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Chapter 535

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Agent 65

“Deal!” Jonathan stretched out his hand toward Xiara. The latter hesitated for a moment before
accepting the handshake. “Why do I have a feeling that I’ve been tricked?” Xiara muttered as she
withdrew her hand.

Jonathan chuckled and said, “I doubt there’s anyone capable of tricking you.” “That’s true.” Xiara
smiled smugly. “All right. Since I’ve taken your money, I’ll take care of your problem. Starting from
today, I’ll guarantee your family’s safety for the next ten days.”

As Xiara spoke, she leaped hastily to the roof and disappeared into the night. Jonathan looked in the
direction where she had left and shook his head lightly.

He had prepared a room for her since the first day of her arrival. However, she had never put up a night
there. As an assassin, Xiara insisted on finding a relatively safe place for herself. Otherwise, she could
not fall asleep.

Snapping out of his reverie, Jonathan concealed his thoughts and attempted to cleanse his spirit
through meditation. Then, he put away the bronze handbell and continued cultivating the Heaven

Previously, he saw a vision when the sword gleamed with a green light. Something similar happened
again yesterday, only the green light illuminated longer than before. Jonathan suddenly recalled Xiara’s
words and thought that the particular scene might signify something important.

Last time, the vision flashed across his eyes too quickly. He was not able to identify if the light was
merely an illusion or a reflection from somewhere across the earth.

Jonathan thought about illustrating what he saw from the vision so that Hades and the rest could
investigate further.

However, apart from dense foliage and lush greenery, there was nothing iconic that appeared in the
vision. With that, it was undoubtedly challenging to look into it. Hence, he dismissed the idea.

“What time is it, Jonathan? Are you going to sleep?”

Right when Jonathan was about to hold the Heaven Sword in the hope of gaining some insights, he
heard Josephine’s voice from the third floor.

He lifted his head and saw Josephine in her loose pajamas. Despite donning a loose outfit, her
voluptuous body could not go unnoticed.

Josephine’s naivety seemed to have been replaced by her growing maturity. Jonathan wondered if it
was due to her pregnancy or the tremendous development happening in the Smith family.

“Yes! I’m heading to bed now.”

Jonathan hurried into the bedroom and hugged Josephine by the waist.

“Your wish is my command, Darling.”

He then planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Jeez!” she hummed coquettishly in his arms.

“You’ve been away a lot lately. Do you know how worried I am about you?”

“Yes, I do,” Jonathan replied, feeling guilty.

Previously, Margaret had brought up the same issue over meals. Although Jonathan was not a huge
fan of Margaret, he undeniably spent very little time with Josephine.

After venturing for three long years, he returned to live a peaceful life with Josephine.

However, he did not expect to become entangled in multiple quandaries, one after another.

He was misunderstood by the Smiths and was at the receiving end of their sarcastic remarks and
heartless insults.

As Jonathan reflected on the past, he realized that it was then he accompanied Josephine the most.

Sadly, he had to leave the following day.

At that thought, he felt so bad and hugged Josephine.

“Thanks for all that you do, Josephine.”

“Why are you so cheesy all of a sudden?”

Josephine blushed slightly and turned away.

“Ouch! Jonathan, your thing hit me.”

Instantly, he chucked his sword aside.

“I shall get rid of it and wrap my arms around my wife instead. Let’s go to bed!”

With that, the couple enjoyed a lovey-dovey night.

Meanwhile, on the roof of the mansion, Xiara overheard their conversations.

She stared into the starry night sky and commented indifferently, “Perhaps love is a wonderful thing.”

Several men in black appeared discreetly at the hilly road leading to Edenic Heights past midnight.

“I can confirm Agent 65 is here,” a young teen said placidly.

The young lad standing next to him chuckled while chewing gum.

“Since Agent 65 has approached Jonathan, why doesn’t she kill him off? We ended up making this trip
because of her. What a nuisance!”

“What’s with all this chatter?”

Right then, a slim lady showed up behind them.

“Make sure you remember the mission assigned by Mom; wipe out the entire Smith family and
Jonathan. None of them should be kept alive. We can only create more advantages for the
organization if Chanaea is in chaos. Be swift, everyone, and get it done before dawn. I don’t have time
to waste. I’ve got to go check out the new arrivals of the fashion week.”

The moment she was done saying her piece, the lady disappeared into the bush like a cheetah.

The remaining five exchanged glances before their figures blurred, leaving an afterimage in its place.

Soon, silence fell upon the woods again. A yawning fighter walked past and turned his head to gaze at
the forest but only saw some swaying branches.

In a room on the second floor, Xiara curled herself up in a fetal position with her back against the wall,
breathing evenly.

Outside the window, the insects created a nocturnal chorus.

Just then, Xiara suddenly opened her eyes and rose to her feet to get to the window.

Her gaze dimmed as she looked out of it.

Two silhouettes were fast approaching the nearby gardens of No. 1 Villa.

The guards mysteriously collapsed onto the ground as the figures ran past them.

From their skills and secret codes used, they are obviously from Xiara!

Xiara turned her wrist and popped a button-like object into her mouth.

Subsequently, she jumped out of the window. When she landed, she became a shadow and
disappeared into the gardens, chasing the two incoming individuals.

Then, she clasped a guard’s neck with her left hand and knocked him out while grabbing another
person’s wrist with her right hand, deliberately blocking a dagger that was about to attack the guard.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me, Agent 65? You’re saving a life?” sneered the slender lady as she
withdrew her dagger.

“You’re one of our top ten killers! Are you having a moment of compassion?”

She rotated the sharp dagger around her fingers skillfully.

At that instant, it looked exceptionally creepy, with plenty of corpses lying on the ground at breaking

Xiara sensed that something was amiss. As she turned to scan her surroundings, another four
assassins emerged from two different directions.

There were six of them in total, taking their positions in groups of two, besieging the mansion.

“This isn’t the right place to talk. Follow me elsewhere,” Xiara said under her breath.

“What gives?” the lady with a dagger snapped at her.

An icy glint flashed across her eyes as she continued, “Agent 65, do you think that we’re still in
Paradise Island? Once we’re out of the island, we’re both Xiara, and we’re not obliged to follow your
orders anymore!”

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