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Chapter 533

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Search For The Pill

Hearing Jason’s words, Jonathan was taken aback. He knew about that. When he was rescued two
years ago, Hades once told him what happened at that time, and Jonathan also searched for the young
monk near Summerbank Mountain later, but he was occupied with war affairs at the time. In the end,
he could only drop the matter.

After that, Jonathan forgot about the young monk and the gifted pill. Never did he expect that the
incident would be mentioned again.

“Mr. Goldstein, back then, you were there to stop the scourge of war at Summerbank Mountain. The
young monk said you were the one admired and supported by the nation, and he didn’t want you to die,
so he took out a pill,” Jason uttered as he recalled. “At that time, we were at our wits’ end. After the
young monk took out the pill, we could only use it because that was the only choice we had.”

Jason didn’t hesitate in the slightest when he spoke of them trying out the pill on Jonathan. Although
Hades and the others had informed Jonathan about it, for some reason, Jonathan felt strange when
Jason’s words reached his ears.

Looking at Jason, Jonathan said placidly, “Get to the point.”

“The point is, when I was feeding you the pill, I secretly took a nub of the pill for research and found
that all the medicinal properties in the pill have reached a delicate balance. It was gentle on the body,
but it was powerful. Needless to say, it’s a rare top-tier medication. It’s a pity that I only tore off a small
piece of it. There is no way I could reverse analyze the chemical composition of the pill.”

Seeing Jason lamenting about the pill, Jonathan felt speechless. Not only did he use an unknown drug
on me, but he also nabbed a piece of the pill. Is he really my subordinate? How peculiar can he be?

“Jason, do you mean that you can save my aunt as long as I can find that pill?” Jonathan asked with a
deep voice. “Yes, as long as you can bring the pill back within ten days. By then, if I can’t save the
patient, I will take my own life!”

Jason was extremely confident in his medical skills. “Oh, Mr. Goldstein. If you can really get that pill,
ask for more so that I can study them,” he added.

As Jonathan saw the excited look on Jason’s face, a strange feeling appeared in the former’s heart.

If Jonathan didn’t know that Jason would never toy with a patient’s life, he would even think that
Jason’s sole purpose in asking him to search for the pill was to get his hands on the pill for research

After pondering for a while, Jonathan said, “I’ll find that pill, and I’ll get back within ten days, but in
these ten days, you need to make sure nothing bad will happen to the patient.”

When Jason heard that, he instantly cracked a smile. “Don’t worry. As I said, if anything happens to the
patient, I’ll die voluntarily.”

After getting Jason’s promise, Jonathan finally felt relieved and turned on his heel to head to No. 1
Villa. It will have to wait until tomorrow before I can go to Summerbank Mountain.

Jonathan’s current injuries were not minor, but he was hurt at his elixir field and veins, which were
martial arts injuries.

Even though Jason excelled in medicine, his skills were only suitable for ordinary people. He could help
in treating a cultivator, but the treatment would not help much.

A cultivator needed to rest and recuperate to heal. Thus, Jonathan planned to temporarily recuperate
for one night, then got up the next day to go to Summerbank.

Upon seeing Jonathan entering No. 1 Villa, Zachary, who was standing at the side, nudged Jason.

“Jason, are you truly confident? The patient is one of the people whom Mr. Goldstein cares about the
most. If you mess up, you will lose your head.”

“Mr. Lint, don’t worry. The patient inside will have no problem within fifteen days,” Jason replied with a

When he was speaking with Jonathan just now, Jason had deliberately given an answer that was a few
days shorter than the actual answer for safety’s sake.

Zachary was stunned for a moment, then shook his head helplessly.

“Are you really not afraid of getting punished for playing mind games with Mr. Goldstein? Jason, tell me
the truth. You really can’t save that patient?”

Jason turned to Zachary. “Mr. Lint, if we can’t find that pill, the person inside will die!”

Having said that, Jason turned around and went back to No. 2 Villa. Meanwhile, Jonathan halted in his
tracks in No. 1 Villa’s garden, withdrawing rays of his spiritual energy continuously back into his body.

“Fifteen days? I hope I can get back in time!” he muttered to himself. The Osborne family headquarters
at Wasahurst Mountains, Jedayton, Drieso. Currently, on a mountainside far from the village, there
were three or four naked and beautiful men lying on the ground.

They were all Jay’s lovers whom he secretly kept in captivity for him to toy with, and Jay was currently
slumped in the middle of the ground, looking tired and weak.

The secret door of the cave was opened, and an old man with gray hair and a slightly chubby, middle-
aged man walked in.

One of them was Mason Osborne, the head of the Osborne family, which was one of the invincible
respectable families, and the other one was Everett Osborne, the official decision-maker of the family.

When they saw the absurd scene in front of them, their expressions turned frosty. Mason reached out
his hand, causing Jay to rise in the air and fly over a distance of twenty to thirty meters before he was
grabbed on the neck by Mason.

The strong sense of suffocation woke Jay up in an instant. As he looked at the two people in front of
him, terror was written all over his face.

“Grandpa… Uncle Everett… Let me explain…”

With his throat strangled, Jay looked at the two in front of him with a flushed face. As the Osborne
family’s eldest grandson, Jay knew that once his doing was exposed, he would be doomed, but he
never expected that day would come so soon.

Back then, Jay even fantasized that as long as he became the head of the family, even if what he did
was discovered, no one would dare to say anything about it.

However, he didn’t expect that he would be drugged during his trip to Yaleview.

Life is rather unpredictable.

“What else do you want to explain?” Mason sneered.

With a flick of his wrist, he threw Jay toward the wall at the side.


The sound of the naked body landing on the wall was incomparably clear.

After that one move, Jay was already vomiting blood and couldn’t rise to his feet again.

“As the eldest grandchild of the Osborne family, how could you do this kind of thing? And I can’t believe
I even trained you to become the heir. Jay, you should die!”

Mason’s face was beet red. The old man, who was never flustered in the face of adversity, was furious
to the core.

“Grandpa… give me another chance. I will definitely turn over a new leaf in the future…”

Enduring the pain from his injuries, Jay climbed up and crawled toward Mason.

But just as Jay’s hand was about to touch Mason, the latter’s spiritual energy shot out, and an invisible
barrier stood in between the two of them, blocking Jay.


Jay stroked that invisible barrier, his eyes full of despair.

He knew the invisible barrier made out of spiritual energy completely cut off his chance to become the
next patriarch.

From now, I’ll be a nobody in the Osborne family.

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