Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 537

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Do You Have My Permission

Blood spilled all over the place. Xiara plunged into the assassin’s arms before forcing her way out of
the encirclement with the assassin as a shield. Blood seeped through the injuries on her shoulders,
arms, and thighs.

It was her best option if she wanted to escape from the encirclement. Bam! After being rammed by
Xiara, the assassin went flying meters away before crashing onto the ground.

“Y-You…” Writhing in pain, the assassin looked toward Xiara, who was still in his arms, before he tried
to stab her.

Yet, Xiara was one step ahead. She jumped onto the man and pressed her knees onto the assassin’s
arm, stopping him from swinging his blade at her.

In the next second, she unsheathed her blade, and blood spurted out immediately. Xiara’s attack had
pierced through the bulletproof vest and the assassin’s heart.

“Don’t give her the chance to use her blade!” Agent 98 bellowed, “That blade is made of special grade
materials that could tear through all kinds of bulletproof vests!”

Upon hearing Agent 98’s warnings, the assassins immediately drew their pistols and aimed toward
Xiara. Whoosh…

The silenced gun fires sounded continuously. On the other hand, Xiara had already lifted the dead body
underneath her and used it as a shield.

With the advantage of her petite figure, she concealed herself fully behind the human shield as she
closed in on Agent 98. Ten meters… Eight meters… Five meters… Three meters…

When she was two meters away from her target, Xiara kicked onto the dead body’s stomach and sent it
flying toward Agent 98. Just as the dead body flew past Agent 98, the corpse’s neck burst into pieces.
Crimson red blood spurted everywhere, and Agent 98 instinctively closed her eyes.

Xiara swayed her blade, aiming directly at Agent 98’s neck with speed so quick that it formed an
afterimage. At the moment, just as Xiara was about to slay her target, Agent 98 suddenly defied the law
of inertia as she glided backward.

It was also because of this sudden glide that allowed her to escape death. Yet, despite being able to
avoid the lethal attack, she did not walk away unscathed. Her black combat suit was entirely shredded
from the neck down, and the attack left a massive cut that etched from one side to the other side of her
shoulders. Blood started seeping through immediately.

The injury might have looked serious, but in actuality, it was just an external injury that was not too
deep, which meant that it was not lethal.

Xiara quickly retreated upon missing her attack. She leaned against a massive tree and looked toward
Agent 98’s direction alertly.

Standing behind Agent 98 was Agent 99. He slowly let go of Agent 99’s ponytail. Obviously, the one
that saved Agent 98 was none other than Agent 99 himself.

Staring at the faint smile on Agent 99’s face, Xiara could only shake her head with mockery.

“How stupid am I to think you’d stay away from this mess? Agent 99, you’ve really grown. You’re no
longer that little kid that used to follow me around anymore.”

Agent 99 retrieved the gauze from his pouch, ignored the enticing sight of Agent 98’s chest, and swiftly
bandaged her wounds.

“Agent 65, I really don’t want to fight you. You’re the one who has been guiding me all the while in
Paradise Island.” Agent 99 approached Xiara with his hands dyed red in blood. Though he recalled the
past, his gaze was nonchalant. In fact, one could say that there wasn’t a trace of emotions in his eyes.

It felt like he was a machine with no feelings.

“Agent 65, I survived the extreme survival challenge because of the root you gave me. You’re also the
one who helped me get through the practical battle by killing the two prisoners. Please surrender. I’ll
take you home with me. You’re the strongest assassin among us, so Mom will definitely forgive you.”

“Shut up!” Xiara pointed her blade toward Agent 99. Her eyes were bloodshot red.

She raised her right arm as she spoke. Blood slowly pooled up in her palm. “That is not where my
home is. Paradise Island is hell itself! There were three thousand of us during our batch, and only a
hundred survived after five years! We learned all kinds of knowledge regarding firearms,
assassinations, poison, and demolitions… Each day, someone would lose their life in a mission. Do
you think we’re still humans? Have you ever felt pain after getting on that island?”

“Pain serves no other purposes aside from making us fear and slowing us down,” Agent 99 replied with
a matter-of-fact tone. “Such deep-rooted bad behavior must be abandoned.”

“What else do you have to say aside from those?” Xiara looked at her right hand. “We don’t feel pain,
and we’re all infertile. We acted like those cold machines, roaming around the world claiming lives until
the day we lost our lives in the endless killings. Agent 99, is this what you want? I remember you telling
me that you want to be an artist. One that would present the world with a one-of-a-kind painting. Have
you forgotten them all?”

Agent 99 revealed the butterfly knife he kept around his waist and swung it around.

“My brain is not dead. Of course, I remember them all. I did say that I’m going to become an artist, but
what is after that? Agent 65, don’t you realize how wonderful it was to slit someone’s throat open? The
way the splashing blood painted the ground red is a real art.”

Upon hearing Agent 99’s words, Xiara was stunned for a second, and tears started building up.

“Their brainwashing technique is just as successful as before… If that’s the case, there’s no need for
us to keep this conversation going anymore,” Xiara answered. The sadness in her quickly faded, and in
just a breath’s time, she had already concealed all her feelings.

However, the dagger in her hand fell to the ground out of her expectation the next moment.

As for Xiara, she, too, collapsed to the ground.

“Magenta Toxin?” Xiara looked at Agent 99 in disbelief. “You poisoned me?”

“Agent 65, you’re the one who taught me not to hesitate when making a move against my target, or I’d
be the one to die.” Agent 99 smiled.

“You used my move against me…” Xiara burst out laughing. “This drug can only be applied through
body contact. You applied it on your collar or your hair?”

“On my hair. Patting my head is a habit of yours.” Agent 99 smiled in response. “If you don’t wish to
come home with us, then I’d have to finish you off. Don’t worry. You won’t feel the slightest pain.”

With that said, Agent 99 darted forward and swung his dagger toward Xiara’s throat.

Meanwhile, Xiara closed her eyes after taking one last glance at Agent 99’s calm eyes.

Magenta Toxin was a kind of neurotoxin. Though she had the antidote for it, it would take at least half a
minute for her to recover from the neurotoxin.

At the same time, these people before her were assassins who had gone through vigorous training with

Even if they were slower than her, all they needed to take her life was a second.

It seems like this is the end for me. I wonder how it’d feel like to have my throat slit open.

She closed her eyes and waited for her Judgement Day.

Yet, the pain she anticipated did not arrive after a few moments.

Xiara opened her eyes, and they redden quickly upon the scene before her.

Standing right in front of her were the assassins. They stood there frozen like a statue, rooted to the
ground with a horrified expression.

Standing on the path beside the observation deck was Jonathan. He had the Heaven Sword in his
hand as he casually made his way over.

“Did you get my permission when you tried to kill someone in my territory?”

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