of repaying his debt of gratitude slipped his mind. Hence, if not for Sophia’s
serious injury, he would likely have forgotten about Xenhall entirely.

“Commander, Xenhall is right in front of us,” the soldier driving the vehicle Jonathan was in reminded.

The sight of the village jolted Jonathan back to his sense.

After a slight hesitation, he finally responded, “Drop me outside the village. I know the place well, so I’ll
walk in by myself.”

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