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Chapter 532

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The Pill Of Life

“There was no information on the location of the Osborne family amongst the massive amount of data
sent over by Agent 018, Mr. Goldstein. The only clue we have is that they are somewhere in the
Northeast,” Zachary reported solemnly.

Jonathan was disappointed, despite having expected the result to be so. Infuriated by the gruesome
suffering inflicted on Sophia, he couldn’t wait to get hold of the location of the base for the Osborne
family and charge over with his men to eliminate the Osborne clan.

However, the task of locating the headquarters of such respectable families was easier said than done.
Those respectable families were also nicknamed “The Untouchables.” Other than an indication of their
power and strength, that nickname was also in reference to the protective and secretive nature of those

The rich and powerful in Yaleview, or even a wealthy family like the Goldstein family, had only heard of
the powerful respectable families. None of them knew anything else about these secretive families.

In order to find out merely the location of one of the houses of those respectable families, Jonathan
would have to risk one of his elites planted in the intelligence agency. It was almost mission impossible
to find out the location of the crucial bases of such families.

Jonathan had been gathering intelligence on those respectable families since he set up Asura’s Office.

Initially, when left with no other options, he made the desperate last resort decision to join the army.

However, as time passed, after witnessing the horrors of wars, he began to dream of lasting peace for

In order to achieve that, he knew he would have to confront those respectable families sooner or later.

Alas, after two years of hard work by the intelligence network of Asura’s Office, all they managed to
identify was the ruins of the Whitley family that was wiped out ten years ago. They had no success with
any of the other existing respectable families.

The Whitley family!

All of a sudden, Joshua’s face appeared in Jonathan’s mind.

Asura’s Office had been mindful of and in quiet competition with those in charge of Yaleview.

Although Jonathan had never met Joshua, he had gathered lots of intelligence on Joshua and knew
him well. After all, one needed to know one’s enemy well in order to win.

According to the information gathered by Asura’s Office, for reasons still unknown to them, all the other
respectable families suddenly ganged up against the Whitley family ten years ago.

In a single night, the Whitley clan was brutally massacred and left with not even a single survivor. One
of The Untouchables was wiped out totally.

Joshua was a descendant from a distant lineage that was banished from the Whitley family a long time
ago. Hence, other than the common last name, he shared no real ties with the wiped-out family.

Moreover, Joshua was a very realistic and practical man. When he was caught by the respectable
families, in order to stay alive, he immediately went down on his knees and surrendered to them. He
also willingly self-destructed his own energy and elixir field. As a result, he was let off.

In the following ten years, he rose through the ranks and became a commander-in-chief that could
compete on an equal footing with those respectable families.

With his current status, even the respectable families had difficulties going against him.

Joshua was a man not to be taken lightly of.

As the sun set, a military helicopter landed at Edenic Heights.

The top medical team from Asura’s Office, comprising twelve people, had finally reached Edenic

The twelve wore no white robes and carried no medical equipment with them as they rushed toward
No. 2 Villa. With the arrogant and menacing look in their eyes, one could hardly associate them with

When they saw Jonathan, the twelve oddballs went down on their knees in front of him and chorused,
“Greetings to you, Sir!”

“The patient is inside. Go get the relevant statistics from Zachary and take over from now!” Jonathan

“Yes, Sir!”

The twelve stood up and instantly entered No. 2 Villa.

Xiara, with the lollipop in her mouth, gave Jonathan a weird look.

“Are you sure these twelve are reliable, Jonathan? I see a student, an elderly, a white collar executive,
and… Anyway, they looked like a strange ensemble you gathered off the street!” she said.

Jonathan frowned at Xiara’s quick judgement.

“They are the real McCoy, the true top-notch medical experts! When I was severely wounded back in
those days, they were the ones who pulled me back from the brink of death,” he refuted.

“Well, judging by the look in their eyes, I would say they’re more credible as hitmen!” Xiara sighed and

In less than half an hour, one of the twelve, a bespectacled young man, came out. His hands were

It was Jason Carrick, and he was the one with the best medical skills in Asura’s Office.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve done some basic treatment on the patient. I’ve drained out the blood accumulated
in her shoulders and legs. Despite being stabilized with your spiritual energy, she’s bleeding profusely
internally. I have to drain the accumulated blood out manually as her body will not be able to reabsorb
that amount of blood,” Jason reported.

Upon hearing that, Zachary turned around and whispered a reminder in Jason’s ear, saying, “Jason,
that patient is Mr. Goldstein’s aunt, so do be gentler and more meticulous when you’re treating her.”

Jason was famous for his medical skills, but he was also infamous for his treatment style.

Once, he was treating Dorian, and halfway through the process, he threw the suture needle and thread
to Dorain and said, “I’ve removed the bullet fragments, and I’m tired now. You bear with the pain and
close the wound yourself.”

Every time he extended a helping hand, his mission was always the same—to save the life of the
patient. After he got the patient out of critical danger, the rest of the matter would be none of his

Zachary’s reminder also reminded Jonathan of Jason’s infamous attitude.

Eyeing Jason suspiciously, he asked, “Jason, how did you drain the blood?”

“I…” Jason’s blood-stained hands began to fidget with his tie, and he stammered, “I-I couldn’t have
done it without using the scalpel…”

Jonathan could only let out a sigh of resignation.

“It’s okay. I’m not faulting you. Before you came, none of the other doctors dared to perform any
treatment on her. I have full faith in you. Having a scar is better than losing a life.”

Jason’s tensed-up face relaxed when he heard those assuring words from Jonathan.

“Pardon me for my blunt honesty, Mr. Goldstein, but even with us around, we can’t guarantee we can
save your aunt’s life.”

“What?” Jonathan suddenly lurched forward, and even Jason, who was normally proud and fearless,
was shocked.

“You have to save her, Jason!” Jonathan barked.

Jason hesitated for a moment, then turned to look apologetically at Jonathan and replied, “We have our
limits, Mr. Goldstein. One of her broken rib bones has punctured her right lung. She will be okay for the
time being, but if the rib bone is removed, even we can’t perform a miracle to save her.”

“You mean my aunt has to lie in bed with a broken bone sticking out of her lung for the rest of her life?”

“No, it won’t stay long that way…” Jason continued in all seriousness, explaining, “Even with the
support of your spiritual energy and our round-the-clock care, the patient has at most ten days…”

“I dare you to say that again!” Jonathan snarled frostily.

“Mr. Goldstein, I know how you feel, but as a doctor, I must tell you the truth.”

When it came to matters regarding his patients, Jason was calm and unflinching. He had no qualms
about looking Jonathan straight in the eyes when he spoke.

“Impossible!” Jonathan grabbed Jason’s collar and shouted, “Two years ago, I was wounded at
Summerbank Mountain. My right lung was punctured too, but you managed to save me. Why can’t you
do the same for my aunt?”

“Mr. Goldstein, other than my skills, you were lucky to have the pill at that time!” Jason adjusted his
spectacles and calmly replied.

“When you were on the verge of death, a young monk gifted you a life-saving pill. Without that pill, you
wouldn’t be standing here today,” he added.

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