Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 538

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Load Their Weapons

Jonathan walked right past the five and went straight to Xiara. “Are you okay?” he asked while pulling
her to her feet. Xiara retrieved a tiny box of pills from her pocket and popped a black-colored pill into
her mouth.

Having recovered some of her strength after taking a few deep breaths, Xiara stared at Jonathan and
asked with a conflicted look on her face, “What are you doing here?”

My friends whom I grew up with are trying to kill me, and the person who saves my life is the one I’m
supposed to kill… Just how am I supposed to feel about this situation?

“Oh, I just like exercising early in the morning,” Jonathan replied while looking at the assassins he had
frozen in place with his spiritual energy.

“I got a little confused when I overheard your conversation earlier. Are you really Xiara, who ranks ninth
on the Heaven List?”

“I am.” Xiara picked up her dagger and stared at Agent 99 and the others as she continued, “And so
are they. This is a secret of Heaven List. ‘Xiara’ is actually the codename of an organization.”

It was then Jonathan finally understood everything.

So, this is why Xiara told me she had killed over hundreds of targets despite only starting her career as
an assassin three years ago. Those targets were no ordinary people, either. Each and every one of
them held high positions in society. Some of them were so powerful that they could even affect the
countries in the west!

To assassinate people like that would require tons of preparation beforehand, perfect execution of the
plan, and tons of luck. Xiara killed at least two per month and an average of thirty per year. There’s no

way she’d have the time to set up all those assassinations by herself. However, it would all make sense
if Xiara is actually an organization instead of an individual. “So, should I call you ‘Xiara’ or ‘Agent 65’?”

“My name is Yasmin Zielinski,” Yasmin replied as she shoved the dagger into Agent 99’s heart.

“Are you planning on killing them all? We might be able to get some useful information out of them if we
keep them alive,” Jonathan said with a frown.

“It’s pointless to interrogate them. Like me, they’ve all had their sense of pain removed. On Paradise
Island, we were put through all sorts of training to resist interrogation. These people have all been
brainwashed to a point where they believe dying for Paradise Island is incredibly honorable,” Yasmin
explained while stabbing at another assassin’s heart.

Jonathan fell speechless after hearing what Yasmin said.

Man, Xiara sure is cruel! These aren’t assassins! They’re clearly humanoid weapons! Thank goodness
they aren’t that many in numbers, though. If what Yasmin said is true, then only a hundred out of the
three thousand members of Xiara have survived. Since they’re trained in the art of solo assassination,
they are unable to make use of tactical formations and launch coordinated attacks like an army could.
That fact alone makes them a lot less threatening.

Yasmin had killed four of the assassins, so Agent 98 was the only one remaining. “Xiara will come for
you, Agent 65,” Agent 98 said while glaring at Yasmin with an indifferent expression.

It was as though she didn’t care if she was about to be killed. Yasmin shot Agent 98 a glance and
asked, “You’re a crazy extremist, so your heart is probably connected to a Termination Bomb. Am I

The look on Agent 98’s face changed instantly when she heard that.

“What? How did you know? I installed it after you left—”

Crack! Yasmin cut Agent 98 off by stabbing at her neck. As she pulled the dagger out, Agent 98’s body
went limp and collapsed to the floor like a ragdoll. “You won’t get away with this, Agent 65! Xiara will kill
you! You are a disgrace to Xiara—”

Crack! Yasmin silenced Agent 98 by stomping on her jaw, crushing it into pieces beneath her heel. She
then picked Agent 98 up and carried her toward the observation deck.

“The Termination Bomb is capable of destroying most, if not all, life forms within a twenty-meter radius
upon detonation. The user’s heart is what activates the bomb. It’ll activate the detonation sequence
automatically when it is unable to detect a heartbeat. It’s the last resort for assassins like us. After all,
most people will choose to interrogate assassins for information after capturing them,” Yasmin
explained while tossing Agent 98 down the observation deck.

A few seconds later, a powerful explosion tore through the mountains. Jonathan shuddered when he
heard the blast. “Are all of you assassins this extreme?” he asked.

“We have no choice.” Yasmin glanced at Agent 99, who had died with his eyes open, as she continued,
“I’ve made an enemy of Xiara when I attacked them earlier, so they’re all going to come after me now. It
looks like you won’t be getting your money’s worth for the two hundred million, Jonathan.”

“Hey, you only attacked them because you wanted out of Xiara!” Jonathan said with a helpless chuckle.
He then let out a sigh as he continued, “Yasmin, you should join Asura’s Office and do what you truly
feel like doing.”

“I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to live a peaceful life, that’s all.”

“Then a peaceful life you shall live,” Jonathan replied with a smile.

Yasmin froze when she heard that.

Me? Live a peaceful life? Do I really deserve something like that?

“I admire you, Jonathan. I got sick and tired of killing a long time ago, but there is no place in this world
for an assassin like me. I wish someone would step forward and bring peace to this world. Do you think
you could be that someone, Jonathan?” Yasmin asked expectantly while staring at Jonathan from the

She wanted him to give her an affirmative answer, but Jonathan simply shook his head in response.

“I can’t even gain full control over Chanaea, let alone change the entire world.”

A look of disappointment flickered in Yasmin’s eyes.

“If you can’t do it, then… Is salvation even possible for this world?”

“Why are you stressing yourself out with all this overthinking? Look, the sun is rising!” Jonathan said
with a chuckle.

Yasmin slowly turned around and saw the bright red sun slowly rising on the horizon and illuminating
the land.

After having breakfast at about eight in the morning, Jonathan bade them farewell and took a helicopter
to Jadeborough. From there, he boarded a private jet and flew straight for Summerbank.

Meanwhile, a convoy was making its way through the deserts of Mysonna.

In the jeep leading the convoy, a young man in a black military uniform reported to a middle-aged man
sitting next to him, “Captain, this sandstorm in this area is too heavy. We’re unable to deploy our

The middle-aged man tossed his cigarette out of the car and yawned as he told the young man, “If our
drones aren’t up in the air for real-time infrared monitoring before we reach the Northern Crimson
Prison, I will leave you in the middle of the desert.”

“Yes, sir!” the young man replied with fear in his eyes.

“How much longer until we get there?” the middle-aged man asked while looking at the grayish skies
outside the window.

“According to the information from our GPS, we are currently fifty kilometers away. We should be
arriving at Northern Crimson Prison in thirty minutes at most.”

“All right. Tell the boys to load their weapons and prepare for battle…”

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