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Chapter 534

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Not Responsible

“I’m not your grandfather!” Mason said coldly. “I let you go to Yaleview to settle the matter with
Jonathan. Not only did you let Garrison die in Yaleview, you even did this kind of thing! You deserve to

Upon hearing Mason’s cold words, Jay felt a chill run down his spine. The next second, he prostrated
before the elder and begged for mercy continuously.

“Grandpa, please forgive me this time. I’m your biological grandson.”

“I don’t have a grandson like you! The marriage between you and Celine Blackwood is already in
progress. It’s impossible to break off the engagement. Even if the Blackwood family agrees to that, we
can’t. It would be a disgrace. This arranged marriage is important to the Blackwood family and the
Osborne family.

We can’t afford to make mistakes. You can still be the heir of our family for now. Once you are married
for a year, I’ll find a suitable opportunity to announce the abolishment of your position and find a new
person. However, you don’t need to worry. Your life won’t be in anger because of the Blackwood family.

Even if you’re no longer the heir, they won’t make things difficult for you. Then, I’ll give you a fief so that
you can live an honest and peaceful life there. However, if your problem is ever exposed and affects
the alliance between the Osborne family and the Blackwood family, there will be no need for you to live
anymore,” Mason roared.

With that, Mason waved his hand and sent Jay flying again. He did not even bother to check on the
latter as he immediately turned around and walked out. Once Mason was out of the cave, he said
calmly, “Everett, kill all those who know about this.”

The slightly chubby middle-aged man bowed and replied with a smile, “Understood, Father.”

With that, Everett flicked his wrist, and a sword appeared in his hand. Jay looked at Everett and
pleaded, “Uncle Everett, save me!”

The next moment, there were rays of light flashing from the sword inside the cave. Within a few
seconds, Jay’s male lovers had been reduced to palm-sized pieces of flesh.

A drop of blood dripped down from the sword tip. Everett turned around and looked at Jay. “Remember
the patriarch’s words. If your information is leaked, not only you but all the people associated with you
will have to disappear.”

With that, Everett turned around and left. Jay collapsed to the ground. There were pieces of meat all
around him. However, he did not know that his subordinates, who he trained in the shadows, were
facing a one-sided massacre.

Back in Edenic Heights at Jadeborough, Jonathan was sitting cross-legged on the balcony of the third
floor in No. 1 Villa. He activated Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique and was using it to nourish his elixir

Feeling a slight pain in his elixir field, he let out a heavy sigh and opened his eyes. At this rate of
progress, he would need at least ten days to restore his elixir field.

He looked down at his clenched fists as he tried to use his spiritual energy. His strength was only
equivalent to one of Grandmaster Realm now.

To ordinary people, it would be considered an extraordinary power. However, it was nothing for an
actual expert. It seemed that he had underestimated this battle this time.

He took out the bell that Garrison left and scrutinized it. This bell was the size of a table tennis ball.
However, it was able to injure him easily and even caused Garrison to self-destruct. It seemed to have
a terrifying power.

He touched the bell with a finger. In an instant, Jonathan’s face paled, and he pulled back his finger
with a sharp cry.

Just a moment ago, when Jonathan’s finger touched the bell, he immediately felt a cold and ominous
aura. Jonathan’s spiritual energy was exiting from his finger and being sucked into the bell.

In other words, the bell was forcibly absorbing his spiritual energy ruthlessly. Luckily, he only placed a
finger on it. If it were a hand, it would only take a short while before he was sucked dry.

When Jonathan thought about how Garrison had used his finger to tap the bell, he finally came to a
realization. At that time, he had thought Garrison was using a special finger technique. However, he
now knew it was because Garrison knew about the bell and did it intentionally.

Then, Garrison might have self-destructed because of his blow. Jonathan remembered clearly that the
last time Garrison tapped the bell, the latter was using his finger. However, Jonathan had cut off
Garrison’s arm, and the latter’s whole palm landed on the bell.

Could it be that there was still spiritual energy in the meridian when I cut it off? Then, the bell sensed
the spiritual energy and started absorbing it, causing Garrison to explode. If that is truly the case, the
bell is terrifying!

While Jonathan was still inspecting it, a figure came down from the roof and landed lightly beside him.
It was Xiara.

She sat beside Jonathan as she said carelessly, “Jonathan, why aren’t you sleeping with your wife in
the middle of the night? Instead, you’re here playing with something.” Then, she threw a black package

at him.

“This is your sword. When you went to Yaleview, this sword lighted up once. It was not a short period,
so it was quite strange.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan opened the black package and inspected his Heaven Sword. After
knocking on it for a while, he still was unable to find out anything about it.

Jonathan placed his Heaven Sword on one side as he responded with a smile, “Thank you for taking
care of the family after I left.”

Xiara, with a lollipop in her mouth, flashed him a bright smile.

“Stop. You gave me a hundred million. That is equivalent to the price of ten top-tier targets, and I was
able to earn it in twenty-four hours. It was well worth my while, so you don’t owe me anything.”

Jonathan replied calmly, “Who said the mission is done? Tomorrow morning, I have to go out again. It
will take three to five days this time. It won’t be more than ten days. So, you have to look after this
family during this period.”

He had killed Garrison from the Osborne family and made enemies with Yaleview Army.

In just one day, Chanaea’s situation had undergone a dramatic upheaval.

Therefore, Jonathan felt even more worried for his family members.

Therefore, he valued Xiara’s existence even more.

Looking at Jonathan, Xiara immediately stood up.

“Jonathan, are you even aware of the situation? I’m here to assassinate you. Do you think I’m your
guard dog? Let me tell you—”

Jonathan interrupted Xiara and said, “I’ll add another hundred million. You just have to guarantee the
safety of the people in this mansion.”

At that moment, outside No. 1 Villa, Zachary had already brought his army to protect the Goldstein

However, assassins had many methods. Even if there was an army guarding the residence, there
might still be loopholes.

Xiara, who was the ninth on the Heaven List, would undoubtedly understand their strategies.

Seeing Jonathan extend one of his fingers, Xiara slowly placed a finger on it.

“Add another two hundred million, and I’ll protect them for ten days. However, if they wander too far off,
I’m not responsible for their deaths.”

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