Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 529

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The Goldstein Family No Longer Exists

After hearing Jonathan’s words, the elderly man was at a loss for words. “You…” he stammered as his
body trembled violently. Someone quickly held him so he wouldn’t fall.

“Jonathan, this is your grandpa’s brother. How could you be rude to him? Where are your manners?”
another man yelled at Jonathan. Alas, all he got was an icy glare from Jonathan.

“Manners? Who are you to talk about manners to me?” He snorted icily. “I asked you to come for a
discussion as I didn’t want to humiliate you. Do you think you’re that important? You want to talk about
rules, huh? Let’s talk about the Goldstein family’s rules.

According to the Goldstein family’s rules, those who aren’t direct descendants shouldn’t interfere with
the direct descendants’ core decisions. My grandpa is the patriarch of the direct descendants. My
father might be dead, but my Uncle Tommy is still in charge.

My Aunt Sophia shall be in charge if he isn’t in charge. As she’s currently in the hospital, I, Jonathan
Goldstein, will take over the position. No matter what, the position won’t be left in your hands as you’re
from one of the branches. Am I right?”

Hearing his words, the Goldstein family members slowly fell silent.

At their reaction, Jonathan chuckled. “Let’s talk about moving the entire family to Bonham Island. If I
were to say it another way by announcing that I’m moving the family’s headquarters to the island, that
would be part of the direct descendants’ core decisions. What right do you have to object to my

I’m not lying when I say the Osborne family has just begun their revenge. Death would come knocking
on your door soon if you were to stay in Yaleview. I shall give each family a mansion if you agree to

move to Bonham Island. I won’t press you to give up the money you have now.

The Goldstein family is worth hundreds of billions. As core members, you are in possession of assets
worth billions. That’s enough for you to lead a worry-free life. Of course, if you insist on staying and
keeping watch over your assets, I can’t force you to leave.”

After a pause to let that sink in, he added, “After I leave Yaleview today, I shall announce that I have
nothing to do with the Yaleview Goldsteins anymore. From now on, we shall go on separate ways.
Whether you survive or die has nothing to do with me. Do as you see fit.”

Ignoring their outbursts, Jonathan got to his feet and strode out of the house. “Jonathan…” someone
called out hesitantly behind him.

Jonathan turned over his shoulder and spotted his uncle, Tommy. “What is it?” he asked coolly as he
wasn’t close to Tommy at all.

After all, Tommy had contributed to his getting kicked out of the Goldstein family. Tommy forced a smile
when he realized how indifferent Jonathan was.

“Your grandma and I will head to Bonham Island as you say,” he revealed. “That’s great. You’ll be safer
there,” Jonathan said with a nod.

“Er… How is your Aunt Sophia doing?” A flash of anguish appeared in Tommy’s eyes when he
mentioned Sophia’s name. Tommy and his two siblings were the direct descendants of the Goldstein

Following Jonathan’s father’s death, Sophia was abducted and went missing. As the second sibling of
the family, he was involved in the power struggle all his life but was still alive and well.

“Aunt Sophia got hurt, so I arranged for her to get treated.”

Jonathan felt terrible when he saw Tommy’s anguished expression. “I’ll send her your address on
Bonham Island. However, it depends on her whether or not she wants to pay you a visit,” he added.

“All right. Thank you!” Tommy choked up. “I’m sorry, Jonathan. Back then, I—”

“Stop,” Jonathan cut in. “As I said, I won’t be who I am today without the past.” Half a day after martial
law was lifted in Yaleview, the entire Yaleview descended into an uproar.

The Yaleview Goldsteins released an announcement saying that they would leave Yaleview forever.
They weren’t just moving their headquarters out of Yaleview, for they were giving up all their assets in

Someone who was in the know leaked news that the Yaleview Goldsteins were also liquidating their
assets outside Yaleview. Despite being the most influential family in all of Chanaea, the Goldstein
family was backing out of the corporate world.

Once the news broke, it immediately ended as a trending topic. The public made wild guesses
regarding the Goldstein family’s sudden decision.

However, the Goldstein family didn’t respond and maintained a mysterious air about their act. The
Office of Government Affairs was in utter chaos. However, it wasn’t the Goldstein family’s fault; it was
because of the Xydias family.

Quinten’s family, the Xydias family, was initially just an ordinary family.

However, the Osborne family took an interest in them and helped them rise through the ranks. They
were now a family that was second to the prominent families.

Quinten was now the director of the Department of Transportation. It was a pretty lucrative job. Thus,
everyone in the Office of Government Affairs clamored to butter up to him.

Alas, this afternoon, a fire broke out in the Xydias residence. Over one hundred and fifty members of
the Xydias family, including the elderly people and women, died in the fire.

According to intel, these people were dead before the fire broke out. There were two interlocked
daggers stained with blood placed at the entrance of the Xydias residence.

No one admitted to it, but everyone knew that it was Asura’s Office’s signature. Finally, Jonathan was
taking action in Yaleview. Joshua was reading some information on his tablet in a small garden in

“Commander, this is all the information I got of the Xydias family,” a young man reported. Joshua’s face
was devoid of expression as he saw the photos showing the corpses burned to a crisp in the Xydias

“During his previous visit to Yaleview, he only dared to kick the Maxwell family out. Now, he had wiped
out an entire clan. It looks like Jonathan is pretty upset this time. Good job.”

“Thank you for giving me a chance, Commander,” the young man responded quickly. He straightened
his back after hearing Joshua’s praise.

Joshua returned the tablet to him. “Enough. Being too humble will make you look like a hypocrite. By
the way, how is Wilbur faring?”

“Commander, Lieutenant General Xanthos lifted the martial law after receiving your order. But…” he
trailed off. “But what?” Joshua lifted his head to glance at the young man.

“Commander, I can’t be sure.” The young man seemed stumped. “Your order stated that soldiers aren’t
allowed entry to Yaleview, but Wilbur allowed Andy and a medical team entry. I think—”

Before the young man could elaborate further, Joshua raised his arm to stop him.

“Enough. You may leave now. Keep an eye on Yaleview these few days and let me know if anything

“Yes!” the young man responded politely despite his confusion at being cut short.

Turning around, he walked out of the garden. At the door, he bumped into a man with a scar on his

It was none other than Wilbur!

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